R- and G-band patterns in Astyanax scabripinnis paranae (Pisces, Characiformes, Characidae)

R&D activities of fuel cell Research at KFUPM

R.: A dynamic mesh adaption procedure for unstructured hexahedral grids

R.: A note on error metrics and optimization criteria in 3D vision

R.: A Survey of Approaches For Describing and Formalizing Use Cases

R.: Approximating Minimum Cuts under Insertions

R.: Making greed work in mobile ad hoc networks

R.: Measuring bilateral symmetry in digital images

R.: Performance Issues of Intercontinental Computing. Cray User Group Conference

R.: Secure transport protocols for high-speed networks

R.: SOFA/DCUP: Architecture for Component Trading and Dynamic Updating

R.: The Use of Graph Grammar in a Software Engineering Education Tool

R.K.: Transparent Runtime Randomization for Security

R.V.: Asymptotic calibration

R22(8) motifs in Aminopyrimidine sulfonate/carboxylate interactions: Crystal structures of pyrimethaminium benzenesulfonate monohydrate (2:2:1) and 2-amino-4,6-dimethylpyrimidinium sulfosalicylate dihydrate (4:2:2)

Rab7 associates with early endosomes to mediate sorting and transport of Semliki forest virus to late endosomes.

Rabies in the big fruit-esting bat Artibeus lituratus from Botucatu, Southeastern Brazil

Rabies infection and specific effect of vaccination in mice selected for high and low immunobiological parameters

Rabies laboratory diagnosis: peculiar features of samples from equine origin

Rabies trend in China (1990–2007) and post-exposure prophylaxis in the Guangdong province

Rac1 GTPase and the Rac1 exchange factor Tiam1 associate with Wnt-responsive promoters to enhance beta-catenin/TCF-dependent transcription in colorectal cancer cells

Rac1 regulates pancreatic islet morphogenesis

RACCOON: A Real-time Autonomous Car Chaser Operating Optimally at Night

RACER system description

Racer: A Core Inference Engine for the Semantic Web

Races of <i>Phytophthora sojae</i> in Iran

RACK1 genes regulate plant development with unequal genetic redundancy in Arabidopsis

Rad9 modulates the P21WAF1 pathway by direct association with p53

Radar and optical leonids

Radar observations of meteor trails, and their interpretation using Fresnel holography: a new tool in meteor science

Radar pulse interleaving for multi-target tracking

RaDaR: A Scalable Architecture for a Global Web Hosting Service

RADAR: an in-building RF-based user location and tracking system

Radial basis function network based power system stabilizers formultimachine power systems

Radial Basis Function Networks for contingency analysis of bulk power systems

Radial basis function networks for contingency analysis of bulkpower systems

Radial, renal and craniofacial anomalies: Baller-Gerold syndrome

Radiant measurement accuracy of micrometeors detected by the Arecibo 430 MHz Dual-Beam Radar

Radiation budget estimates over Africa and surrounding oceans: inter-annual comparisons

Radiation by an axial slot on a dielectric-coated concentricconducting circular cylinder loading a semicircular gap in a groundplane

Radiation by axial slots on a dielectric-coated nonconfocal conducting elliptic cylinder

Radiation by axial slots on a dielectric-coated nonconfocalconducting elliptic cylinder

Radiation characteristic of slots on conducting circular cylindercovered by eccentric dielectric cylinder


Radiation characteristics of an infinite dielectric-coated axially slotted cylindrical antenna partly embedded in a ground plane

Radiation characteristics of an infinite dielectric-coated axiallyslotted cylindrical antenna partly embedded in a ground plane

Radiation dose to contra lateral breast during treatment of breast malignancy by radiotherapy

Radiation enteropathy and leucocyte-endothelial cell reactions in a refined small bowel model

Radiation exposure in nuclear medicine: real-time measurement

Radiation from an axial slot on a conducting circular cylinder with reflector wings

Radiation from an open ended eccentric annular waveguide

Radiation injury to the spinal cord in head and neck cancers: Does field arrangement have a role

Radiation of the Tnt1 retrotransposon superfamily in three Solanaceae genera

Radiation Sterilization and Mating Competitiveness of Melon Fly, Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coquillett) (Diptera: Tephritidae) Male in Relation to Sterile Insect Release Method

Radiation-induced caveolin-1 associated EGFR internalization is linked with nuclear EGFR transport and activation of DNA-PK



Radiative forcing by aerosols as derived from the AeroCom present-day and pre-industrial simulations

Radiative forcing since preindustrial times due to ozone change in the troposphere and the lower stratosphere

Radiative Heat Transfer with Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

Radical cascades using enantioenriched 7-azabenzonorbornenes and their applications in synthesis

Radical radiotherapy treatment (EBRT + HDR-ICRT) of carcinoma of the uterine cervix: Outcome in patients treated at a rural center in India

Radical reactions of xanthates: annulation of the cyclopentene ring

Radical Scavenging Activity, Phenolic Content and Cytotoxicity of Bark and Leaves Extracts of Entada africana Guill. and Perr. (Mimosaceae)


Radio Altimeter lecture presentation

Radio and television information filtering through speech recognition

Radio frequency interference by demodulation mechanisms present inbipolar operational amplifiers

Radio link admission algorithms for wireless networks with power control and active link quality protection

Radio resource management in future wireless networks: requirements and limitations

Radio resource management with dynamic behavior for 3G and beyond wireless networks with heterogeneous traffic

Radio Resource Management with Dynamic Behavior for 3G and Beyond Wireless Networks with Heterogeneous Traffic

Radio resource sharing for ad hoc networking with uwb

Radioactive fucose as a tool for studying glycoprotein secretion

Radioautographology: the proposal of a new concept

Radiocarbon analysis in an Alpine ice core: record of anthropogenic and biogenic contributions to carbonaceous aerosols in the past (1650–1940)

Radiochemical purity and particles number determinations of modified 99mTc-macroaggregated albumin

Radiofrequency ablation of hepatic metastasis: Results of treatment in forty patients


Radiography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging at 0.5 Tesla of mechanically inducedosteoarthritis in rabbit knees

Radioguided breast surgery for occult lesion localization – correlation between two methods

Radiolabeled PNAs for imaging gene expression

Radiolabelled cytokines for imaging chronic inflammation

Radiological Assessment of Esophageal Malignancies

Radiological Environmental Risk Associated with Different Water Management Systems in Amang Processing in Malaysia

Radiological reporting based on voice recognition

Radiological reporting by speech recognition: the A.Re.S system

Radiological response in Saudi patients undergoing transarterial chemoembolization for hepatocellular carcinoma

Radiological, pathological and DNA remission in recurrent metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Radiolytic splitting of water molecules in the presence of some supramolecular compounds

Radionuclide imaging of the painful joint replacement: past, present and future

Radiopeptides from diagnosis to therapy

Radiopharmaceuticals for sentinel node detection

Radiosensitising effect of electrochemotherapy with bleomycin in LPB sarcoma cells and tumors in mice

Radiosity in Flatland

Radiotherapeutic alternatives for previously irradiated recurrent gliomas

Radiotherapy for desmoplastic fibroma of bone: a case report.

Radiotherapy for management of skin cancers in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva: A case report and review of the literature

Radiotherapy fractionation for the palliation of uncomplicated painful bone metastases – an evidence-based practice guideline

Radiotherapy waiting times for women with breast cancer: a population-based cohort study

Radiotherapy-induced depigmentation in a patient with breast cancer


Radix sort for vector multiprocessors

Radon concentration measurements in the desert caves of Saudi Arabia

Radon exhalation from granites used in Saudi Arabia

Raedt. Adaptive Bayesian logic programs

Raedt. Applications of a logical discovery engine

Raedt. How to upgrade propositional learners to first order logic: A case study

Raedt. Inductive database design

Raedt. Inductive logic programming: Theory and methods

Raedt. Lookahead and discretization in ILP

Raedt. Parallel inductive logic programming

RAID organization and performance

RAID: High-performance, reliable secondary storage

RAId_DbS: Peptide Identification using Database Searches with Realistic Statistics

RAID-II: A high-bandwidth network file server

RAID-II: Design and implementation of a large scale disk array controller

Rainfall amount in Saudi Arabia and a technique to increase the rainfall by cloud seeding

RainForest - a Framework for Fast Decision Tree Construction of Large Datasets

Rainy Season Soybean (Glycine max L.) as Influenced by Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilisers Grown on Oxic Paleustults Soil in Northeast Thailand

Raising Hyperimmune Serum Against Avian Paramyxo Virus (APMV-1) and Pigeon Paramyxovirus (PPMV-l) in Rabbits and Their Cross Reactivity

Raising NP lower bounds to parallel NP lower bounds

Raising roofs, crashing cycles, and playing pool: Applications of a data structure for finding pairwise interactions

Ralstonia mannitolilytica infection in renal transplant recipient: First report

Raltitrexed (Tomudex) administration in patients with relapsed metastatic colorectal cancer after weekly irinotecan/5-Fluorouracil/Leucovorin chemotherapy

Rama: An architecture for internet information filtering. ftp: // ftp.cs.pdx.edu / pub / faculty

RAMA: An easy-to-use, high-performance parallel file system

RAMA: Easy Access to a High-Bandwidth Massively Parallel File System

Raman And Infrared Spectra, Ab Initio And DFT Calculations, And Vibrational Assignments For 2,3-Cyclopentenopyridine

Raman and infrared wavenumbers, normal coordinate analyses, barrier to internal rotation and ring inversion in 4-cyclopentenecarboxaldehyde based on ab initio calculations


RAMBO: A reconfigurable atomic memory service for dynamic networks

Ramification and causality

Ramification constraints revisited

RAMP: A reliable adaptive multicast protocol

RAMP: Rules Abstraction for Modeling and Prediction

Ramsey's theorem and the pigeonhole principle in intuitionistic mathematics

Ramsey's theorem in type theory

Ramsey-type theorems for metric spaces with applications to online problems

RanBPM interacts with psoriasin in vitro and their expression correlates with specific clinical features in vivo in breast cancer

Random 3-SAT: The plot thickens

Random access protocols for high speed interprocessor communication based on a passive star topology

Random Amplification of Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) of Salmonella enteritidis Isolated from Chicken Samples

Random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis of effective Rhizobium sp. associated with beans cultivated in brazilian cerrado soils

Random amplified polymorphic DNA profiles as a tool for the characterization of Brazilian keratitis isolates of the genus Acanthamoeba

Random amplified polymorphisms between two South American subspecies of rattlesnakes (Crotalus durissus collilineatus and Crotalus durissus terrificus)

Random cascades on wavelet trees and their use in analyzing and modeling natural images

Random cayley graphs and expanders

Random CNF's are Hard for the Polynomial Calculus

Random coincidence point theorem in Frechet spaces with applications

Random Coincidence Points Of Subcompatible Multivalued Maps With Applications

Random Competition: A Simple, but Efficient Method for Parallelizing Inference Systems

Random debaters and the hardness of approximating stochastic functions

Random Decision Forests

Random DFA's can be approximately learned from sparse uniform examples

Random discrete distributions invariant under size-biased permutation

Random early detection gateways for congestion avoidance

Random effects models for network data

Random electrical networks on complete graphs

Random evolution in massive graphs

Random fixed point theorems for *-nonexpansive operators in Frechet spaces

Random forests

Random graph models of social networks

Random Graphs

Random Key Predistribution Schemes for Sensor Networks

Random k-SAT: A tight threshold for moderately growing k

Random mapping statistics

Random maps, coalescing saddles, singularity analysis, and Airy phenomena

Random multiplicative processes: an elementary tutorial

Random number generators for parallel computers

Random oracles are practical: a paradigm for designing efficient protocols

Random oracles in Constantinople: Practical asynchronous Byzantine agreement using cryptography

Random projection in dimensionality reduction: applications to image and text data

Random random walks on Z d 2

Random regular graphs of non-constant degree

Random regular graphs: Asymptotic distributions and contiguity

Random sampling and greedy sparsification in matroid optimization problems

Random sampling for histogram construction: How much is enough

Random Sampling for the Monomer-Dimer Model on a Lattice

Random Sampling from Databases - A Survey

Random Sampling in Cut, Flow, and Network Design Problems

Random sampling techniques for space e cient online computation of order statistics of large datasets

Random sampling techniques for space efficient online computation of order statistics of large datasets

Random sampling, halfspace range reporting, and construction of ( k)-levels in three dimensions

Random seeking: A general, efficient, and informed randomized scheme for dynamic load balancing

Random sequence multisets for synchronous code-division multiple-access channels

Random strings make hard instances

Random subwindows and extremely randomized trees for image classification in cell biology

Random sums of independent indicators and generalized reduced processes

Random testing

Random variable generation using concavity properties of transformed densities

Random vicious walks and random matrices

Random walks and harmonic functions on infinite planar graphs using square tilings

Random walks and hyperplane arrangements

Random walks and orthogonal functions associated with highly symmetric graphs

Random walks and random fixed point free involutions

Random walks and random permutations

Random walks and the growth of groups

Random walks in Weyl chambers and the decomposition of tensor powers

Random walks on finite groups with few random generators

Random walks on generating sets for finite groups

Random walks on groups: Strong uniform time approach

Random walks on the lamplighter group

Random walks on truncated cubes and sampling 0-1 knapsack solutions

Random walks on weighted graphs, and applications to on-line algorithms

Random walks, capacity, and percolation on trees

Random Worlds and Maximum Entropy

Random, Ephemeral Transaction Identifiers in Dynamic Sensor Networks

Randomised controlled trial of a supervised exercise rehabilitation program for colorectal cancer survivors immediately after chemotherapy: study protocol

Randomization and derandomization in space-bounded computation

Randomization and failure detection: a hybrid approach to solve consensus

Randomization yields simple O(n log n) algorithms for difcult (n) problems

Randomization, Speculation, and Adaptation in Batch Schedulers

Randomized algorithms for metrical task systems

Randomized algorithms for multiprocessor page migration

Randomized Binary Search Trees

Randomized comparison of the effects of the vitamin D3 adequate intake versus 100 mcg (4000 IU) per day on biochemical responses and the wellbeing of patients

Randomized Competitive Algorithms for Admission Control in General Networks

Randomized competitive algorithms for the list update problem

Randomized complexity lower bounds

Randomized complexity lower bounds for arrangements and polyhedra

Randomized data allocation for real-time disk i/o

Randomized data structures for the dynamic closest-pair problem

Randomized Double Blind Comparison Between Sciatic-Femoral Nerve Block and Propofol-Remifentanil, Propofol-Alfentanil General Anesthetics in Out-Patient Knee Arthroscopy


Randomized external-memory algorithms for some geometric problems

Randomized fully dynamic graph algorithms with polylogarithmic time per operation

Randomized graph drawing with heavy-duty preprocessing

Randomized graph products, chromatic numbers, and the Lov'asz #-function

Randomized inquiries about shape; an application to handwritten digit recognition

Randomized interpolation and approximation of sparse polynomials

Randomized load balancing for tree-structured computation

Randomized Local Approximations with applications to the MAX-CLIQUE problem

Randomized Metarounding

Randomized motion planning on parallel and distributed architectures

Randomized Multi-Packet Routing on Meshes

Randomized non-linear projections uncover high-dimensional structure

Randomized Parallel List Ranking for Distributed Memory Multiprocessors

Randomized Parallel Motion Planning for Robot Manipulators

Randomized Parallel Prefetching and Bu er Management, Parallel and Distributed Computing

Randomized Path Coloring on Binary Trees

Randomized phase II – study evaluating EGFR targeting therapy with Cetuximab in combination with radiotherapy and chemotherapy for patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer – PARC: study protocol [ISRCTN56652283]

Randomized preprocessing of configuration space for fast path planning

Randomized preprocessing of configuration space for path planning: Articulated robots

Randomized priority queues for fast parallel access

Randomized Protocols for Low-Congestion Circuit Routing in Multistage Interconnection Networks

Randomized Rounding for Semidefinite Programs -- Variations on the MAX CUT Example

Randomized rounding without solving the linear program

Randomized routing and sorting on fixed-connection networks

Randomized Routing on Fat-trees

Randomized rumor spreading

Randomized search strategies with imperfect sensors

Randomized search trees

Randomized simultaneous messages

Randomized trial of exercise in sedentary middle aged women: effects on quality of life

Randomizing dispatch scheduling policies

Randomizing polynomials: A new representation with applications to round-efficient secure computation

Randomizing reductions of search problems

Randomly Amplified DNA Fingerprinting: A Culmination of DNA Marker Technologies Based on Arbitrarily-Primed PCR Amplification

Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA of Trichoderma isolates and antagonism against Rhizoctonia solani

Randomly fallible teachers: learning monotone DNF with an incomplete membership oracle

Randomly selected spreading sequences for coded CDMA

Randomness in Interactive Proofs

Randomness is hard

Randomness is linear in space

Randomness vs. Time: De-randomization under a uniform assumption

randomness: Wold features for image modeling and retrieval


Range imaging with adaptive color structured light

Range queries in OLAP data cubes

Range queries involving spatial relations: A performance analysis

Range Searching

Range searching in low-density environments

Range-Free Localization Schemes in Large Scale Sensor Networks

Rank Degeneracy and Least Squares Problems

Rank one perturbations with infinitesimal coupling

Ranka: Mapping unstructured Computational Graphs for Adaptive and Nonumiform Computational Environments

Ranked join indices

Ranking Algorithms for Named???Entity Extraction: Boosting and the Voted Perceptron

Ranking and selecting synsets by domain relevance

Ranking and Unranking of Lexicographically Ordered Words: An Average-Case Analysis

Ranking and unranking permutations in linear time

Ranking of Stressful Life Events in General Population of Tabriz, Iran

Rank-order morphological filters: A new class of filters

Ranson′s criteria for acute pancreatitis in high altitude: Do they need to be modified?

Rap: A real-time communication architecture for large-scale wireless sensor networks

RAP: An end-to-end rate-based congestion control mechanism for realtime streams in the internet

Rapamycin delays growth of Wnt-1 tumors in spite of suppression of host immunity

Rapamycin Regulates Myogenesis by Inhibiting Myogenin Downregulation in BC3H1 Muscle Cells

RAPD analysis of Micropropagated Plantlets in Date Palm

RAPD analysis of Nectomys squamipes (Rodentia, Sigmodontinae) populations

RAPD and SCAR markers linked to resistance to frogeye leaf spot in soybean

RAPD Markers Associated with Drought Tolerance in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

RAPD markers indicate the occurrence of structured populations in a migratory freshwater fish species

RAPD markers linked to a block of genes conferring rust resistance to the common bean

RAPD-PCR typing of Yersinia enterocolitica (Enterobacteriaceae) O:3 serotype strains isolated from pigs and humans

Rapid -- A Multiprocessor Scheduler for Dynamic Real-Time Applications

Rapid - reconfigurable pipelined datapath

Rapid acid treatment of Escherichia coli: transcriptomic response and recovery

Rapid airplane parametric input design (RAPID

Rapid and accurate pyrosequencing of angiosperm plastid genomes

Rapid and dynamic subcellular reorganization following mechanical stimulation of Arabidopsis epidermal cells mimics responses to fungal and oomycete attack

Rapid and reliable extraction of genomic DNA from various wild-type and transgenic plants

Rapid and repeated limb loss in a clade of scincid lizards

Rapid and Sensitive Determination of Trace Chloride Ion in Drinks Using Resonance Light Scattering Technique

Rapid and simultaneous detection of human hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus antibodies based on a protein chip assay using nano-gold immunological amplification and silver staining method

Rapid and Simultaneous Identification of Two Salmonella enterica Serotypes, Enteritidis and Typhimurium from Chicken and Meat Products by Multiplex PCR

Rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis : Its utility in resource poor settings

Rapid Architectural Design and Validation Using Program-Driven Simulations

Rapid automated tracing and feature extraction from live high-resolution retinal fundus images using direct exploratory algorithms

Rapid behavioral and genomic responses to social opportunity.

Rapid bursts of androgen-binding protein (Abp) gene duplication occurred independently in diverse mammals

Rapid bushy join-order optimization with cartesian products

Rapid chemokinetic movement and the invasive potential of lung cancer cells; a functional molecular study

Rapid clonal analysis of recurrent tuberculosis by direct MIRU-VNTR typing on stored isolates

Rapid Clonal Propagation of A Native-olive @ (Elaeocarpus robustus Roxb.) Using Tissue Culture Technique

Rapid Clonal Propagation of a Medicinal Plant - Adhatoda Vasica Nees. Using Tissue Culture Technique

Rapid Clonal Propagation of A Native-olive @ (Elaeocarpus robustus Roxb.) Using Tissue Culture Technique

Rapid Clonal Propagation of Tamarindus indica (L) Using Explants from Adult Trees

Rapid concept learning for mobile robots

Rapid controlled movement through a virtual 3d workspace

Rapid degradation of dominant-negative Rab27 proteins in vivo precludes their use in transgenic mouse models

Rapid de-localization of actin leading edge components with BDM treatment

Rapid demonstration of linear relations connected by boolean operators

Rapid detection and purification of sequence specific DNA binding proteins using magnetic separation

Rapid Detection of <I>Salmonella enteritidis</I> by PCR Amplification of The <I>SefA</I> Gene and It`s Cloning

Rapid detection of carriers with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations using high resolution melting analysis

Rapid Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Typing of the Lymphogranuloma venereum associated L-Serovars by TaqMan PCR

Rapid Detection of Group B Streptococcus and Escherichia coli in Amniotic Fluid Using Real-Time Fluorescent PCR

Rapid detection of laboratory cross-contamination with Mycobacterium tuberculosis using multispacer sequence typing

Rapid detection of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis using the mycobacteria growth indicator tube (MGIT) system

Rapid detection of non-enterobacteriaceae directly from positive blood culture using fluorescent In situ hybridization

Rapid Detection of Pork in Processed Food Using Polymerase Chain Reaction Amplification Technology: A Preliminary Report

Rapid Detection of Potato Y potyvirus in Potato Farms of Kermanshah using RT-PCR Amplification of the P1- Protease Gene and Its Cloning

Rapid detection of rifampicin resistance in m.tuberculosis by phage assay

Rapid Detection of Salmonella dublin by PCR Amplification of the SopE Gene and its Cloning

Rapid Determination of Macrolide and Lincosamide Resistance in Group B Streptococcus Isolated from Vaginal-Rectal Swabs

Rapid Development

Rapid development of NLP modules with Memory-Based Learning

Rapid diagnosis of experimental meningitis by bacterial heat production in cerebrospinal fluid

Rapid discrimination of Indian isolates of m.tuberculosis by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis - A preliminary report

Rapid disinfection of E-coliform contaminated water using WO3 semiconductor catalyst by laser-induced photo-catalytic process

Rapid dissemination of Francisella tularensis and the effect of route of infection

Rapid divergence of codon usage patterns within the rice genome

Rapid EST isolation from chromosome 1R of rye

Rapid evolution in response to introduced predators I: rates and patterns of morphological and life-history trait divergence

Rapid evolution in response to introduced predators II: the contribution of adaptive plasticity

Rapid Exploration of Curvilinear Grids Using Direct Volume Rendering

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep deprivation reduces rat frontal cortex acetylcholinesterase (EC activity

Rapid eye movement sleep deprivation induces an increase in acetylcholinesterase activity in discrete rat brain regions

Rapid identification and mapping of insertion sequences in Escherichia coli genomes using vectorette PCR

Rapid identification of Brucella isolates to the species level by real time PCR based single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis

Rapid identification of non-sporing anaerobes using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and an identification strategy

Rapid in vitro Clonal Propagation of Lavendula officinalis chaix a Multipurpose Plant of Industrial Importance

Rapid In vitro Clonal Propagation of Mantisia spathulata Schult, A Rare and Endemic Plant of Northeastern India for Recovery

Rapid in vivo Taxotere quantitative chemosensitivity response by 4.23 Tesla sodium MRI and histo-immunostaining features in N-Methyl-N-Nitrosourea induced breast tumors in rats

Rapid incremental parsing with repair

Rapid intercontinental air pollution transport associated with a meteorological bomb

Rapid isolation of yeast genomic DNA: Bust n' Grab

Rapid learning with parametrized self-organizing maps

Rapid liquid–liquid extraction of thallium(III) from succinate media with 2-octylaminopyridine in chloroform as the extractant

Rapid meridional transport of tropical airmasses to the Arctic during the major stratospheric warming in January 2003

Rapid Modeling of Animated Faces From Video

Rapid Molecular Diagnosis for Candida species Using PCR-RFLP

Rapid Multiplication of Chrysanthemum morifolium Through In vitro Culture

Rapid object detection using a boosted cascade of simple features

Rapid Object Indexing and Recognition Using Enhanced Geometric Hashing

Rapid Parser Development: A Machine Learning Approach for Korean

Rapid preparation of nuclei-depleted detergent-resistant membrane fractions suitable for proteomics analysis

Rapid Programming with Graph Rewrite Rules

Rapid progression of hepatocellular carcinoma after Radiofrequency Ablation.

Rapid prototyping of dataflow programs on hardware/software architectures

Rapid prototyping of ILP systems using explicit bias

Rapid Prototyping of Mobile Context-Aware Applications: The Cyberguide Case Study

Rapid Prototyping Of Mobile Input Devices Using Wireless Sensor

Rapid Prototyping with AutoFocus

Rapid quality estimation of neural network input representations

Rapid regulation of protein activity in fission yeast

Rapid Reinforcement Learning for Reactive Control Policy Design in Autonomous Robots

Rapid screening for aluminum tolerance in maize (Zea mays L.)

Rapid screening of Salmonella enterica serovars Enteritidis, Hadar, Heidelberg and Typhimurium using a serologically-correlative allelotyping PCR targeting the O and H antigen alleles

Rapid serodiagnosis of leptospirosis by latex agglutination test and flow-through assay

Rapid Sexing Hill Mynah Gracula religiosa by Sex Chromosomes

Rapid shape acquisition using color structured light and multi-pass dynamic programming

Rapid single step subcloning procedure by combined action of type II and type IIs endonucleases with ligase

Rapid Site-Directed Mutagenesis Using Two-PCR-Generated DNA Fragments Reproducing the Plasmid Template

Rapid Synthesis of Pattern Classification Circuits

Rapid system understanding: Two COBOL case studies

Rapid ventilation of the Mexico City basin and regional fate of the urban plume

Rapid visual processing using spike asynchrony

Rapid, Accurate Optimization of Difficult Problems Using Fast Messy Genetic Algorithms

Rapid, reliable and inexpensive quality assessment of biotinylated cRNA

Rapid, single-tube method for quantitative preparation and analysis of RNA and DNA in samples as small as one cell

Rapid: Randomized pharmacophore identification for drug design

RAPID: RAPid Interpretation of Data

Rapide: A language and toolset for simulation of distributed systems by partial orderings of events

Rapidly destructive osteoarthritis of the hip joint: a case series

Rapidly exploring structural and dynamic properties of signaling networks using PathwayOracle

Rapidly-exploring random trees: A new tool for path planning

Rapidly-exploring random trees: Progress and prospects

Rapoport effect in South American Carnivora (Mammalia): null models under geometric and phylogenetic constraints

Rappertk: a versatile engine for discrete restraint-based conformational sampling of macromolecules

Rare adverse events associated with oral poliovirus vaccine in Brazil

Rare case of Metagonimus yokogawai

Rare Fossil Algal, Fungal and Riccia Spores Isolated from Sonda Coal Deposits, District, Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan

Rare mutations predisposing to familial adenomatous polyposis in Greek FAP patients

Rare thoracic mass lesion - Myofibrobastoma

Rarity of DNA sequence alterations in the promoter region of the human androgen receptor gene

Rarity of Somatic Mutation and Frequency of Normal Sequence Variation Detected in Sporadic Colon Adenocarcinoma Using High-Throughput cDNA Sequencing

Rarity of upper-tropospheric low O3 mixing ratio events during MOZAIC flights

Ras and Gpa2 Mediate One Branch of a Redundant Glucose Signaling Pathway in Yeast

RASP: A General Logic Synthesis System for SRAM-based FPGAs

RASSF1A promoter methylation and expression analysis in normal and neoplastic kidney indicates a role in early tumorigenesis

RASSF2 Induces Activated Ras-Dependent Cell Growth Inhibition and Apoptosis in Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Rasterization of Nonparametric Curves

Rasterizing curves of constant width

Rat liver responsiveness to gluconeogenic substrates during insulin-induced hypoglycemia

Rat liver transplantation without preservation of 'phrenic ring' using double cuff method.

Rat testicular germ cells and sertoli cells release different types of bioactive transforming growth factor beta in vitro

RATAN: A tool for rate analysis and rate constraint debugging for embedded systems

Rate Adaptation for Improved Audio Quality in Wireless Networks. The 6

Rate Adaptation in Cellular Packet Networks

Rate adaptation schemes in networks with mobile hosts

Rate analysis of embedded systems

Rate control analysis of the translation initiation pathway in S. cerevisiae

Rate control for robust video transmission over burst-error wireless channels

Rate control for video coding over variable bit rate channels with applications to wireless transmission

Rate Controlled Servers for Very High-Speed Networks

Rate distortion performance in coding band-limited sources by sampling and dithered quantization

Rate of change and other metrics: a live study of the world wide web

Rate of convergence of some space decomposition methods for linear and nonlinear problems

Rate of Oxygen Consumption in Fingerlings of Major Carps at Different Temperatures

Rate of Passage of Digesta in the Rumen in Holstein-Friesian and Hereford Heifers Grazing on Kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum) Pasture

Rate of Passage of Digesta in the Rumen in Holstein-Friesian and Hereford Heifers Grazing on Kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum) Pasture

Rate of promoter class turn-over in yeast evolution

Rate shaping by block dropping for transmission of mpeg-precoded video over channels of dynamic bandwidth

Rate variation in parasitic plants: correlated and uncorrelated patterns among plastid genes of different function

Rate-based congestion control for ATM networks

Rate-Based Query Optimization for Streaming Information Sources

Rate-based versus distortion-based optimal joint source-channel coding

Rate-coded restricted boltzmann machines for face recognition

Rate-constrained bandwidth smoothing for the delivery of stored video

Rate-controlled static-priority queueing

Rate-dependent acoustic modeling for large vocabulary conversational speech recognition

Rate-distortion optimization for video compression

Rate-distortion optimized embedding

Rate-distortion optimized image compression using wedgelets

Rate-distortion optimized packet scheduling and routing for media streaming with path diversity

Rate-distortion optimized receiver-driven streaming over best-effort networks

Rate-distortion optimized sender-driven streaming over best-effort networks

Rate-distortion optimized streaming from the edge of the network

Rate-distortion optimized streaming of packetized media

Rateless Codes and Big Downloads

Rate-proportional servers: a design methodology for fair queueing algorithms

Rate-Reduction Transcoding Design for Wireless Video Streaming

Rates of convergence for data augmentation on finite sample spaces

Rates of convergence for everywhere-positive Markov chains

Rates of convergence in the source coding theorem, in empirical quantizer design, and in universal lossy source coding

Rates of Convergence of the Hastings and Metropolis Algorithms


Ratings of kinetic depth in multidot displays

Ratio Analysis: A DAG Construction Algorithm for Linear Computations

Ratio and Regression Factors for Predictinc 305 Day Production from Part Lactation Milk Records in a Herd of Holstein Friesian Cattle

Ratio of Fusiform and Ray Initials in the Vascular Cambium of Madhuca indica J.F. Gmel

Ratio rules: A new paradigm for fast, quantifiable data mining

Rational and convergent learning in stochastic games

Rational Basis for Designing Horizontal-Flow Anaerobic Immobilized Sludge (HAIS) Reactor for Wastewater Treatment

Rational belief revision

Rational belief revision (preliminary report

Rational Clocking

Rational cubic spline interpolation with shape control

Rational Design of Analyte Channels of the Green Fluorescent Protein for Biosensor Applications

Rational distributed reason maintenance for planning and replanning of large-scale activities

Rational filters for passive depth from defocus

Rational function certification of multisum/integral/&quot;q&quot; identities

Rational handling of multiple goals for mobile robots

Rational interaction in multiagent environments: coordination. Submitted for publication, available at http://www-cse.uta.edu/ piotr/piotr.html

Rational Kernels

Rational Krylov, a practical algorithm for large sparse nonsymmetric matrix pencils

Rational mechanics and natural mathematics

Rational Models of Normal Logic Programs

Rational modules for corings

Rational solutions of linear difference equations

Rational spline interpolation preserving the shape of the monotonicdata

Rational split of the strain tensor in elastoplastic damage mechanics

Rationale and design of PROSPECT-CONKO 004: a prospective, randomized trial of simultaneous pancreatic cancer treatment with enoxaparin and chemotherapy)

Rationale for Antioxidant Supplementation in Hemodialysis Patients

Rationale for guaranteed ODE defect control

Rationale for the design of persistence and query processing facilities in the database programming language O

Rationale-based monitoring for planning in dynamic environments

Rationale-Supported Mixed-Initiative Case-Based Planning

Rationality and intelligence

Rationality and its roles in reasoning

Rationality and Self-Interest in Peer to Peer Networks

Ratooning Ability of Photoperiod-Sensitive Rice Varieties Transplanted in the Boro Season

Ratooning Capacity in Some Promising Genotypes of Sugarcane

Ratooning Rapeseed (B. napus): Effect on Seed Quality

Rats with steroid-induced polycystic ovaries develop hypertension and increased sympathetic nervous system activity

Rave: A real and virtual environment for multiple mobile robot systems

RAW: a relational algebra for the Web

Ray shooting amidst convex polyhedra and polyhedral terrains in three dimensions

Ray shooting amidst spheres in three dimensions and related problems

Ray Tracing Implicit Surfaces

Rayleigh lidar observation of a warm stratopause over a tropical site, Gadanki (13.5° N; 79.2° E)

Ray-tracing procedural displacement shaders

RAZAN: A high-performance switch architecture for ATM networks

RB acute loss induces centrosome amplification and aneuploidy in murine primary fibroblasts

Rb induces a proliferative arrest and curtails Brn-2 expression in retinoblastoma cells

RBAC on the Web by secure cookies

RBAC on the Web by smart certificates

RBAC Policies in XML for X.509 Based Privilege Management

RbCl: A reflective object-oriented concurrent language without a run-time kernel

RBF meshless method for large deflection of thin plates with immovable edges

RBF-based meshless method for large deflection of thin plates

RBM19 is essential for preimplantation development in the mouse

RC interconnect optimization under the Elmore delay model

RCANE: A Resource Controlled Framework for Active Network Services

RCAS-RNAi: A loss-of-function method for the developing chick retina

RCBR: A simple and efficient service for multiple time-scale traffic

RCS: a system for version control

RCSP and stop-and-go: A comparison of two non-work-conserving disciplines for supporting multimedia communication

R-d optimized media streaming enhanced with adaptive media playout

RD-OPT: An Efficient Algorithm For Optimizing DCT Qunatization Tables

Re: Fungal Peritonitis in Iranian Children on Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis: A National Experience(Prompt Removal of Catheter in Fungal Peritonitis)

Re: Why a New Journal?

Reach set computation using optimal control

Reachability analysis of (timed) Petri nets using real arithmetic

Reachability analysis of dynamical systems having piecewise-constant derivatives

Reachability analysis of hybrid systems via predicate abstraction

Reachability analysis of pushdown automata: application to model checking

Reachability analysis using polygonal projections

Reachability analysis via face lifting

Reachability and connectivity queries in constraint databases

Reachability and the Power of Local Ordering

Reachability computation for linear hybrid systems

Reachability in Live and Safe Free-Choice Petri Nets is NP-Complete

Reachability in Petri nets with inhibitor arcs

Reachability is harder for directed than for undirected finite graphs

Reachability logic: An efficient fragment of transitive closure logic

Reachability Sets of Parametrized Rings as Regular Languages

Reachability, Relevance, Resolution and the Planning as Satisfiability Approach

Reaching Agreement in the Presence of Faults

Reaching Agreement on Processor Group Membership in Synchronous Distributed Systems

Reaching Agreements through Argumentation: A Logical Model and Implementation

Reaching approximate agreement in the presence of faults

Reaching folded states of a rectangular piece of paper

Reaction Attacks against Several Public-Key Cryptosystems

Reaction between oxalic acid and Na2HAsO4. A conductometric and pH metric investigation

Reaction of a sterically hindered iron(III) porphyrin with peroxyacetic acid: degradation kinetics

Reaction of Abietic Acid with Maleic Anhydride and Fumaric Acid and Attempts to Find the Fundamental Component of Fortified Rosin

Reaction of acyclic enaminones with methoxymethylene meldrum's acid: synthetic and structural implications

Reaction of aromatic azides with strong acids: formation of fused nitrogen heterocycles and arylamines

Reaction of benzoxasilocines with aromatic aldehydes: Synthesis of homopterocarpans

Reaction of Chromium(III) with 3,4-Dihydroxybenzoic Acid: Kinetics and Mechanism in Weak Acidic Aqueous Solutions

Reaction of diphenyl diselenide with hydrogen peroxide and inhibition of delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase from rat liver and cucumber leaves

Reaction of diphenylcyclopropenone with N-acylamidine derivatives. Synthetic and mechanistic implications

Reaction of Some Wheat Varieties to Seed Borne Bipolaris sorokiniana and Fusarium moniliforme

Reaction of wheat genotypes to soil aluminum differential saturations

Reaction-Diffusion Modeling ERK- and STAT-Interaction Dynamics

Reaction-diffusion textures

Reaction-first search

Reactions Between Chalcogen Donors and Dihalogens/Interalogens: Typology of Products and Their Characterization by FT-Raman Spectroscopy

Reactions of 2-amino-1,4-naphthoquinone with aldehydes

Reactions of a-4(20)-epoxy-5-O-mesyltriacetyltaxicine I induced by BF3آ·Et2O/Bu4NBr

Reactions of carbon radicals generated by 1,5-transposition of reactive centers

Reactions of diiron m-aminocarbyne complexes containing nitrile ligands

Reactions of VAM and Azospirillum Species on Wheat Growth

Reactivation of a silenced H19 gene in human rhabdomyosarcoma by demethylation of DNA but not by histone hyperacetylation

Reactivation of Chagas' disease leading to the diagnosis of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Reactive and automatic behavior in plan execution

Reactive and motivational agents: Towards a collective minder

Reactive and organic halogen species in three different European coastal environments

Reactive behavior in self-reconfiguring sensor network

Reactive Consistency Control in Deductive Databases

Reactive deliberation: An architecture for real-time intelligent control in dynamic environments

Reactive environments: Throwing away your keyboard and mouse

Reactive functional programming

Reactive GRASP: An application to a matrix decomposition problem in TDMA traffic assignment

Reactive local search for the maximum clique problem

Reactive memories: An interactive talking-head

Reactive mixing in a pipeline with a side-tee

Reactive modules

Reactive navigation through rough terrain: experimental results

Reactive Object-Oriented Databases and CIM

Reactive objects

Reactive oxygen species and angiotensin II signaling in vascular cells: implications in cardiovascular disease

Reactive oxygen species and sperm cells

Reactive oxygen species in spermatozoa: methods for monitoring and significance for the origins of genetic disease and infertility

Reactive perforating collagenosis

Reactive Scheduling Systems

Reactive search, a history-based heuristic for MAX-SAT

Reactive Security and Social Control

Reactive sputtering deposition of SiO2 thin films

Reactive synchronization algorithms for multiprocessors

Reactive Systems in Physical Environments

Reactive Types

Reactive uptake coefficients for heterogeneous reaction of N2O5 with submicron aerosols of NaCl and natural sea salt

Reactive visual control of multiple non-holonomic robotic agents

Reactive, Generative and Stratified Models of Probabilistic Processes

Reactively secure signature schemes

Reactivity in a logic-based robot programming framework

Reactivity of anti-thyroid antibodies to thyroglobulin tryptic fragments: comparison of autoimmune and non-autoimmune thyroid diseases

Reactivity of cyclohex-1-enylcarboxylic and 2-methylcyclohex-1-enylcarboxylic acids with diazodiphenylmethane in aprotic solvents

Reactivity of the isolated perfused rat tail vascular bed

Reactivity of Tungsten-aryloxides with Hydrosilane Cocatalysts in Olefin Metathesis

Reactor modeling and physicochemical properties characterization for a polyethylene fluidized bed reactor

Reading Between the Lines: Using SHOE to Discover Implicit Knowledge from the Web

Reading Comprehension Programs in a Statistical-Language-Processing Class

Reading Many Variables in One Atomic Operation Solutions With Linear or Sublinear Complexity

Reading More into Foreign Languages

Reading of electronic documents: the usability of linear, fisheye, and overview+detail interfaces

Readings in Database Systems

Read-once branching programs, rectangular proofs of the pigeonhole principle and the transversal calculus

Read-Once Projections and formal Circuit Verification with Binary Decision Diagrams

Read-Only Transactions in a Distributed Database

Ready for prime time - pre-generation of Web pages in tiscover

Reagent Controlled Addition of Chiral Sulfur Ylides to Chiral Aldehydes

Reagent generation assisted by ultrasonic irradiation

Real and Complex Fast Fourier Transforms on the Fujitsu VPP 500

Real quantifier elimination in practice

Real surface area of the aluminium electrode in sodium chloride solution

Real Theorem Provers Deserve Real User-Interfaces

Real time audio and video transmission of IEEE GLOBECOM'96 over the Internet

Real time contrast enhanced ultrasonography in detection of liver metastases from gastrointestinal cancer

Real time evolution of behavior and a world model for a miniature robot using genetic programming

Real time groupware as a distributed system: Concurrency control and its effect on the interface

Real Time Inverse Kinematics of General 6R Manipulators

Real time issues for internet auctions

Real time multiple-motive expert systems

Real time pattern matching using projection kernels

Real Time Process Algebra

Real time responsive animation with personality

Real Time Software Implementation of Scalable Video Codec

Real time symbolic timing diagrams

Real time video and audio in the world wide web

Real time volumetric deformable models for surgery simulation

Real world patterns of failure in anonymity systems

Real World Performance of Association Rule Algorithms

Real-coded genetic algorithms, virtual alphabets, and blocking

Realistic animation of liquids

Realistic avatars and autonomous virtual humans in VLNET networked virtual environments

Realistic Belief Revision

Realistic compilation by partial evaluation

Realistic Delay Modeling in Satisfiability-Based Timing Analysis

Realistic input models for geometric algorithms

Realistic multi-agent reinforcement learning

Realistic Reflections and Refractions on Graphics Hardware with Hybrid Rendering and Layered Environment Maps

Realistic simulations of embedded control systems

Realistic synthesis of novel human movements from a database of motion capture examples

Realizability and verification of MSC graphs

Realizable monotonicity and inverse probability transform

Realization of application-driven, configurable parallelarchitecture (ADCONPA) based on a fiber-optic LAN

Realization spaces of 4-polytopes are universal

Realizing a foundation for programmability of ATM networks with the binding architecture

Realizing distributed computational laboratories

Realizing the performance Potential of the Virtual Interface Architecture

Realizing throughput guarantees in a differentiated services network

Really Useful Robots

Really Visual Temporal Reasoning

Realm-Based Spatial Data Types: The Rose Algebra

Realms: a foundation for spatial data types in database systems

RealPlan: Decoupling causal and resource reasoning in planning

Real-time 3d motion capture

Real-Time 3-D Tracking of the Human Body

Real-time admission control algorithms with delay and loss guarantees in ATM networks

Real-time AI systems: A definition and an architecture

Real-time american sign language recognition from video using hidden Markov models

Real-time analog VLSI sensors for 2-D direction of motion

Real-time analysis of Data from Many Sensors with Neural Networks

Real-time analysis, visualization, and steering of microtomography experiments at photon sources

Real-time analysis-synthesis and intelligibility of talking faces

Real-time architecture for high-resolution volume visualization

Real-Time Behaviour in a Heterogeneous Environment

Real-Time Block Transfer Under a Link Sharing Hierarchy

Real-time calculus for scheduling hard real-time systems

Realtime Camera Calibration for Enhanced Reality Visualization

Real-time causal message ordering in multimedia systems

Real-time closed-world tracking

Real-time collision detection and time-critical computing

Real-Time Combinatorial Tracking of a Target Moving Unpredictably Among Obstacles

Real-time communication and coordination in embedded sensor networks

Real-time communication in a packet-switching network

Real-time communication in an internetwork

Real-time communication in autonomous robot systems

Real-time communication in FieldBus multiaccess networks

Real-time communication in multi-hop networks

Real-time computation of depth from defocus

Real-Time Computation of Feedback Controls for Constrained Optimal

Real-Time Computer Accompaniment of Keyboard Performances

Real-time computing with lock-free shared objects

Real-time control of animated broad agents

Real-Time Control of Approximate Processing

Real-time control of attention and behavior in a logical framework

Real-time control of soccer-playing robots using off-board vision: the dynamite testbed

Real-Time CORBA

Real-Time CORBA Development at MITRE, NRaD, TriPacific and URI

Real-time databases

Real-time databases: Issues and applications

Real-time dependable channels: Customizing QoS attributes for distributed systems

Real-time detection of failures of reactive systems

Real-time disk scheduling in a mixed-media file system

Real-time dynamic rate shaping and control for internet video applications

Real-time dynamic voltage scaling for low-power embedded operating systems

Real-time encoding frame rate control for H.263+ video over the internet

Real-time error in location modeling for ubiquitous computing

Real-time estimation of the parameters of long-range dependence

Real-Time Face And Facial Feature Tracking And Applications

Real-time focus range sensor

Real-time fur over arbitrary surfaces

Real-Time Geographic Visualization of World Wide Web Traffic

Real-time gesture recognition with the Perseus system

Real-time holographic display: Improvements using a multichannel acousto-optic modulator and holographic optical elements

Real-Time Human Motion Analysis by Image Skeletonization

Real-time information system technology challenges for NASA???s earth science enterprise

Real-time internet video using error resilient scalable compression and TCP-friendly transport protocol

Real-time inverse kinematics techniques for anthropomorphic limbs

Real-time issues in Cactus

Real-time large displacement elasticity for surgery simulation: Non-linear tensor-mass model

Real-Time Lip Tracking for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Applications

Real-time logics: complexity and expressiveness

Real-time Mach: Towards a predictable real-time system

Real-time map building and navigation for autonomous robots in unknown environments

Real-time measurements of ammonia, acidic trace gases and water-soluble inorganic aerosol species at a rural site in the Amazon Basin

Real-time motion-based H.263+ frame rate control

Real-time multicast tree visualization and monitoring

Real-time multi-tasking in software synthesis for information processing systems

Real-time music generation for a virtual environment

Real-time nonphotorealistic rendering

Real-time object detection for autonomous robots

Real-time object detection using distance transforms

Real-time object sharing with minimal support

Real-time obstacle avoidance for fast mobile robots

Real-time obstacle avoidance using central flow divergence and peripheral flow

Real-time occlusion culling for models with large occluders

Real-time octree generation from rotating objects

Real-time on-line unconstrained handwriting recognition using statistical methods

Real-time panoramic mosaics and augmented reality

Real-time PCR based on SYBR-Green I fluorescence: An alternative to the TaqMan assay for a relative quantification of gene rearrangements, gene amplifications and micro gene deletions

Real-Time PCR for detection of herpes simplex virus without nucleic acid extraction

Real-Time PCR Improves Detection of Trichomonas vaginalis Infection Compared With Culture Using Self-Collected Vaginal swabs

Real-time PCR quantitation of glucocorticoid receptor alpha isoform

Real-Time Pedestrian Detection Using Support Vector

Real-Time Performance Evaluation of a Genetic Algorithm Based Fuzzy Logic Controller for IPM Motor Drives

Real-time performance evaluation of a genetic-algorithm-based fuzzy logic controller for IPM motor drives

Realtime personal positioning system for a wearable computers

Real-time phase-contrast x-ray imaging: a new technique for the study of animal form and function

Real-time Portfolio Management and Automatic Extensions

Real-time primary-backup (RTPB) replication with temporal consistency guarantees

Real-time quantized optical flow

Real-time recognition of activity using temporal templates

Real-time recognition of hand alphabet gestures using principal component analysis

Real-time Recognition with the Entire Brodatz Texture Database

Real-time recursive procedures

Real-time reinforcement learning in continuous domains

Real-time reliable multicast using proactive forward error correction

Real-time replication garbage collection

Real-time robot learning with locally weighted statistical learning

Real-time robot motion planning using rasterizing computer graphics hardware

Real-time RT-PCR analysis of mRNA decay: half-life of Beta-actin mRNA in human leukemia CCRF-CEM and Nalm-6 cell lines

Real-time scale selection in hybrid multi-scale representations

Real-time schedulability of two token ring protocols

Real-Time Scheduling for Multimedia Services

Real-time scheduling in a generic fault-tolerant architecture

Realtime Scheduling in SunOS 5.0

Real-Time Scheduling of Sensor-Based Control Systems

Real-time scheduling theory and ADA

Real-time scheduling with quality of service constraints

real-time scheduling: the deadline-monotonic approach

Real-time search in non-deterministic domains

Real-time self-calibrating stereo person tracking using 3-d shape estimation from blob features

Real-time self-explanatory simulation

Real-time simulation of a set machine on a RAM

Real-time Single-workstation Obstacle Avoidance Using Only Wide-field Flow Divergence

Real-Time Software Engineering in Ada: Observations and Guidelines

Real-time specification inheritance anomalies and real-time filters

Real-Time Spoken Language Translation Using Associative Processors

Real-Time Statistical Clustering for Event Trace Reduction

Real-Time Stereo Vision on the PARTS Reconfigurable Computer

Real-time streaming video with adaptive bandwidth control and DCT-based error concealment,&quot; submitted to

Real-time support for mobile robotics

Real-time system = discrete system + clock variables

Real-time system design: A temporal perspective

Real-Time System Scheduling

Real-time telephone-based speech recognition in the jupiter domain

Real-time texture synthesis by patch-based sampling

Real-time tracking for an integrated face recognition system

Real-time tracking of multiple people using continuous detection

Real-time tracking of non-rigid objects using mean shift

Real-time traffic monitoring

Real-time UNITY

Real-time Upcalls: A Mechanism to Provide Real-Time Processing Guarantees

Real-Time verification of STATEMATE designs

Real-time Vision-Based camera tracking for augmented reality applications

Real-time visual recognition of facial gestures for human computer interaction

Real-time visual servoing

Realtime visualization of large images over a thinwire

Real-time voice communication over the internet using packet path diversity

Real-time voice over packet-switched networks

Real-time volumetric deformable models for surgery simulation using finite elements and condensation

Real-time, continuous level of detail rendering of height fields

Real-valued evolutionary optimization using a flexible probability density estimator

Real-world experiences with an interactive ad hoc sensor network

Real-World Graphical User Interfaces

Real-world Interaction using the FieldMouse

Real-world issues in warehouse navigation

Reaming bone grafting to treat tibial shaft aseptic nonunion after plating.

Reappraisal on anopheline mosquitoes of Garhwal region, Uttarakhand, India

Rearing and Management of Apis cerana (F.) and Occurrence of Pests in Honeybee Colonies

Rearing and Nursing of Local Sarpunti, Puntius sarana, (Hamilton) at Different Stocking Densities

Rearing of Silkworm Bombyx mori L. on Alternate Food Plants

Rearrangement of beta,gamma-unsaturated esters with thallium trinitrate: synthesis of indans bearing a beta-keto ester moiety

ReAS: Recovery of Ancestral Sequences for Transposable Elements from the Unassembled Reads of a Whole Genome Shotgun.

Reasonable performance in less learning time by real robot based on incremental state space segmentation

Reason-Based Logic: a logic for reasoning with rules and reasons

Reasoned assumptions and Pareto optimality

Reasoned assumptions and rational psychology

Reasoning about action I: A possible worlds approach

Reasoning about action II: The qualification problem

Reasoning about Actions : Non-deterministic effects, Constraints and Qualification

Reasoning about actions and planning in LTL action theories

Reasoning about Actions in a Multiagent Domain

Reasoning about actions in a probabilistic setting

Reasoning about actions in narrative understanding

Reasoning about aliasing

Reasoning about array structures using a dependently typed logic

Reasoning about assumptions in graphs of models

Reasoning about autonomous processes in an estimated-regression planner

Reasoning About Belief in Cryptographic Protocols

Reasoning About Beliefs and Actions Under Computational Resource Constraints

Reasoning about biochemical compounds and processes

Reasoning about Code Mobility with Mobile UNITY

Reasoning about commitments and penalties for coordination between autonomous agents

Reasoning about communicating agents in the semantic web

Reasoning about Complex Actions

Reasoning about complex actions with incomplete knowledge: a modal approach

Reasoning About Concurrent Objects

Reasoning about continuous processes

Reasoning about conversation protocols in a logic-based agent language

Reasoning about Cryptographic Protocols in the Spi Calculus

Reasoning about Discontinuities in the Event Calculus

Reasoning about Duplicate Elimination with Description Logic

Reasoning about effects of concurrent actions

Reasoning about efficiency within a probabilistic ??-calculus

Reasoning about equations and functional dependencies on complex objects

Reasoning about explicit and implicit representations of state

Reasoning about fluid motion i: Finding structures

Reasoning about functional programs in Nuprl

Reasoning about functions with effects

Reasoning about Grover's quantum search algorithm using probabilistic wp. University of Southampton technical report DSSE-TR-98-10

Reasoning about hidden mechanisms

Reasoning about higher-order processes

Reasoning about incomplete agents

Reasoning about infinite computations

Reasoning about interaction for personalizing web service fruition

Reasoning about Java classes (preliminary report

Reasoning about keys for XML

Reasoning about Kinematic Topology

Reasoning about knowledge and probability

Reasoning about knowledge and probability: preliminary report

Reasoning about knowledge: An overview

Reasoning about local variables with operationally-based logical relations

Reasoning about locations in theory and practice

Reasoning about many-to-many requirement relationships in spreadsheets

Reasoning about meta level activities in open distributed systems

Reasoning about minimal belief and negation as failure

Reasoning about noisy sensors and effectors in the situation calculus

Reasoning about noisy sensors in the situation calculus

Reasoning about other agents: Philosophy, theory and implementation

Reasoning about physical systems with the situation calculus

Reasoning about Policies using Logic Programs

Reasoning about program composition

Reasoning about public-key certification: On bindings between entities and public keys

Reasoning about security in mobile ambients

Reasoning about self and others: communicating agents in a modal action logic

Reasoning about sequential and branching behaviours of message sequence graphs

Reasoning about Space: The Hole Story

Reasoning about Spatial Relationships in Picture Retrieval Systems

Reasoning about Stable Models (and Other Unstable Semantics) , draft manuscript

Reasoning about strings in databases

Reasoning about Systems with Many Processes

Reasoning about temporal relations: A maximal tractable subclass of Allen's interval algebra

Reasoning about termination of pure prolog programs

Reasoning about the form and content for multimedia objects (extended abstract

Reasoning about the past with two-way automata

Reasoning about time in higher-level language software

Reasoning About Web-Site Structure

Reasoning about When to Start Acting

Reasoning about XML Schema Languages using Formal Language Theory

Reasoning agents in dynamic domains

Reasoning in expressive description logics with fixpoints based on automata on infinite trees

Reasoning in logic about continuous systems

Reasoning in open domains

Reasoning in the SHOQ(Dn) Description Logic

Reasoning in the Temporal Logic of Actions

Reasoning on a highlighted user model to respond to misconceptions

Reasoning on actions and change in a linear logic programming

Reasoning on regular path queries

Reasoning on UML class diagrams in description logics

Reasoning on UML Class Diagrams using Description Logic Based Systems

Reasoning over networks by symbolic methods

Reasoning the fast and frugal way: Models of bounded rationality

Reasoning with actions

Reasoning with Aggregation Constraints

Reasoning with axioms: Theory and practice

Reasoning with Belief Functions: An Analysis of Compatibility

Reasoning With Characteristic Models

Reasoning with Conditional Ceteris Paribus Preference Statements

Reasoning with Constraints within O-Plan2

Reasoning with Continuations II: Full Abstraction for Models of Control

Reasoning with contradictory information using quasi-classical logic

Reasoning with Defeasible Arguments: Examples and Applications

Reasoning with enhanced temporal entity-relationship models

Reasoning with examples: Propositional formulae and database dependencies

Reasoning with Executable Specifications

Reasoning with inclusion axioms in description logics: Algorithms and complexity

Reasoning with individuals for the description logic SHIQ

Reasoning with individuals in concept languages

Reasoning with precedents in a dialogue game

Reasoning with prioritized defaults

Reasoning with qualitative models

Reasoning with reasons in case-based comparisons

Reasoning with the Formal Definition of Standard ML

Reasoning with UML class diagrams

Reasoning within fuzzy description logics

Reasoning, metareasoning, and mathematical truth: Studies of theorem proving under limited resources

Reasoning, representation, and rational self-government

Reassessing the roles of negotiation and contracting for interoperable databases

Reavaliaأ§أ£o taxonأ´mica de algumas espأ©cies dos gأھneros Coussarea Aubl. e Faramea Aubl. (Rubiaceae, tribo Coussareae)


Rebleeding rate after interventional therapy directed by capsule endoscopy in patients with obscure gastrointestinal bleeding

Rebuilding sources of linear tracers after atmospheric concentration measurements

Recalibrating Software Reliability Models

Recall of intestinal helminthiasis by HIV-infected South Africans and avoidance of possible misinterpretation of egg excretion in worm/HIV co-infection analyses

Receiver operating characteristic curves and optimal bayesian operating points

Receiver-driven bandwidth adaptation for light-weight sessions

Receiver-driven layered multicast

Recent advances and controversies in head and neck reconstructive surgery

Recent advances in AI planning

Recent advances in angiotensin II signaling

Recent advances in exact optimization of airline scheduling problems

Recent advances in hierarchical reinforcement learning. Discrete-Event Systems journal

Recent Advances in Image morphing

Recent Advances in JANUS: A Speech Translation System

Recent Advances in Minerals and Vitamins on Nutrition of Lactating Cows

Recent advances in rhinosporidiosis and rhinosporidium seeberi

Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Artificial Antigen and Its Application in the Detection of Pesticide Residue

Recent Advances in Transcribing Television and Radio Broadcasts

Recent Approaches in herbal drug standardization

Recent Developments in Biological Hydrogen Production Processes

Recent Developments in Natural Language Text Retrieval

Recent Developments in NIKL

Recent developments in progress

Recent developments in refining catalysts

Recent Developments in Spoken Language Sytems for Information Retrieval

Recent developments in the experimental &quot;Waxholm&quot; dialog system

Recent directions in netlist partitioning: A survey

Recent Enhancements to PVM

Recent evolution of alternative reproductive modes in the 'living fossil' Triops cancriformis

Recent excluded minor theorems

Recent Experiments with INQUERY

Recent extensions of the residence time distribution concept: unsteady state conditions and hydrodynamic model developments

Recent improvements in voicemail transcription

Recent Improvements to IBM's Speech Recognition System for Automatic Transcription of Broadcast News


Recent Origin and Cultural Reversion of a Hunter-Gatherer Group

Recent progress in local and global traversability for planetary rovers

Recent progress in machine-expert collaboration for knowledge acquisition

Recent progress on the total synthesis of acetogenins from Annonaceae

Recent Research Directions in Automated Timetabling

Recent results in computational origami

Recent Sedimentation Rate and Sediment Ages Determination of Kemaman-Chukai Mangrove Forest, Terengganu, Malaysia

Recent updated aspects of colicins of Enterobacteriaceae

Recent vectorization and parallelization of ITPACKV

Recent Work on Distributed Commit Protocols, and Recoverable Messaging and Queuing

Reception of multiple co-channel digital signals using antenna arrays with applications to pcs

Receptive fields for vision: from hyperacuity to object recognition

Receptor and secreted targets of Wnt-1/β-catenin signalling in mouse mammary epithelial cells

Receptor binding characteristics and cytotoxicity of insulin-methotrexate.

Receptor Ck-dependent signaling regulates hTERT gene transcription

Receptor downregulation and desensitization enhance the information processing ability of signalling receptors

Receptor Guided 3D-QSAR: A Useful Approach for Designing of IGF-1R Inhibitors

Receptor localization of steroid hormones and drugs: discoveries through the use of thaw-mount and dry-mount autoradiography

Receptor protein tyrosine kinase EphB4 is up-regulated in colon cancer

Recession methods for generalized vector equilibrium problems

RecET driven chromosomal gene targeting to generate a RecA deficient Escherichia coli strain for Cre mediated production of minicircle DNA

Recharge of aquifers with reclaimed wastewater: A case for Saudi Arabia

Reciprocal diversification in a complex plant-herbivore-parasitoid food web

Reciprocal Effect of Component Crops Grown in Mixed Culture

Reciprocal effects among changes in weight, body image, and other psychological factors during behavioral obesity treatment: a mediation analysis

Reciprocal recurrent selection effects on the genetic structure of tropical maize populations assessed at microsatellite loci

Reciprocal regulation of p63 by C/EBP delta in human keratinocytes

Reciprocity: A foundational principle for promoting cooperative behavior among self-interested agents

Reclaiming space from duplicate files in a serverless distributed file system

Reclaiming Storage in an Object Oriented Platform Supporting Extended C++ and Objective-C Applications

Recognition algorithms for the LOOM classifier

Recognition and Accommodation at the Androgen Receptor Coactivator Binding Interface

Recognition and binding of mismatch repair proteins at an oncogenic hot spot

Recognition and exploitation of contextual clues via incremental meta-learning

Recognition and interpretation of parametric gesture

Recognition and structure from one 2D model view: Observations on prototypes, object classes and symmetries

Recognition and Tracking of 3D Objects by 1D Search

Recognition and verication of touching handwritten numerals

Recognition by functional parts

Recognition by matching dense, oriented edge pixels

Recognition by matching with edge location and orientation

Recognition by prototypes

Recognition Confidence Measures: Detection of Misrecognitions and Out-of-Vocabulary Words

Recognition methods for 3d textured surfaces

Recognition of 3-d objects using the extended gaussian image

Recognition of affective communicative intent in robot-directed speech

Recognition of hand-printed Chinese characters using decision trees/machine learning C4.5 system

Recognition of Handwritten Digits by Combining Independent Learning Vector Quantizations

Recognition of Handwritten Digits using Structural Information

Recognition of head gestures using Hidden Markov Models

Recognition of Human Body Motion Using Phase Space Constraints

Recognition of images in large databases using a learning framework

Recognition of non-native accents

Recognition of occluded speech by Hidden Markov models

Recognition of Off-line printed Arabic text Using Hidden Markov Models

recognition of planar object classes

Recognition of secretory proteins in Escherichia coli requires signals in addition to the signal sequence and slow folding

Recognition of shapes by editing shock graphs

Recognition of space-time gestures using a distributed representation

Recognition of temporal structures: learning prior and propagating observation augmented densities via hidden markov states

Recognition of the Multi Specularity Objects using the Eigen-Window

Recognition of unknown conserved alternatively spliced exons.

Recognition of volumetric features from CAD models: Problem formalization and algorithms

Recognition of writer-independent off-line handwritten Arabic (Indian) numerals using hidden Markov models

Recognition using region correspondences

Recognition with local features: the kernel recipe

Recognition without correspondence using multidimensional receptive field histograms

Recognition-based segmentation of on-line hand-printed words

Recognizable picture languages and domino tiling

Recognizing 3D Objects using Photometric Invariant

Recognizing Acronyms and their Definitions

Recognizing action at a distance

Recognizing action units for facial expression analysis

Recognizing activities

Recognizing Algebraic Surfaces from Their Outlines

Recognizing and interpreting diagrams in design

Recognizing and Interpreting Gestures on a Mobile Robot

Recognizing and Responding to Plan-Oriented Misconceptions

Recognizing and Utilizing User Preferences in Collaborative Consultation Dialogues

Recognizing attributes and oomoldic porosity development in eolianite in an arid setting: An example from the quaternary eolianite from the Arabian Gulf coastline, Saudi Arabia

Recognizing circulant graphs of prime order in polynomial time. The electronic journal of combinatorics

Recognizing color patterns irrespective of viewpoint and illumination

Recognizing emotion in speech

Recognizing facial expressions by spatio-temporal analysis

Recognizing facial expressions in image sequences using local parameterized models of image motion

Recognizing hand gestures

Recognizing hand-written digits using hierarchical products of experts

Recognizing Human Facial Expression

Recognizing Immediacy in an NTree Hierarchy and its Application to Protection Groups

Recognizing Multitasked Activities using Stochastic Context-Free Grammar

Recognizing nepotistic links on the web

Recognizing People by Their Gait: The Shape of Motion

Recognizing referential links: An information extraction perspective

Recognizing Reverberant Speech with RASTA-PLP

Recognizing Rigid Objects by Aligning Them with an Image

Recognizing safety and liveness

Recognizing structure in Web pages using similarity queries

Recognizing subjectivity: A case study of manual tagging

Recognizing surfaces using three-dimensional textons

Recognizing teleoperated manipulations

Recognizing temporal trajectories using the condensation algorithm

Recognizing text genres with simple metrics using discriminant analysis

Recognizing the plans of a replanning user

Recognizing time pressure and cognitive load on the basis of speech: An experimental study

Recognizing volumetric objects in the presence of uncertainty

Recombinant AAV-mediated HSVtk gene transfer with direct intratumoral injections and Tet-On regulation for implanted human breast cancer

Recombinant activated factor VII (Novo7®) in patients with ventricular assist devices: Case report and review of the current literature

Recombinant amyloid beta-peptide production by coexpression with an affibody ligand

Recombinant antigen-based immuno-slot blot method for serodiagnosis of syphilis

Recombinant antigens for immunodiagnosis of cystic echinococcosis

Recombinant Escherichia coli produces tailor-made biopolyester granules for applications in fluorescence activated cell sorting: functional display of the mouse interleukin-2 and myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein

Recombinant expression of monovalent and bivalent anti-TNT-antibodies – evaluation of different expression systems

Recombinant gas vesicles from Halobacterium sp. displaying SIV peptides demonstrate biotechnology potential as a pathogen peptide delivery vehicle

Recombinant nucleases CEL I from celery and SP I from spinach for mutation detection

Recombinant versus highly-purified, urinary follicle-stimulating hormone (r-FSH vs. HP-uFSH) in ovulation induction: a prospective, randomized study with cost-minimization analysis

Recombinant viruses as vaccines against viral diseases

Recombination and error thresholds in finite populations

Recombination and selectional forces in cyanopeptolin NRPS operons from highly similar, but geographically remote Planktothrix strains

Recombination Difference between Sexes: A Role for Haploid Selection

Recombination Every Day: Abundant Recombination in a Virus during a Single Multi-Cellular Host Infection

Recombination in Glomus intraradices, a supposed ancient asexual arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus

Recombination rate and protein evolution in yeast

Recombinational DNA Repair in Cancer and Normal Cells: The Challenge of Functional Analysis

Recombinational micro-evolution of functionally different metallothionein promoter alleles from Orchesella cincta

Recombining overlapping BACs into a single larger BAC

Recommendation and usage in the digital library

Recommendation as classification: Using social and content-based information in recommendation


Recommendation systems: A probabilistic analysis

Recommended C Style and Coding Standards

Reconciling agent models

Reconciling bayesian and non-bayesian analysis

Reconciling distance functions and level sets

Reconciling real-time with asynchronous message passing. Will appear

Reconciling replication and transactions for the end-to-end reliability of CORBA applications

Reconciling requirements: a method for managing interference, inconsistency and conflict

Reconciling responsiveness with performance in pure object-oriented languages

Reconciling schemas of disparate data sources: A machine-learning approach

Reconciling simplicity and realism in parallel disk models

Reconciling use cases via controlled language and graphical models

Reconfigurable caches and their application to media processing

Reconfigurable low energy multiplier for multimedia system design

Reconfigurable mesh algorithms for the area and perimeter of image components

Reconfigurable Meshes: Theory and Practice

Reconfigurable router modules using network protocol wrappers

Reconfiguration and transient recovery in state-machine architectures

Reconfiguration in the Enterprise JavaBean component model

Reconfiguration with Time Division Multiplexed MIN's for Multiprocessor Communications

Reconfiguring arrays with faults part I: worst-case faults

Reconfiguring Client-Server Systems

Reconsidering custom memory allocation

Reconsidering Internet mobility

Reconsidering the generation time hypothesis based on nuclear ribosomal ITS sequence comparisons in annual and perennial angiosperms

Reconstitution of lost cervical spine function: management strategies

Reconstructed intentions in collaborative problem solving dialogues

Reconstructing 3D Pose and Motion from a Single Camera View

Reconstructing a Network of Stress-Response Regulators via Dynamic System Modeling of Gene Regulation

Reconstructing a three-dimensional model with arbitrary errors

Reconstructing complex surfaces from multiple stereo views

Reconstructing curves with sharp corners

Reconstructing gene-regulatory networks from time series, knock-out data, and prior knowledge

Reconstructing Illumination Functions with Selected Discontinuities

Reconstructing Ownership Architectures To Help Understand Software Systems

Reconstructing Paxos

Reconstructing polygons from moments with connections to array processing

Reconstructing polyhedral models of architectural scenes from photographs

Reconstructing Proofs at the Assertion Level

Reconstructing protein structure from solvent exposure using tabu search

Reconstructing surfaces and surfaces on surfaces from 3D scans. Algorithmica

Reconstructing Urban 3D Model using Vehicle-borne Laser Range Scanners

Reconstruction and analysis of the genetic and metabolic regulatory networks of the central metabolism of Bacillus subtilis

Reconstruction and flux analysis of coupling between metabolic pathways of astrocytes and neurons: application to cerebral hypoxia

Reconstruction and motion estimation from apparent contours under circular motion

Reconstruction and prediction from three images of uncalibrated cameras

Reconstruction expansion as a geometry-based framework for choosing proper delay times. Physica D 73:82--98

Reconstruction from Image Sequences By Means of Relative Depths

Reconstruction from multiple images using kinetic depths

Reconstruction from Three Images of Six Point Objects

Reconstruction in extensive axillary Hidradenitis suppurativa with local fasciocutaneous V-Y advancement flaps

Reconstruction in previously irradiated patients

Reconstruction in skull base surgery: Review of current concepts

Reconstruction of 3-d figure motion from 2-d correspondences

Reconstruction of 3d-curves from 2d-images using affine shape methods for curves

Reconstruction of a High Resolution Image from Multiple Degraded Mis-Registered Low Resolution Images

Reconstruction of a road by local image matches and global 3d optimization

Reconstruction of a scalp and skull defect with free latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap following dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans.

Reconstruction of a scene with multiple linearly moving objects

Reconstruction of ancestral protein sequences and its applications

Reconstruction of articulated objects from point correspondences in a single uncalibrated image

Reconstruction of chest, abdominal walls and perineum

Reconstruction of complete palatal defect with a forehead flap: A case report

Reconstruction of functions from generalized Hermite-Birhoff data

Reconstruction of lower end of radius using vascularized upper end of fibula

Reconstruction of middle ear malformations

Reconstruction of oncologic defects of the eyelid, lips and ear

Reconstruction of surfaces from planar contours

Reconstruction of the auricle

Reconstruction of the laryngopharynx

Reconstruction of the mandible

Reconstruction on trees: Beating the second eigenvalue

Reconstruction-optimized lapped orthogonal transforms for robust image transmission

Reconstructive and rehabilitating methods in patients with dysphagia and nutritional disturbances

Reconstructive methods in hearing disorders - surgical methods

Reconstructive procedures for disturbed functions within the upper airway: pharyngeal breathing/snoring

Reconstructive procedures for impaired upper airway function: laryngeal respiration

Reconstructive surgery in oral cancers

Record & play: A structural fixed point iteration for sequential circuit verification

Record Linkage Software and Methods for Merging Administrative Lists. Statistical research division

Record location and reconfiguration in unstructured multiple-record Web documents

Record-boundary discovery in Web documents

Recording and checking HOL proofs

Recording Distributed Snapshots Based on Causal Order of Message Delivery

Recording HOL proofs

Recording, Analyzing and Presenting Distributed Deduction Processes

Records for logic programming

Recoverable User-Level Mutual Exclusion

Recovering articulated model topology from observed motion

Recovering code to documentation links in oo systems

Recovering Effects of Aqueous Extracts of Some Selected Medical Plants on the Teratogenic Effects During the Development of D. melanogaster

Recovering facade texture and microstructure from real-world images

Recovering from bit errors in scalar-quantized discrete wavelet transformed images

Recovering from main-memory lapses

Recovering Genetic Regulatory Networks from Chromatin Immunoprecipitation and Steady-State Microarray Data

Recovering guaranteed performance service connections from single and multiple faults

Recovering heading for visually-guided navigation

Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs

Recovering high-level views of object-oriented applications from static and dynamic information

Recovering Information from Summary Data

Recovering intrinsic images from a single image

Recovering latent information in treebanks

Recovering logical data and code structures

Recovering non-rigid 3D shape from image streams

Recovering parametric geons from multiview range data

Recovering photometric properties of architectural scenes from photographs

Recovering shading from color images

Recovering shape by purposive viewpoint adjustment

Recovering software specifications with inductive logic programming

Recovering Structure from Unstructured Webaccessible Rental Classifieds

Recovering the temporal structure of natural gesture

Recovering unknown focal lengths in self-calibration: An essentially linear algorithm and degenerate configurations

Recovery and Antibiogram Studies of Aeromonas hydrophila and Pseudomonas fluorescens from Naturally and Experimentally Infected Tilapia Fishes

Recovery and coherency-control protocols for fast intersystem page transfer and fine-granularity locking in a shared disks transaction environment

Recovery and evolutionary analysis of complete integron gene cassette arrays from Vibrio

Recovery and Grading of Goat Oocytes with Special Reference to Laparoscopic Ovum Pick-up Technique: A Review

Recovery and regularization of initial temperature distribution in a two-layer cylinder with perfect thermal contact at the interface

Recovery and Restoration of Some Critically Endangered Endemic Angiosperms of the Kashmir Himalaya

Recovery for Shared Disk Systems Using Multiple Redo Logs

Recovery from a cycling time trial is enhanced with carbohydrate-protein supplementation vs. isoenergetic carbohydrate supplementation

Recovery Guarantees for General Multi-Tier Applications

Recovery in distributed systems using optimistic message logging and checkpointing

Recovery in Heterogeneous Systems

Recovery in Spritely NFS

Recovery in the Calypso file system

Recovery management in QuickSilver

Recovery of a Burkholderia thailandensis-like isolate from an Australian water source

Recovery of aroma compounds from orange essential oil

Recovery of blocky images from noisy and blurred data


Recovery of egomotion and segmentation of independent object motion using the em algorithm

Recovery of ego-motion using image stabilization

Recovery of ego-motion using region alignment

Recovery of Injured Escherichia coli

Recovery of NIS expression in thyroid cancer cells by overexpression of Pax8 gene

Recovery of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Growth of Cotton as Affected by Various Levels of Flooding

Recovery of Outdoor Mass Culture Bleached Scenedesmus sp.

Recovery of parametric models from range images: the case for superquadrics with global deformations

Recovery of relative affine structure using the motion flow field of a rigid planar patch.,&quot; Mustererkennung

Recovery of shgcs from a single intensity view

Recovery of the Decorin-Enriched Fraction, Extract (D), From Human Skin: An Accelerated Protocol

Recovery of watermarks from distorted images

Recovery Protocols for Shared Memory Database Systems

Recovery time of dynamic allocation processes

Recovery with limited replay: Fault-tolerant processes in Linda

Recreation Demand Models with Taste Differences over People

Recreational Viagra Use and Sexual Risk among Drug Abusing Men

Recruitment of focal adhesion kinase and paxillin to β1 integrin promotes cancer cell migration via mitogen activated protein kinase activation

Rectal artemisinins for malaria: a review of efficacy and safety from individual patient data in clinical studies

Rectal cancer in Luxembourg : a national population-based data report, 1988–1998

Rectal cancer treatment and outcome in the elderly: an audit based on the Swedish rectal cancer registry 1995–2004

Rectal Temperature, Pulse Rate and Breath Rate in Mules

Rectangular hybrid games

Rectification Method for Lookup-Table Type FPGA's

Rectilinear and polygonal p-piercing and p-center problems

Rectilinear full Steiner tree generation

Rectilinear paths among rectilinear obstacles

Rectilinear Steiner tree minimization on a workstation

Rectus sheath abscess after laparoscopic appendicectomy

Recurrence Equations and the Optimization of Synchronous Logic Circuits

Recurrence formula for impulse response coefficients of Sinc(N) FIR filter

Recurrence formula for impulse response coefficients of Sinc/sup N/ FIR filter

Recurrence in skeletal muscle from squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix: a case report and review of the literature

Recurrence Rates Evaluation in Hemorrhagic and Ischemic Stroke after the First Attack in the Patients Admitted in the Razi Hospital

Recurrent achalasia after Heller-Toupet procedure: Laparoscopic extended redo heller myotomy and floppy Dor

Recurrent Acute Renal Failure in a Patient with Minimal Change Disease

Recurrent adenylation domain replacement in the microcystin synthetase gene cluster

Recurrent and multiple bladder tumors show conserved expression profiles

Recurrent bacteremia with Helicobacter cinaedi: case report and review of the literature

Recurrent Barrett's esophagus and adenocarcinoma after esophagectomy

Recurrent episodes of hematuria: A rare presentation of leiomyosarcoma of prostate

Recurrent inflammatory fibroid polyp of cardia: a case report.

Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy due to impacted dental plate in the thoracic oesophagus: case report

Recurrent least squares support vector machines

Recurrent lymphangioma: What are the treatment options?

Recurrent Multifocal Primary Amyloidosis of Urinary Bladder

Recurrent Multilayer Perceptrons for Identification and Control: The Road to Applications. Juni

Recurrent networks: State machines or iterated function systems

Recurrent neural networks and prior knowledge for sequence processing: A constrained nondeterministic approach

Recurrent neural networks can be trained to be maximum a posteriori probability classifiers

Recurrent neural networks: Some systems-theoretic aspects

Recurrent pneumococcal meningitis in a splenectomised HIV-infected patient


Recurrent Selection for Maydis Leaf Blight Resistance and Grain Yield Improvement in Maize

Recurrent Somatic Embryogenesis and Twin Embryo Production in Cotton

Recurring cluster and operon assembly for Phenylacetate degradation genes

Recurring genomic breaks in independent lineages support genomic fragility

Recursion and dynamic data-structures in bounded space: Towards embedded ML programming

Recursion from cyclic sharing: traced monoidal categories and models of cyclic lambda calculi

Recursion from iteration

Recursion theoretic characterizations of complexity classes of counting functions

Recursion theoretic properties of frequency computation and bounded queries

Recursion theory on the reals and continuous-time computation

Recursive 3-d motion estimation from a monocular image sequence

Recursive affine structure and motion from image sequences

Recursive agent and agent-group tracking in a real-time , dynamic environment

Recursive algorithms for computing the Cramer-Rao bound

Recursive array layouts and fast matrix multiplication

Recursive Ascent-Descent Parsing

Recursive Boolean Functions in HOL

Recursive computation of steady-state probabilities in priority queues

Recursive consistent estimation with bounded noise

Recursive context reasoning for human detection and parts identification

Recursive design of an application-independent architecture

Recursive distributed representations

Recursive estimation of linear systems' parameters based on cumulant matching

Recursive Estimation Of Linear Systems' Parameters Based On Cumulant Matching

Recursive estimation of motion and planar structure

Recursive estimation of power system harmonics

Recursive filters for optical flow

Recursive Interfaces for Reactive Objects

Recursive Layout Generation

Recursive least-squares backpropagation algorithm for stop-and-go decision-directed blind equalization

Recursive least-squares backpropagation algorithm for stop-and-go decision-directed blind equalization

Recursive non-linear estimation of discontinuous flow fields

Recursive Parameter Identification Of A Class Of Nonlinear Systems From Noisy Measurements

Recursive parameter identification of a class of nonlinear systems from noisy measurements

Recursive plans for information gathering

Recursive query plans for data integration

Recursive reconstruction on periodic trees

Recursive Subtyping Revealed

Recursive total least squares: An alternative to the discrete Kalman filter

Recursive types and pattern-matching in Java

Recursive types are not conservative over F

Recursive types in a calculus of objects

Recursive types in Kleisli categories

Recursiveness in matrix rational interpolation problems

Recursos medicinais de espأ©cies do Cerrado de Mato Grosso: um estudo bibliogrأ،fico

Recycling terms into a partial parser

Red Cell Catalase Activity in Diabetics

Red in a different light

Red maca (Lepidium meyenii) reduced prostate size in rats

Red oil A5 inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells.

Red wine consumption increases antioxidant status and decreases oxidative stress in the circulation of both young and old humans

RED: A Robust Earliest Deadline Scheduling Algorithm

Red-Black prefetching: An approximation algorithm for parallel disk scheduling

Redescripciأ³n de Jatropha andrieuxii Muell. Arg. (Euphorbiaceae), una especie endأ©mica del sur de Mأ©xico

Redescription of Macrophthalmus (Ventius) latreillei Desmarest, 1822 with a Note on its Identification

Redescription of Oratosquilla interrupta (Manning, 1995) (Crustacea: Stomatopoda) and its Transfer to Oratosquillina (Manning, 1995) from Northern Arabian Sea, Karachi, Pakistan)

Redescubrimiento de Pinguicula clivorum Standl. et Steyerm. (Lentibulariaceae), una especie rara de Guatemala y Mأ©xico

Redesigned and chemically-modified hammerhead ribozymes with improved activity and serum stability

Redesigning a problem-solver's operators to improve solution quality

Re-designing tasking structure of ada programs for analysis:a case study

Redesigning the BSD Callout and Timer Facilities

Redirection algorithms for load sharing in distributed Web-server systems

Rediscovering Workflow Models from Event-Based Data using Little Thumb

Redistribution of β-catenin in response to EGF and lithium signalling in human oesophageal squamous carcinoma cell lines

Redistribution of trace gases by convective clouds - mixed-phase processes

Redlog: Computer algebra meets computer logic

Redo Recovery after System Crashes

Redox and ligand exchange reactions of potential gold(I) and gold(III)-cyanide metabolites under biomimetic conditions

Redox behavior of crosslinked polyaniline films

Redox-mediated bypass of restriction point via skipping of G1pm

Reduce, reuse, recycle: An approach to building large internet caches

Reduced Atherosclerotic Lesion Size in P-Selectin Deficient Apolipoprotein E-Knockout Mice Fed a Chow but Not a Fat Diet

Reduced bone mineral density in men after heart transplantation

Reduced Complexity Retinex Algorithm via the Variational Approach

Reduced developmental competence of immature, in-vitro matured and postovulatory aged mouse oocytes following IVF and ICSI

Reduced diversity and increased virulence-gene carriage in intestinal enterobacteria of coeliac children

Reduced expression of lamin A/C correlates with poor histological differentiation and prognosis in primary gastric carcinoma

Reduced expression of multiple gap junction proteins is a feature of cervical dysplasia

Reduced expression of N-Myc downstream-regulated gene 2 in human thyroid cancer

Reduced feedback opportunistic scheduling with the aid of user cooperation in wireless networks

Reduced levels of intracellular calcium releasing in spermatozoa from asthenozoospermic patients

Reduced MVD's and Minimal Covers


Reduced order H/sub /spl infin// filtering

Reduced overhead logging for rollback recovery in distributed shared memory

Reduced paxillin expression contributes to the antimetastatic effect of 4-hydroxycoumarin on B16-F10 melanoma cells

Reduced postprandial energy expenditure and increased exogenous fat oxidation in young woman after ingestion of test meals with a low protein content

Reduced repair of 8-hydroxyguanine in the human breast cancer cell line, HCC1937

Reduced Risk of Human Lung Cancer by Selective Cyclooxygenase 2 (Cox-2) Blockade: Results of a Case Control Study

Reduced tumor growth in vivo and increased c-Abl activity in PC3 prostate cancer cells overexpressing the Shb adapter protein

Reduced white fat mass in adult mice bearing a truncated Patched 1

Reduced-complexity iterative post-filtering of video

Reduced-folate carrier (RFC) is expressed in placenta and yolk sac, as well as in cells of the developing forebrain, hindbrain, neural tube, craniofacial region, eye, limb buds and heart

Reduced-load equivalence and induced burstiness in GPS queues with long-tailed traffic flows. Queueing Syst

Reduced-order modeling of large linear subcircuits via a block Lanczos algorithm



Reduced-order nonlinear dynamic model of coupled shaft-torsional and blade-bending vibrations in rotors

Reducibility and completeness in private computations

Reducing AC-Termination to Termination

Reducing bdd size by exploiting functional dependencies

Reducing Branch Costs via Branch Alignment

Reducing buyer search costs: implications for electronic marketplaces

Reducing Cache Invalidation Overheads in Wormhole DSMs Using Multidestination Message Passing

Reducing cache miss rates using prediction caches

Reducing cell loss in banyan based ATM switching fabrics

Reducing Communication Latency with Path Multiplexing in Optically Interconnected Multiprocessor Systems

Reducing conflicts in direct-mapped caches with a temporality-based design

Reducing data communication overhead for DOACROSS loop nests

Reducing Division Latency with Reciprocal Caches

Reducing Duplicate Work in Relational Join(s): A Unified Approach

Reducing electronic multiplexing costs in SONET/WDM rings with dynamically changing traffic

Reducing epistasis in combinatorial problems by expansive coding

Reducing error probability in quantum algorithms

Reducing errors by increasing the error rate: MLP Acoustic Modeling for Broadcast News Transcription

Reducing escalation-related costs in WFMSs

Reducing false sharing on shared memory multiprocessors through compile time data transformations

Reducing file system latency using a predictive approach

Reducing garbage collector cache misses

Reducing human design and increasing adaptability in evolutionary robotics

Reducing i/o complexity by simulating coarse grained parallel algorithms

Reducing i/o demand in video-on-demand storage servers

Reducing indirect function call overhead in C++ programs

Reducing initial latency in a multimedia storage system

Reducing interprocessor dependence in recoverable distributed shared memory

Reducing Manual Abstraction in Formal Verification of Out-of-Order Execution

Reducing Memory and Traffic Requirements for Scalable Directory-Based Cache Coherence Schemes

Reducing memory latency via non-blocking and prefetching caches

Reducing memory traffic via redundant store instructions

Reducing model checking of the many to the few

Reducing multiclass to binary: A unifying approach for margin classifiers

Reducing multimedia decode power using feedback control

Reducing network latency using subpages in a global memory environment

Reducing noise in gossip-based reliable broadcast

Reducing overhead in flow-switched networks: An empirical study of web traffic

Reducing owl entailment to description logic satisfiability

Reducing P to a sparse set using a constant number of queries collapses P to L

Reducing parameter space for word alignment

Reducing postpartum weight retention – a pilot trial in primary health care

Reducing Power Consumption for the Next Generation of PDAs

Reducing power consumption of the issue logic

Reducing power density through activity migration

Reducing power in high-performance microprocessors

Reducing power requirements of instruction scheduling through dynamic allocation of multiple datapath resources

Reducing processor power consumption by improving processor time management in a single-user operating system

Reducing Protocol Ordering Constraints to Improve Performance

Reducing ranking effects in parallel adaptive quadrature

Reducing redundancy in characteristic rule discovery by using integer programming techniques

Reducing Register File Power Consumption by Exploiting Value Lifetime Characteristics

Reducing remote conflict misses: NUMA with remote cache versus COMA

Reducing setup cost by automated generation of redesign suggestions

Reducing startup latency in web and desktop applications

Reducing State Loss for Effective Trace Sampling of Superscalar Processors

Reducing sweep time for a nearly empty heap

Reducing Switching Activity on Datapath Buses with Control-Signal Gating

Reducing symmetry in a combinatorial design problem

Reducing synchronization on the parallel davidson method for the large, sparse, eigenvalue problem

Reducing synchronization overhead for compiler-parallelized codes on software DSMs

Reducing synchronization overhead in parallel simulation

Reducing the braking distance of an SQL query engine

Reducing the Complexity of Iterative Post-Processing of Video

Reducing the complexity of reductions

Reducing the complexity of the register file in dynamic superscalar processors

Reducing the cost of data flow analysis by congruence partitioning

Reducing the cost of regression testing by semantics guided test case selection

Reducing the disk I/O of Web proxy server caches

Reducing the false positive rate in the non-parametric analysis of molecular coevolution

Reducing the Gap Between What Users Know and What They Need to Know

Reducing the Health Burden of HPV Infection Through Vaccination

Reducing the latency of a real-time garbage collector

Reducing the Number of Clock Variables of Timed Automata

Reducing the number of experiments in split-plot optimization designs

Reducing the number of sentinel nodes removed in melanoma patients: A prospective study

Reducing the OOV rate in broadcast news speech recognition

Reducing the overhead of dynamic compilation

Reducing the performance impact of instruction cache misses by writing instructions into the reservation stations out-of-order

Reducing the search space for conceptual schema transformation

Reducing the servers??? computation in private information retrieval: PIR with preprocessing

Reducing the Space Requirement of Suffix Trees

Reducing the variability of programmers??? performance through explained examples

Reducing TLB and memory overhead using online superpage promotion

Reducing transaction databases, without lagging behind the data or losing information

Reducing transfer delay using Java class file splitting and prefetching

Reducing truth-telling online mechanisms to online optimization

Reducing wasted development time via continuous testing

Reducing Wire Delay Penalty Through Value Prediction

Reduction and Slicing of Hierarchical State Machines

Reduction in Purely Cubic Function Fields of Unit Rank One

Reduction in the risk of human breast cancer by selective cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors

Reduction of abductive logic programs to normal logic programs

Reduction of arsenic content in a complex galena concentrate by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans

Reduction of bias in maximum likelihood ellipse fitting

Reduction of block-transform image coding artifacts by using local statistics of transform coefficients

Reduction of chromium (VI) by the indirect action of Thiobacillus thioparus

Reduction of Clostridium Difficile and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus contamination of environmental surfaces after an intervention to improve cleaning methods

Reduction of coding artifacts in low-bit-rate video coding

Reduction of computational complexity in Bayesian networks through removal of weak dependencies

Reduction of diagnostic complexity through model abstractions. Report TR-90-10, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Reduction of exchangeable calcium and magnesium in soil with increasing pH

Reduction of gene repair by selenomethionine with the use of single-stranded oligonucleotides

Reduction of huge, sparse matrices over finite fields via created catastrophes

Reduction of human chorionic gonadotropin beta subunit expression by modified U1 snRNA caused apoptosis in cervical cancer cells

Reduction of intraspecific aggression in adult rats by neonatal treatment with a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor

Reduction of p120ctn isoforms is significantly associated with lymph node metastasis of lung cancer

Reduction of Second-Order Unification to Simultaneous Rigid E-Unification

Reduction of SO2 emissions by ammonia gas during staged combustion

Reduction of SO2 emissions by ammonia gas during unstaged combustion

Reduction of SO2 emissions from a fluidized bed under staged combustion by fine limestone

Reduction of some rigid ketones in the presence of thermally activated Mg(OH)2 in 2-propanol as hydrogen donor

Reduction of trace quantities of chromium(VI) by strong acids

Reduction Techniques for Exemplar-Based Learning Algorithms

Reduction-free normalisation for a polymorphic system

Reductions do not preserve fast convergence rates in average time

Reductions in circuit complexity: An isomorphism theorem and a gap theorem

Reductive coupling reaction of benzyl, allyl and alkyl halides in aqueous medium promoted by zinc

Reductive debromination of 1-methyl-2,4,5-tribromoimidazole mediated by dry tetramethylammonium fluoride in aprotic solvents

Reductive decarboxylation of bicyclic prolinic systems: a new approach to the enantioselective synthesis of the Geissman-Waiss lactone. X-ray structure determination of a key lactone intermediate

Redudnancy elimination and a new normal form for relational databases

Redundancy control in real-time Internet audio conferencing

Redundancy criteria for constrained completion

Redundancy reduction and independent component analysis: Conditions on cumulants and adaptive approaches

Redundancy reduction with information preserving nonlinear maps

Redundant Argument Filtering of Logic Programs

Redundant Filterbank Precoders and Equalizers: Optimal Designs and Blind Signal Recovery

Redundant Hidden Variables in Finite Domain Constraint Problems

Redundant synchronization elimination for doacross loops

RED-VBR: A Renegotiation-Based Approach to Support Delay-Sensitive VBR Video

Ree: Why You Cannot Even Hope to use Gr??bner Bases in Public Key Cryptography: An Open Letter to a Scientist Who Failed and a Challenge to Those Who Have Not Yet Failed



Reelin induces a radial glial phenotype in human neural progenitor cells by activation of Notch-1

Re-emergence of tularemia in Germany: Presence of Francisella tularensis in different rodent species in endemic areas

Reengineering a business process with an innovative workflow management system: A case study

Reengineering a PC-based system into the mobile device product line

Reengineering class hierarchies using concept analysis

Reengineering needs generic programming language technology

Reengineering of Configurations Based on Mathematical Concept Analysis

Re-engineering the role of the internal auditor in ERP solutions

Re-entrant lines

Re-establishment of olfactory and taste functions

Reevaluating Amdahl???s Law

Reevaluating genetic algorithm performance under coordinate rotation of benchmark functions

Reevaluation of ethanol as organic modifier for use in HPLS-RP mobile phases

Re-Evaluation of Individual and Combined Garlic and Flaxseed Diets on Hyperlipidemic Rats

Reevaluation of Mineral aerosol radiative forcings suggests a better agreement with satellite and AERONET data

Re-evaluation of the 1950–1962 total ozone record from Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Reevaluation of the 22-1-1 antibody and its putative antigen, EBAG9/RCAS1, as a tumor marker

Reexamining the cluster hypothesis: Scatter/gather on retrieval results

Refactoring and Aggregation

Refactoring design models for inductive verification

Refactoring Object-Oriented Frameworks

Refactoring of aspect-oriented software

REFEREE: An open framework for practical testing of recommender systems using researchindex

Reference counting as a computational interpretation of linear logic

Reference genes for normalization of gene expression studies in human osteoarthritic articular cartilage

Reference values for lung function tests: I. Static volumes

Reference values for lung function tests: II. Maximal respiratory pressures and voluntary ventilation

Reference values for lung function tests: III. Carbon monoxide diffusing capacity (transfer factor)

References in narrative text

References, local variables and operational reasoning

Referent tracking in restricted texts using a lemmatized lexicon: implications for generation of prosody

Referential actions as logical rules

Referential actions: From logical semantics to implementation

ReferralWeb: Combining social networks and collaborative filtering

Referring in multimodal systems: The importance of user expertise and system features

Referring to World Objects with Text and Pictures

Refinement and extension of Encrypted Key Exchange

Refinement and verification of concurrent systems specified in Object-Z and CSP

Refinement Calculus

Refinement Calculus, part I: Sequential nondeterministic programs

Refinement concepts formalized in higher order logic

Refinement in Fresco

Refinement methods for geometric bounds in constructive solid geometry

Refinement of actions and equivalence notions for concurrent systems

Refinement search as a unifying framework for analyzing planning algorithms

Refinement strategies for inductive learning of simple prolog programs

Refinement types for logical frameworks

Refinement types for ML

Refinements in the use of equivalent latitude for assimilating sporadic inhomogeneous stratospheric tracer observations, 1: Detecting transport of Pinatubo aerosol across a strong vortex edge

Refinements in the use of equivalent latitude for assimilating sporadic inhomogeneous stratospheric tracer observations, 2: Precise altitude-resolved information about transport of Pinatubo aerosol to very high latitude

Refinements of Theory Model Elimination and a Variant without Contrapositives

Refining 3D reconstructions: A theoretical and experimental study of the effect of cross--correlations

Refining algorithms with knowledge-based neural networks: Improving the Chou-Fasman algorithm for protein folding

Refining and compressing abstract domains

Refining and defining the program dependence web

Refining data flow information using infeasible paths

Refining domain theories expressed as finite-state automata

Refining initial points for k-means clustering

Refining model checking by abstract interpretation

Refining motifs by improving information content scores using neighborhood profile search

Refining protein subcellular localization.

Refining symbolic knowledge using neural networks

Refining temperature measures in thermal/optical carbon analysis

Refining temporal reference in event structures

Reflectance analysis for 3d computer graphics model generation

Reflectance and shape from a rotating object

Reflectance Based Object Recognition

Reflectance function estimation and shape recovery from image sequence of a rotating object

Reflectants Application for Increasing Wheat Plant Tolerance Against Salt Stress

Reflected Brownian motion in an orthant: numerical methods for steady-state analysis

Reflection and action under scarce resources: Theoretical principles and empirical study

Reflection and Hyper-Programming in Persistent Programming Systems

Reflection and transmission of solar light by clouds: asymptotic theory

Reflection and transmission of surface plasmon mode at a step discontinuity

Reflection and transmission of surface plasmon mode at a step discontinuity

Reflection from layered surfaces due to subsurface scattering

Reflection in a Uniform Behavioral Object Model

Reflection on a legacy transaction processing monitor

Reflection space image based rendering

Reflection support by means of template metaprogramming

Reflections about reflection

Reflections on authoring, editing, and managing hypertext

Reflections on bandit problems and selection methods in uncertain environments

Reflections on Distributing Agents

Reflections on instance derivation

Reflections on the Nature of Multi-Agent Coordination and Its Implications for an Agent Architecture

Reflections on the relationship between BPR and software process modelling

Reflections on TREC

Reflections on trusting trust

Reflective Agents for Adaptive Workflows

Reflective middleware: From your desk to your hand

Reflective Object Management in the Muse Operating System

Reflex anuria affecting both kidneys following hysterectomy

Reflex control of arterial pressure and heart rate in short-term streptozotocin diabetic rats

Reflexive and voluntary orienting of visual attention: Time course of activation and resistance to interruption

Reform Prolog: The language and its implementation

Reforming Compilation for Nonlinear Recursion

Reforming compilation of logic programs

Reformulating query plans for multidatabase systems

Reformulating temporal plans for efficient execution

Reformulation of XML Queries and Constraints

Refraction static correction in a layer of unconsolidated sand: Effect of a vertical velocity profile

Refreshment policies for web content caches

Refuting phylogenetic relationships

Regaining control of exception handling

Regeneraciأ³n natural de especies arbأ³reas en una selva mediana subperennifolia perturbada por extracciأ³n forestal

Regeneraأ§أ£o natural em um remanescente de Caatinga sob diferentes nأ­veis de perturbaأ§أ£o, no agreste paraibano

Regenerated rat skeletal muscle after periodic contusions

Regeneration and Somaclonal Variation in Medicago sativa and Medicago media

Regeneration Ecology of Chrysopogon Aucheri and Cymbopogon Jwarancusa in Upland Balochistan: I. Morphology, Viability and Movement of Seeds (Spikelets)

Regeneration Ecology of Chrysopogon Aucheri and Cymbopogon Jwarancusa in Upland Balochistan: I. Morphology, Viability and Movement of Seeds (Spikelets)

Regeneration Ecology of Chrysopogon aucheri and Cymbopogon jwarancusa in Upland Balochistan: II. Dispersal, Predation and Soil Reserves of Seeds (Spikelets)

Regeneration ecology of Chrysopogon aucheri and Cymbopogon jwarancusa in upland Balochistan: III. Effects of precipitation and seedbed microhabitat on seedling recruitment

Regeneration from Various Explants of in vitro Seedling of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L., c.v. Roma)

Regeneration of Eggplant Through Anther Culture

Regeneration of Ginger Plant from Callus Culture Through Organogenesis and Effect of CO2 Enrichment on the Differentiation of Regenerated Plant

Regeneration of liquid desiccants using membrane technology

Regeneration of Multiple Shoots from Different Explants viz. Shoot Tip, Nodal Segment and Cotyledonary Node of in vitro Grown Seedlings of Peltophorum pterocarpum (DC.) Backer ex K. Heyne

Regeneration of neural crest derivatives in the Xenopus tadpole tail

Regeneration of plantlets from node-derived callus in Aegle marmelos Corr.

Regeneration of Shoot from Cotyledon Derived Callus of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Regeneration of Spend Activated Carbon

Regeneration of the radial nerve cord in the sea cucumber Holothuria glaberrima

Regeneration Study of Some Indica Rice Cultivers Followed by Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Highly Regenerable Cultivar, BR-8

Regeneration with virtual copies for distributed computing systems

Regeneration with Virtual Copies for Replicated Databases

Regenration of Disease Free Banana Plants

Regiochemistry and mechanism of oxidation of N-benzyl-N-alkylhydroxylamines to nitrones

Region analysis and the polymorphic lambda calculus

Region Competition: Unifying Snakes, Region Growing, and Bayes/MDL for Multiband Image Segmentation

Region extraction from multiple images

Region growing: a new approach

Regional body composition in college-aged Caucasians from anthropometric measures

Regional differences in HIV prevalence among drug users in China: potential for future spread of HIV?

Regional lightning NOx sources during the TROCCINOX experiment

Regional risks and seasonality in travel-associated campylobacteriosis

Regional variability in use of a novel assessment of thoracolumbar spine fractures: United States versus international surgeons

Regionalisation of the mouse visceral endoderm as the blastocyst transforms into the egg cylinder

Regionally and climatically restricted patterns of distribution of genetic diversity in a migratory bat species, Miniopterus schreibersii (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae)

Regional-scale climate-variability synchrony of cholera epidemics in West Africa

Region-based image fusion scheme for concealed weapon detection

Region-based Image Querying

Region-based memory management in Cyclone

Region-based memory management in java

Region-based parametric motion segmentation using color information

Region-oriented main memory management in shared-memory NUMA multiprocessors

Regions important for the adhesin activity of Moraxella catarrhalis Hag

Regions of Diversity 8, 9 and 13 contribute to Streptococcus pneumoniae virulence

Regioselective binding of spermine, N1,N12-bismethylspermine, and N1,N12-bisethylspermine to tRNAPhe as revealed by 750 MHz 1H-NMR and its possible correlation with cell cycling and cytotoxicity

Regioselective control of the thiocarbonylation of terminal acetylenes with arylthiols catalyzed by Pd(II) and diphosphine ligands

Regioselective Synthesis of Bis(2-halo-3-pyridyl) Dichalcogenides (E = S, Se and Te): Directed Ortho-Lithiation of 2-halopyridines

Regioselectivity of conjugate additions to monoalkyl-1,4-benzoquinones

Regioselectivity of the bromination of 1-oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene and 6,7-dimethyl-1-oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene, and thiabiscyclanones synthesis on their basis

Regiospecificity in the heterocyclization of b-oxonitriles to 5-substituted 4-oxothiazolidine derivatives

Regis: A constructive development environment for distributed programs

Register allocation and binding for low power

Register allocation for predicated code

Register allocation over the program dependence graph

Register allocation sensitive region scheduling

Register allocation via clique separators

Register allocation via graph coloring

Register allocation with instruction scheduling: A new approach

Register Communication Strategies for the Multiscalar Architecture

Register connection: A new approach to adding registers into instruction set architectures

Register file design considerations in dynamically scheduled processors

Register file port requirements of transport triggered architectures

Register Liveness Analysis of Executable Code

Register locking in an asynchronous microprocessor

Register organization for media processing

Register promotion by sparse partial redundancy elimination of loads and stores

Register promotion in c programs

Register queues: A new hardware/software approach to efficient software pipelining

Register relocation: Flexible contexts for multithreading

Register Renaming and Dynamic Speculation: An Alternative Approach

Register requirements of pipelined loops and their effect on performance

Register traffic analysis for streamlining inter-operation communication in fine-grain parallel processors

Register windows vs. register allocation

Registering multiview range data to create 3d computer objects

Register-Transfer Level Estimation Techniques for Switching Activity and Power Consumption

Registration and Integration of Multiple Object Views for 3D Model Construction

Registration and integration of textured 3-d data

Registration Errors in Augmented Reality Systems

Registration of 3-D partial surface models using luminance and depth information

Registration of cortical anatomical structures via robust 3D point matching

Registration of Head Volume Images Using Implantable Fiducial Markers

Registration of multiple point sets

Registro de Convolvulus crenatifolius Ruiz & Pavأ³n (Convolvulaceae) en Mأ©xico

Registry of BioBricks models using CellML

Regra Prأ،tica Para a Limitaأ§أ£o das Repetiأ§أµes nas Medidas Fأ­sico-Quأ­micas

Regression estimators in extreme and median ranked set samples

Regression Models for Ordinal Data: A Machine Learning Approach

Regression of Post-transplant Kaposi′s sarcoma after Replacing Cyclosporine with Mycophenolate Mofetil

Regression shrinkage and selection via the lasso

Regression test selection for C++ software

Regression using classification algorithms

Regression with Gaussian processes

Regression with input-dependent noise: A Gaussian process treatment

Regression-based CVN-K-IC models for hot work tool steels

Regret bounds for prediction problems

Regular approximation of computation paths in logic and functional languages

Regular approximation of singular second-order differential expressions

Regular approximation of singular self-adjoint differential operators

Regular approximations of logic programs and their uses

Regular array synthesis using ALPHA

Regular aspirin use and lung cancer risk

Regular collections of Message Sequence Charts

Regular expression pattern matching for XML

Regular expression types for strings in a text processing language

Regular expression types for XML

Regular expressions into finite automata

Regular Languages are Testable with a Constant Number of Queries

Regular model checking

Regular models of phonological rule systems

Regular mosaic pattern development: A study of the interplay between lateral inhibition, apoptosis and differential adhesion

Regular object types

Regular partitioning for synthesizing fixed-size systolic arrays

Regular path expressions in feature logic

Regular path queries with constraints

Regular stochastic Petri nets

Regular Substitution Sets: a Means of Controlling E-Unification

Regular Trace Event Structures

Regular tree languages over non-ranked alphabets

Regular types for active objects

Regular variation in a multi-source fluid queue

Regularities in Software Systems

Regularity and idiomaticity in grammatical constructions: The case of let alone

Regularity of BPA-systems is decidable

Regularity-based perceptual grouping

Regularity-Preserving Image Interpolation

Regularization for uniform spatial resolution properties in penalized-likelihood image reconstruction

Regularization in the J-matrix method of scattering revisited

Regularization networks and support vector machines

Regularization of differential-algebraic equations revisited, Preprint Nr

Regularization of ill-posed problems via the level set approach

Regularization of orthonormal vector sets using coupled PDE's

Regularization of wavelet approximations

Regularization techniques for numerical approximation of PDEs with singularities

Regularization theory and neural networks architectures

Regularization with a Pruning Prior

Regularization, scale-space, and edge detection filters

Regularized bundle-adjustment to model heads from image sequences without calibration data

Regularized gaussian discriminant analysis through eigenvalue decomposition

Regularized laplacian zero crossings as optimal edge integrators

Regularized principal manifolds

Regularizers for estimating distributions of amino acids from small samples

Regulated Coordination in Open Distributed Systems

Regulating agent involvement in inter-enterprise electronic commerce

Regulation and function of neurogenesis in the adult vertebrate brain

Regulation of actin cytoskeleton architecture by Eps8 and Abi1

Regulation of Akt expression and phosphorylation by 17β-estradiol in the rat uterus during estrous cycle

Regulation of angiogenesis and invasion by human Pituitary tumor transforming gene (PTTG) through increased expression and secretion of matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2)

Regulation of antioxidant enzyme activities in male and female rat macrophages by sex steroids

Regulation of Caenorhabditis elegans body size and male tail development by the novel gene lon-8

Regulation of cell cycle by the anaphase spindle midzone

Regulation of COX-2 protein expression by Akt in endometrial cancer cells is mediated through NF-κB/IκB pathway

Regulation of COX-2 transcription in a colon cancer cell line by Pontin52/TIP49a

Regulation of Defense Responses against Protozoan Infection by Interleukin-27 and Related Cytokines

Regulation of DNA synthesis and the cell cycle in human prostate cancer cells and lymphocytes by ovine uterine serpin

Regulation of Eicosanoid Pathways: A Pathway to Health and Development

Regulation of expression of two LY-6 family genes by intron retention and transcription induced chimerism

Regulation of gap junctions by protein phosphorylation

Regulation of heme oxygenase-1 mRNA deadenylation and turnover in NIH3T3 cells by nitrosative or alkylation stress

Regulation of human endometrial function: mechanisms relevant to uterine bleeding

Regulation of intercellular coupling in acute and chronic heart disease

Regulation of intraluteal production of prostaglandins

Regulation of major histocompatibility complex class II gene expression in trophoblast cells

Regulation of membrane fatty acid composition by temperature in mutants of Arabidopsis with alterations in membrane lipid composition

Regulation of mouse hepatic genes in response to diet induced obesity, insulin resistance and fasting induced weight reduction

Regulation of mouse Scgb3a1 gene expression by NF-Y and association of CpG methylation with its tissue-specific expression

Regulation of Muscle Fiber Type and Running Endurance by PPARdelta

Regulation of nephron acidification by corticosteroids

Regulation of norrin receptor frizzled-4 by Wnt2 in colon-derived cells

Regulation of ovulation rate in mammals: contribution of sheep genetic models

Regulation of P450 oxidoreductase by gonadotropins in rat ovary and its effect on estrogen production

Regulation of p73 by Hck through kinase-dependent and independent mechanisms

Regulation of pancreatic cancer cell migration and invasion by RhoC GTPase and Caveolin-1

Regulation of pituitary hormones and cell proliferation by components of the extracellular matrix

Regulation of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1) gene expression through the post-translational modification of Sp1: a nuclear target protein of PARP-1

Regulation of repair by the 26S proteasome

Regulation of signaling genes by TGFβ during entry into dauer diapause in C. elegans

Regulation of soluble vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (sFlt-1/sVEGFR-1) expression and release in endothelial cells by human follicular fluid and granulosa cells

Regulation of surfactant protein D in the rodent prostate

Regulation of T cell response to leishmania antigens by determinants of histocompatibility leukocyte class I and II molecules

Regulation of the expression of NADP-malic enzyme by UV-B, red and far-red light in maize seedlings

Regulation of the human LAT gene by the Elf-1 transcription factor

Regulation of the kinin receptors after induction of myocardial infarction: a mini-review

Regulation of the ovarian follicular vasculature

Regulation of the Pax6 : Pax6(5a) mRNA ratio in the developing mammalian brain

Regulation of the renal proximal tubule second sodium pump by angiotensins

Regulation of tight junction assembly and epithelial morphogenesis by the heat shock protein Apg-2

Regulation of toxA by ptxR in the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strain PA103ΔXR

Regulation of toxA by ptxR in the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strain PA103أƒإ½أ‚â€‌XR

Regulation of transgene expression in genetic immunization

Regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor expression by homeodomain-interacting protein kinase-2

Regulatory and structural properties differentiating the chromosomal and the bacteriophage-associated Escherichia coli O157:H7 Cu, Zn Superoxide Dismutases

Regulatory Cells and Immunosuppressive Cytokines: Parasite-Derived Factors Induce Immune Polarization

Regulatory element detection using a probabilistic segmentation model

Regulatory network reconstruction using an integral additive model with flexible kernel functions

Regulatory RNAs and chromatin modification in dosage compensation: A continuous path from flies to humans?

Regulatory roles of microtubule-associated proteins in neuronal morphogenesis. Involvement of the extracellular matrix

Regulon organization of Arabidopsis

Rehabilitation of the trigeminal nerve

Rei: A policy language for the me-centric project

Re-identification methods for evaluating the confidentiality of analytically valid microdata

Reification and reflection in C++: an operating systems perspective

Reifying design patterns as metalevel constructs

Reimmunization after bone marrow transplantation: current recommendations and perspectives

REINAS the real-time environmental information network and analysis system

Reinefeld: Distributed Combinatorial Optimization

Reinforcement corrosion due to chloride-sulfate contamination and carbonation

Reinforcement corrosion in concrete structures, its monitoring and service life prediction - a review


Reinforcement learning algorithm for partially observable markov decision problems

Reinforcement learning algorithms based on the methods of temporal differences

Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Average-Payoff Markovian Decision Processes

Reinforcement Learning and Neural Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning and shaping: Encouraging intended behaviors

Reinforcement learning applied to linear quadratic regulation

Reinforcement learning as classification: Leveraging modern classifiers

Reinforcement learning by probability matching

Reinforcement learning for call admission control and routing in integrated service networks

Reinforcement learning for dynamic channel allocation in cellular telephone systems

Reinforcement Learning From State and Temporal Differences

Reinforcement learning in Markovian and non-Markovian environments

Reinforcement learning in non-Markov environments

Reinforcement learning in POMDP's via direct gradient ascent

Reinforcement learning in the multi-robot domain

Reinforcement learning is direct adaptive optimal control

Reinforcement learning methods for continuous-time Markov decision problems

Reinforcement learning of coordination in cooperative multi-agent systems

Reinforcement Learning with a Hierarchy of Abstract Models

Reinforcement learning with function approximation converges to a region

Reinforcement learning with hierarchies of machines

Reinforcement learning with perceptual aliasing: The perceptual distinctions approach

Reinforcement learning with replacing eligibility traces

Reinforcement learning with soft state aggregation

Reinforcement learning: a survey

Reinforcement of genetic coherence in a two-locus model

Reinforcing a claim in commonsense reasoning

ReInForM: Reliable Information Forwarding Using Multiple Paths in Sensor Networks

Reinhardtia elegans Mart. (Arecaceae): una palma endأ©mica del bosque mesأ³filo de montaأ±a mexicano

Reinstatement of 'germinal epithelium' of the ovary

Reinventing the familiar: Exploring an augmented reality design space for air traffic control

Reinvestigation on the Purification and Characterization of Rice-bran Lectin

Reiter's Syndrome associated with the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome: a case report

Reject option with multiple thresholds

Rekeyed Digital Signature Schemes: Damage-Containment in the Face of Key Exposure. Manuscript

Rel/Nuclear factor-kappa B apoptosis pathways in human cervical cancer cells

Relaciأ³n de algunas plantas y hongos mexicanos raros, amenazados o en peligro de extinciأ³n y sugerencias para su conservaciأ³n

Relacs: A Communication Infrastructure for Constructing Reliable Applications in Large-Scale Distributed Systems

Relaأ§أ£o entre distribuiأ§أ£o de espأ©cies arbأ³reas e topografia em um gradiente florestal na Estaأ§أ£o Ecolأ³gica do Panga (Uberlأ¢ndia, MG)

Relaأ§أ£o entre vegetaأ§أ£o e solo em um gradiente florestal na Estaأ§أ£o Ecolأ³gica do Panga, Uberlأ¢ndia (MG)

Relaأ§أµes hأ­dricas em espأ©cies lenhosas no campus Pampulha/UFMG, Belo Horizonte, MG

ReLaTe: Remote Language Teaching over SuperJANET

Related-Key Cryptanalysis of 3-WAY, BihamDES

Relatedness between the two-component lantibiotics lacticin 3147 and staphylococcin C55 based on structure, genetics and biological activity

Relatedness of baculovirus and gypsy retrotransposon envelope proteins

Relating a calcium indicator signal to the unperturbed calcium concentration time-course

Relating belief revision and circumscription

Relating categorical and Kripke semantics for intuitionistic modal logics

Relating counterexamples to test cases in CTL model checking speci Unpublished

Relating data compression and learnability

Relating Estrada index with spectral radius

Relating graph and term rewriting via Bohm models. Applicable Algebra

Relating innermost, weak, uniform and modular termination of term rewriting systems

Relating linear and branching model checking

Relating LSC Specifications to UML Models

Relating probabilistic grammars and automata

Relating protocols for dynamic dispute with logics for defeasible argumentation

Relating quantified motivations for organizationally situated agents

Relating relational learning algorithms

Relating resonance energy with the Zhang–Zhang polynomial

Relating Semantic and Proof-Theoretic Concepts for Polynomial Time Decidability of Uniform Word Problems

Relating stable models and AI planning domains

Relating state transformation semantics and predicate transformer semantics for parallel programs

Relating static shifts in the ESR spectra of a nitroxide radical in solution to second order perturbation theory

Relating the implementation techniques of functional and functional logic languages

Relating the Performance of Partial-order planning algorithms to domain features

Relating theories of actions and reactive control

Relating Theories of Actions and Reactive Robot Control

Relating time progress and deadlines in hybrid systems

Relating two categorical models of term rewriting

Relation algebras for reasoning about time and space

Relation algebras of intervals

Relation Between ABO Blood Groups, Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Acute Myocardial Infarction

Relation Between Dry Matter Production and Yield of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) Varieties Influenced by Planting Method and Sowing Time at Summer

Relation Between Family Disease History and Risk for Diabetes and Heart Diseases in Pakistani Children

Relation Between Iron Deficiency and Anemia Whit School Success, Weight and Height in Schoolgirls Aged 12 Year Old in Ardebil Province of Iran, 2005

Relation Between Serum Cholesterol Level, Lipoprotein Concentration and Carcass Characteristics in Genetically Lean and Fat Chicken Breeds

Relation Between Somatic Cell Count and Chemical Tests Used for Detection of Sub-clinical Mastitis in Buffaloes

Relation Between Somatic Cell Count and Chemical Tests Used for Detection of Sub-clinical Mastitis in Buffaloes

Relation between Sugarbeet Traits and Water use Efficiency in Water Stressed Genotypes

Relation between the rate of tumour cell proliferation and latency time in radiation associated breast cancer

Relation Between Thyroid Hormone Concentration and Serum Levels of Interleukin-6 and Interleukin-10 in Patients With Nonthyroidal Illness Including Chronic Kidney Disease

Relation between weather radar equation and first-order backscattering theory

Relation of air mass history to nucleation events in Po Valley, Italy, using back trajectories analysis

Relation of Antioxidants and Acute-Phase Reactants in Patients Receiving Hemodialysis

Relation of cervical length at 22-24 weeks of gestation to demographic characteristics and obstetric history

Relation of Microalbuminuria and Coronary Artery Disease in non Diabetic Patients

Relation of the disaccharidases in the small intestine of the rat to the degree of experimentally induced iron-deficiency anemia

Relational Bayesian networks

Relational Closure: a mathematical concept for distinction-making and complexity analysis

Relational data mining with inductive logic programming for link discovery

Relational Databases for Querying XML Documents: Limitations and Opportunities

Relational databases: A tutorial for statisticians

Relational discriminant analysis

Relational expressive power of constraint query languages

Relational grammars for interactive design

Relational grammars: Theory and practice in a visual language interface for process modeling

Relational instance based regression for relational reinforcement learning

Relational instance-based learning

Relational interpretations of recursive types in an operational setting

Relational joins for data on tertiary storage

Relational knowledge discovery in databases

Relational learning of pattern-match rules for information extraction

Relational Learning Techniques for Natural Language Information Extraction

Relational Learning Using Constrained Confidence-Rated Boosting

Relational learning with decision trees

Relational learning with statistical predicate invention: Better models for hypertext

Relational Parametricity and Units of Measure

Relational properties of domains

Relational properties of recursively defined domains

Relational queries over interpreted structures

Relational Reasoning about Contexts

Relational Reasoning about Functions and Nondeterminism

Relational reinforcement learning

Relational rippling: A general approach

Relational Semantics for Flow Graph Representations as basis for Transformational Design of Digital Systems

Relational transducers for electronic commerce

Relational treatment of term graphs with bound variables

Relational views as a model for automatic distributed implementation of multi-user applications

Relationlog: A Typed Extension to Datalog with Sets and Tuples

Relations and refinement in circuit design

Relations and their basic properties

Relations as object model components

Relations between average case complexity and approximation complexity

Relations defined on sets

Relationship Abstractions for an E ective Hypertext Design: Augmentation and Globalization,&quot; DEXA'91

Relationship Among Leaf (<I>Puccinia recondita</I> Roberge ex Desmaz f. sp. <I>tritici</I>) and Yellow (<I>Puccinia striiformis </I>Westendorp. f. sp. <I>tritici</I>) Rust Resistance and Some Agro-Morphologi

Relationship and discrepancies between the Extended-Rydberg and the Generalized Buckingham potential energy functions

Relationship Between 13-cis-retinoic Acid or Retinol Acetate and Ratio of Spermatogenesis, Diameter of Semniferous Tubules and Number of Leydig Cells in Gerbillus cheesemani

Relationship Between Age of Seedlings on Productivity of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) Grown under Plastic Tunnel

Relationship Between Body Conditon, Physiological and Biochemical Paramaters in Brown Trout (Salmo trutta fario) Sperm

Relationship Between Body Conditon, Physiological and Biochemical Paramaters in Brown Trout (Salmo trutta fario) Sperm

Relationship between calcium decoding elements and plant abiotic-stress resistance

Relationship between cardiovascular dysfunction and hyperglycemia in streptozotocin-induced diabetes in rats

Relationship between cyclooxygenase 8473T>C polymorphism and the risk of lung cancer: a case-control study

Relationship Between Desert Locust, Schistocerca gregaria (Forskal), Infestation, Environmental Factors and Control Measures in Gazan and Makkah Regions, Saudi Arabia

Relationship Between Different Growth and Yield Parameters in Maize under Varying Levels of Phosphorus

Relationship between discourse structure and dynamic speech rate

Relationship between encephalopathy and portal vein-vena cava shunt: Value of computed tomography during arterial portography.

Relationship between endoscopic nodular gastritis and Helicobacter pylori infection in children

Relationship between ERCC1 Expression and Efficacy of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in the Patients with non-small-cell Lung Cancer

Relationship between Expression of خ²-tubulin-â…¢ Plus Stathmin in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and its Sensitivity to Venorelbine Chemotherapy

Relationship Between Feeding Frequency and Growth of One Indian Major Carp Labeo rohita (Ham.) Fingerlings Fed on Different Formulated Diets

Relationship Between Game Species and Landscape Structure in the SE of Spain

Relationship between genetic polymorphism of glutathione S-transferase-p1 and p53 protein accumulation in Iranian esophageal squamous cell carcinoma patients

Relationship between Glut-1, Glut-3 expression and fluorodeoxyglucose uptake in NSCLC and benign pulmonary lesion

Relationship Between Grain Yield and Some Agronomic Characters in Durum Wheat under Cold Dryland Conditions of Iran

Relationship between homoeologous regulatory and structural genes in allopolyploid genome – A case study in bread wheat

Relationship between inducible nitric oxide synthase expression and angiogenesis in primary gallbladder carcinoma tissue.

Relationship Between Job Characteristics with the Personnel Burnout

Relationship between maternal obesity and infant feeding-interactions

Relationship between microalbuminuria and cardiac structural changes in mild hypertensive patients

Relationship between microvessel density and telomerase activity in hepatocellular carcinoma.


Relationship between Mutations of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Gene and Drug-Resistance to Gefitinib in Human Lung Cancer in vitro

Relationship between objective measures of physical activity and weather: a longitudinal study

Relationship between parental estimate and an objective measure of child television watching

Relationship between plasma D-dimer levels and clinicopathologic parameters in resectable colorectal cancer patients.

Relationship between polymorphisms of DNA repair gene ERCC1 and susceptibility to lung cancer

Relationship between pp65 antigenemia levels and real-time quantitative DNA PCR for Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) management in immunocompromised patients

Relationship Between Seed Sulphur and Phosphorus and Seed Yield of Brassica napus on two Alfisols Fertilized with Different Sulphur Sources

Relationship between serum alanine aminotransferase levels and liver histology in chronic hepatitis C-infected patients

Relationship between serum calcium and CA 19-9 levels in colorectal cancer.

Relationship between softening and stiffening effects in terms of Southwell coefficients

Relationship Between Some Polymorphic Parameters and Performances in Damascus Goats

Relationship Between Spermatogonium and Testicular Development in Early Chicken Embryos

Relationship Between Spermatozoa Motility, Egg Size, Fecundity and Fertilization Success in Brown Trout (Salmo trutta fario)

Relationship between Thalassemia and Depression

Relationship between the actions of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), guanylin and uroguanylin on the isolated kidney

Relationship Between the C/T Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in Exon 17 of the Insulin Receptor Gene and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Relationship between the dielectric and mechanical properties and the ratio of epoxy resin to hardener of the hybrid thermosetting polymers

Relationship between the molecular structure and the inhibition performance of triazole compounds using electrochemical methods

Relationship between the prevalence of anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase autoantibodies and duration of type 1 diabetes mellitus in Brazilian patients

Relationship between urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor and vascular endothelial growth factor expression and metastasis of gallbladder cancer.

Relationship Between Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Interleukin-6 in Diabetic Retinopathy

Relationship Between Zooplankton Abundance and Physico-Chemical Parameters in Sundarban Ecosystem During Monsoon

Relationship in Various Yield Traits of Exotic Groundnut Genotypes under Moisture Stress Condition in Swat, Pakistan

Relationship of Cotton Leaf Curl Virus Symptoms with Virus Concentration and Epitope Profile

Relationship of cytokines and cytokine signaling to immunodeficiency disorders in the mouse

Relationship of Environmental Conditions Conducive for Potato Virus X (PVX) Disease Development on Six Varieties/advanced Lines of Potato

Relationship of Epidemiological Factors with Ascochyta blight Disease on Four Gram Varieties

Relationship of Fungal Vaginitis Therapy to Prior Antibiotic Exposure

Relationship of gastric Helicobacter pylori infection to Barrett's esophagus and gastro-esophageal reflux disease in Chinese.

Relationship of Glutathion Concentrations with Cytotoxicity of Cisplatin in Different Cell Lines after Confront Vitamin C and E.

Relationship of Growth Parameters and Nutrients Uptake with Canola (Brassica napus L.) Yield and Yield Contribution at Different Nutrients Availability

Relationship of plasmid profile with the antibiotic sensitivity pattern of helicobacter pylori isolates from peptic ulcer disease patients in Chennai

Relationship of RAPD banding pattern with yield potential and adaptability of mid-early rice genotypes

Relationship of Some Morpho-physiological Traits with Grain Yield in Maize

Relationship of Vaginal Bacteria and Inflammation With Conception and Early Pregnancy Loss Following In-Vitro Fertilization

Relationship-based clustering and visualization for high-dimensional data mining

Relationships among Nut Characteristics in the Important Hazelnut Cultivars

Relationships among oil content, protein content and seed size in soybeans

Relationships among PL, #L, and the determinant

Relationships Among Yield and Some Yield Characters in Potato (S. tuberosum L.)

Relationships at the heart of semantic web: Modeling, discovering, and exploiting complex semantic relationships

Relationships Between Bile Tolerence and Deconjugation Activity of Bifidobacterium Spp

Relationships between biotic and abiotic components of broiler droppings fertilized pond ecosystems

Relationships Between Design Patterns

Relationships Between Different Growth Parameters and Damage of Harmful Insects in Crimean Pine of Ilgaz Mountain, Cankiri, Turkey

Relationships between emm and multilocus sequence types within a global collection of Streptococcus pyogenes

Relationships between fetal body weight of Wistar rats at term and the extent of skeletal ossification

Relationships Between Fish Lengths and Otolith Length in the Population of Chondrostoma regium (Heckel, 1843) Inhabiting Keban Dam Lake

Relationships Between Fish Lengths and Otolith Length in the Population of Chondrostoma regium (Heckel, 1843) Inhabiting Keban Dam Lake

Relationships between frequency of family meals, BMI and nutritional aspects of the home food environment among New Zealand adolescents

Relationships between logic programming and XML

Relationships between models of concurrency

Relationships between quantum and classical space-bounded complexity classes

Relationships between shale content and grain-size parameters in the Safaniya Sandstone reservoir, NE Saudi Arabia

Relationships between the home environment and physical activity and dietary patterns of preschool children: a cross-sectional study

Relationships in Anthesis, Maturity and Yield of Some Sunflower (Helianthus annuus Linnaeus, Compositae) Genotypes under Rainfed Conditions

Relationships of gag-pol diversity between Ty3/Gypsy and Retroviridae LTR retroelements and the three kings hypothesis

Relative 3D reconstruction using multiple uncalibrated images

Relative a ne structure: Canonical model for 3D from 2D geometry and applications

Relative Abundance of Planktonic Life in Relation to Water Quality Parameters in Non-polluted Zone of Deg Nullah

Relative Abundance of the Silverleaf Whitefly, Bemisia argentifolii Bellows and Perring, on Squash Plants in Egypt

Relative Abundance, Species Composition and Spatial Distribution of the Phytoplankton During a Significant Flood Period in Lake Nasser, Egypt

Relative affine structure: Canonical model for 3D from 2D geometry and applications

Relative affine structure: Theory and application to 3D reconstruction from perspective views

Relative Attraction of Color Traps to Western Black Flea Beetle, Phyllotreta ausilla Horn (Chrysomelidae: Coleoptera), on Spring Canola in Colorado

Relative building-block fitness and the building-block hypothesis

Relative continuity of direct sums of M-injective modules

Relative contribution of expectancy and immediate arousal to the facilitatory effect of an auditory accessory stimulus

Relative Contribution of the Coleoptile and the First Leaf Length to Seedling Establishment of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) as Affected by Anaerobic Seeding in Two Different Soils

Relative Debugging and its Application to the Development of Large Numerical Models

Relative debugging: A new debugging paradigm

Relative Density of Porcupine (Hystrix indica) Population in Forest Plantation by Food Station Transect Method

Relative Density of Porcupine (Hystrix indica) Population in Forest Plantation by Food Station Transect Method

Relative Efficacy of Different Insecticides Against the Second Instar Larvae of American Bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera (Hub.)) of Cotton

Relative Efficacy of Different Synthetic Pyrethroids Impregnated Fabrics (ITNs) Against Anopheles stephensi in Iran

Relative Efficacy of Weed Control Strategies in Garlic

Relative Efficiency of Rhizobacteria for Auxin Biosynthesis

Relative entropy between Markov transition rate matrices

Relative expected instantaneous loss bounds

Relative fat oxidation is higher in children than adults

Relative feeding specialization may depress ontogenetic, seasonal, and sexual variations in diet: the endemic lizard Cnemidophorus littoralis (Teiidae)

Relative humidity impact on aerosol parameters in a Paris suburban area

Relative influence of age, resting heart rate and sedentary life style in short-term analysis of heart rate variability

Relative loss bounds for multidimensional regression problems

Relative loss bounds for on-line density estimation with the exponential family of distributions

Relative loss bounds for single neurons

Relative Merits of Homo and Heterospermic Bull Semen in Respect of Fertility

Relative Merits of Homo and Heterospermic Bull Semen in Respect of Preservation Quality

Relative Motion and Pose from Arbitrary Plane Curves

Relative neighborhood graphs and their relatives

Relative normalization in deterministic residual structures

Relative Normalization in Orthogonal Expression Reduction Systems

Relative orientation revisited

Relative Performance of Insecticides and Multineem Schedules for Management of Pod Borer, Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) in Pigeon Pea

Relative performance of preemption-safe locking and non-blocking synchronization on multiprogrammed shared memory multiprocessors

Relative perturbation theory: (i) eigenvalue and singular value variations

Relative perturbation theory: (i) eigenvalue variations, LAPACK Working Note 84

Relative perturbation theory: (ii) eigenspace and singular subspace variations

Relative quantification of mRNA: comparison of methods currently used for real-time PCR data analysis

Relative Resistance of Cotton Varieties Against Sucking Pests

Relative Resistance of Maize Stem Borer, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) Against Some Maize Cultivars

Relative role of life-history traits and historical factors in shaping genetic population structure of sardines (Sardina pilchardus)

Relative scheduling under timing constraints: algorithms for high-level synthesis of digital circuits

Relative serializability: An approach for relaxing the atomicity of transactions

Relative strength of W exchange and factorization contributions in hadronic decays of charmed baryons

Relative susceptibility of six continuous cell lines for cultivation of chlamydia trachomatis strains

Relative timing

Relative timing based verification of timed circuits and systems

Relative to a random oracle, NP is not small

Relative transcript quantification by Quantitative PCR: Roughly right or precisely wrong?

Relative utility of EBG based plan reuse in partial ordering vs. total ordering

Relative validity of a semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire designed for schoolchildren in western Greece

Relative value function approximation

Relatively high levels of serum adiponectin in obese women, a potential indicator of anti-inflammatory dysfunction: Relation to sex hormone-binding globulin

Relativistic extension of shape-invariant potentials

Relativistic extension of the complex scaling method

Relativistic J-matrix theory of scattering

Relativistic scattering with a spatially dependent effective mass in the Dirac equation

Relativizable and nonrelativizable theorems in the polynomial theory of algorithms

Relativization of questions about log space computability

Relativized counting classes: Relations among thresholds, parity, and mods

Relativized logspace and generalized quantifiers over finite structures

Relativizing versus nonrelativizing techniques: The role of local checkability

Relaxation algorithms in finding Nash equilibria

Relaxation and Clustering in a Local Search Framework: Application to Linear Placement

Relaxation as a platform for cooperative answering

Relaxation labeling networks for the maximum clique problem

Relaxation on a mesh: a formalism for generalized localization

Relaxed Consistency and Coherence Granularity in DSM Systems: A Performance Evaluation

Relaxed Molecular Clock Provides Evidence for Long-Distance Dispersal of Nothofagus (Southern Beech)

Relaxed parametric design with probabilistic constraints

Relaxed simulated tempering for VLSI floorplan design

Relaxin family peptide receptors Rxfp1 and Rxfp2: mapping of the mRNA and protein distribution in the reproductive tract of the male rat

Relaxing chosen-ciphertext security

Relaxing consistency in recoverable distributed shared memory

Relaxing SIMD control flow constraints using loop transformations

Relaxing the Inclusion Property in Cache Only Memory Architecture

Relaxing the limitations of serializable transactions in distributed systems

Relaxing the triangle inequality in pattern matching

Release and dispersion of vegetation and peat fire emissions in the atmosphere over Indonesia 1997/1998

Release of annexin V-binding membrane microparticles from cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells after treatment with camptothecin

Release of plasma atrial natriuretic peptide after volume expansion is not related to pituitary-adrenal axis diurnal variation in normal subjects

Release of soluble vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1 (sFlt-1) during coronary artery bypass surgery

Release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the lung cancer cell line CALU-1 in vitro

Relevance and retrieval evaluation: Perspectives from medicine

Relevance cuts: Localizing the search

Relevance feedback and inference networks

Relevance feedback and query expansion for searching the web: a model for searching a digital library

Relevance feedback retrieval of time series data

Relevance feedback techniques for image retrieval using multiple attributes

Relevance feedback techniques in interactive content-based image retrieval

Relevance feedback using support vector machines

Relevance feedback versus local context analysis as term suggestion devices: Rutgers??? trec-8 interactive track experience

Relevance Feedback With Too Much Data

Relevance in probabilistic models: &quot;Backyards&quot; in a &quot;small world

Relevance of chemistry to white biotechnology

Relevance of cyclin D1b expression and CCND1 polymorphism in the pathogenesis of multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma

Relevance: The whole history

Relevant context inference

Relevant examples and relevant features: Thoughts from computational learning theory

Relever les dأ©fis environnementaux pour les filiأ¨res cotonniأ¨res d'Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre

Reliabilities of metrological precision calibration networks of standards

Reliability analysis in self-repairing embryonic systems

Reliability analysis of aeroplane brakes

Reliability Analysis of Aircraft Air Conditioning Packs

Reliability and accuracy of interview data in non-smoking female lung cancer case-control study


Reliability and clinical utility of a Portuguese version of the Abnormal Involuntary Movements Scale (AIMS) for tardive dyskinesia in Brazilian patients

Reliability and Fault Tolerance based Topological Optimization of Computer Networks - Part I: Enumerative Techniques

Reliability and Fault Tolerance based Topological Optimization of Computer Networks - Part II: Iterative Techniques

Reliability and fault tolerance based topological optimization of computer networks - Part I: Enumerative techniques

Reliability and fault tolerance based topological optimization of computer networks - Part II: Iterative techniques

Reliability and fault tolerance based topological optimization of computer networks - part I: enumerative techniques

Reliability and fault tolerance based topological optimization of computer networks - part II: iterative techniques

Reliability and performance of RAIDs

Reliability and relative validity of a child nutrition questionnaire to simultaneously assess dietary patterns associated with positive energy balance and food behaviours, attitudes, knowledge and environments associated with healthy eating

Reliability and validity of a nutrition and physical activity environmental self-assessment for child care

Reliability and validity of a Portuguese version of the Young Mania Rating Scale

Reliability and validity of needle biopsy evaluation of breast-abnormalities using the B-categorization – design and objectives of the Diagnosis Optimisation Study (DIOS)

Reliability and validity of the Healthy Home Survey: A tool to measure factors within homes hypothesized to relate to overweight in children

Reliability and validity of the interactive observation scale for psychiatric inpatients applied by nursing aides in daily ward practice

Reliability assessment of an industrial city transmission system in Saudi Arabia

Reliability assessment of an industrial city transmission system in Saudi Arabia

Reliability based Topological Optimization of Computer Networks - Part II: Iterative Techniques

Reliability Centered Maintenance Concepts And Applications: A Case Study

Reliability centered maintenance concepts and applications: A case study

Reliability equivalents for AC adequacy evaluation of large power systems

Reliability Issues in Distributed Operating Systems

Reliability mechanisms for very large storage systems

Reliability Modeling of Large Fault-Tolerant Systems


Reliability of follicle-stimulating hormone measurements in serum

Reliability of pedometer data in samples of youth and older women

Reliability-aware IBGP route reflection topology design

Reliability-based maintenance strategies for heat exchangers subject to fouling

Reliability-throughput optimisation for adaptive forward error correction systems

Reliability-throughput: optimisation for adaptive forward errorcorrection systems

Reliable and Efficient Hop-by-Hop Flow Control

Reliable Audio for Use over the Internet

Reliable Biometric Authentication with Privacy Protection

Reliable Communication for Highly Mobile Agents

Reliable Communication in the Presence of Failures

Reliable Communication in VPL

Reliable Communication over Partially Authenticated Networks

Reliable communication over unreliable channels

Reliable Communication Under Channel Uncertainty

Reliable Concurrent Multicast from Bursty Sources

Reliable Distributed Programming in C++: The Arjuna Approach

Reliable DNA Extraction on Historical Malaria Negative Smears Conducted to Nested PCR in South-East of Iran

Reliable FIFO load balancing over multiple fifo channels

Reliable hashing without collision detection

Reliable identification of mycobacterial species by PCR-restriction enzyme analysis (PRA)-hsp65 in a reference laboratory and elaboration of a sequence-based extended algorithm of PRA-hsp65 patterns

Reliable Interconnection Networks for Parallel Computers

Reliable maps of lightning thunderstorms for Saudi Arabia

Reliable microRNA profiling in routinely processed formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded breast cancer specimens using fluorescence labelled bead technology

Reliable MIX cascade networks through reputation

Reliable multicast between microkernels

Reliable multicast in multi-access wireless lans

Reliable Multicast via Satellite: uni-directional vs. bi-directional communication

Reliable probabilistic communication in large-scale information dissemination systems

Reliable quantum computers

Reliable solution of special event location problems for ODEs

Reliable stream transmission in mobile computing environments

Reliable surface reconstruction from multiple range images

Reliable transfer of transcriptional gene regulatory networks between taxonomically related organisms

Reliable Transition Detection in Videos: A Survey and Practitioner???s Guide

Reliable Video Communication over Lossy Packet Networks using Multiple State Encoding and Path Diversity

Reliance on double pedicle TRAM flap technique in breast reconstruction based on mammographic evidence

Relief Texture Mapping

Relocating machine instructions by currying

Relying party credentials framework

REM: active queue management

REMAP: Recursive estimation and maximization of a posteriori probabilities

Remarkable change in age-specific breast cancer incidence in the Swiss canton of Geneva and its possible relation with the use of hormone replacement therapy

Remarks on control lyapunov functions for discontinuous stabilizing feedback

Remarks on k-level algorithms in the plane

Remarks on mix-network based on permutation networks

Remarks on some associated Laguerre integral results

Remarks on the abstract theory of additive and multiplicative Schwarz algorithms




Remembered sets can also play cards

ReMoS: A Resource Monitoring System for Network-Aware Applications

Remote agent: To boldly go where no AI system has gone before

Remote Conversations: The effects of mediating talk with technology

Remote data acquisition module using optic interface for industrialautomation and control

Remote electronic gambling

Remote Engineering Tools for the Design of Pollution Control Systems for Commercial Boilers

Remote fingerprinting of crude oil using time-resolved fluorescence spectra

Remote homeplace communication: what is it like and how might we support it

Remote I/O: Fast Access to Distant Storage


Remote Multicolor Excitation Laser-Induced Fluorescence Imaging

Remote seminars through multimedia conferencing: Experiences from the MICE project

Remote sensed and in situ constraints on processes affecting tropical tropospheric ozone

Remote sensing of water cloud droplet size distributions using the backscatter glory: a case study

Remote sensing study on mangrove depletion Tarut Bay, Saudi Arabia

Remote timing attacks are practical

Remote valve controller provides precise positioning of processcontrol valves

Remote-exchange: An approach to controlled sharing among autonomous, heterogenous database systems


Removal efficiencies of indicator micro-organisms in the Al-Khobar wastewater treatment plant

Removal of Ammonia from Landfill Leachate in a Two-Stage Biofiltration Process

Removal of Anionic Surfactants in Detergent Wastewater by Chemical Coagulation

Removal of antinutritional factors from bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) seeds

Removal of Arsenic Using Acetobacter xylinum Cellulose

Removal of bentonite causing turbidity by electro-coagulation

Removal of cadmium and cyanide from aqueous solutions through electrodialysis

Removal of Cadmium, Copper and Lead from Tertiary Metals System Using Biomass of Aspergillus flavus 44-1

Removal of Cd 2+ ion from diluted aqueous solutions by electrodeposition on reticulated vitreous carbon electrodes

Removal of cell surface heparan sulfate increases TACE activity and cleavage of ErbB4 receptor

Removal of compression artifacts using projections onto convex sets and line process modeling


Removal of dimethyl phthalate from water by UV-H2O2 process

Removal of Headspace CO2 Increases Biological Hydrogen Production by C. acetobutylicum

Removal of Heavy Metals Ions from Wastewater with Conventional Activated Sludge Process: Case study in Isfahan (Iran)

Removal of Hexavalent chromium by a consortium of bacteria isolated from domestic sewage

Removal of Hsf4 leads to cataract development in mice through down-regulation of γS-crystallin and Bfsp expression

Removal of inorganic As5+ from a small drinking water system

Removal of Mercuric Chloride by a Mercury Resistant Pseudomonas putida Strain

Removal of metal cations from wastewater using recycled wool-based non-woven material

Removal of Pathogenic Organisms from the Effluent of a Activated Sludge System Using Maturation Pond

Removal of phenol by enzymatic oxidation and flotation

Removal of Phenol from Aqueous Solutions by Rice Husk Ash and Activated Carbon


Removal of SO2 with particles of dolomite limestone powder in a binary fluidized bed reactor with bubbling fluidization

Removal of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate in an Intermittent Cycle Extended Aeration System

Removal of spermatozoa with externalized phosphatidylserine from sperm preparation in human assisted medical procreation: effects on viability, motility and mitochondrial membrane potential

Removal of sulfur compounds from naphtha solutions using solid adsorbents

Removal of the finite-distance source effect on the Applebaum array

Removal of the Finite-Distance Source Effects on the Applebaum Array

Removing Architectural Bottlenecks to the Scalability of Speculative Parallelization

Removing randomness from computational number theory (Ph

Removing Randomness in Parallel Computation Without a Processor Penalty

Removing Shadows from Images

Removing the Genetics from the Standard Genetic Algorithm

Removing the sti#ness from interfacial flows with surface tension

Removing value encoding using alternative values in partial evaluation of strongly-typed languages

Renal Abnormalities in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease: A Single Center Report from Saudi Arabia

Renal abscess in a child with sickle cell anemia

Renal actions of angiotensin-(1-7)

Renal Allograft in a Professional Boxer

Renal and extrarenal manifestations of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Renal cell carcinoma in a child

Renal Cell Carcinoma of Contralateral Kidney with Secondaries in Gallbladder Eight Years After Nephrectomy

Renal Clearance and Urinary Excretion of Clarithromycin in Human Male Volunteers

Renal Clearance of Acetylsalicylic Acid in Human Male Volunteers

Renal dysfunction in patients with sickle cell anemia or sickle cell trait

Renal effects of uroguanylin and guanylin in vivo

Renal failure in malaria

Renal Failure in Multiple Myeloma 'The Myeloma Kidney':State of the Art

Renal function in late survivors of Iranian children with cancer: Single centre experience

Renal Handling of Acetylsalicylic Acid in Female Volunteers

Renal Infarction - Presentation and Causes: A Case Report and Literature Review

Renal involvement in children with spina bifida

Renal involvement in visceral leishmaniasis dogs

Renal Lesions Induced by Pyrethroid Inhalation in Albino Rats

Renal lithiasis and nutrition

Renal Osteodystrophy: Review of the Disease and its Treatment

Renal Replacement Therapy in Acute Kidney Injury: Which Method to Use in the Intensive Care Unit?

Renal Transplantation across the ABO Barrier

Renal Transplantation Using Live Donors with Vascular Anomalies: A Salvageable Surgical Challenge

Renal tubular dysfunction with nephrocalcinosis in a patient with beta thalassemia minor

Rendering and Animation of Gaseous Phenomena by Combining Fast Volume and Scanline A-Buffer Techniques

Rendering Caustics on Non-Lambertian Surfaces

Rendering Complex Scenes with Memory-Coherent Ray Tracing

Rendering effective route maps: improving usability through generalization

Rendering large scenes using parallel ray tracing

Rendering of spherical light fields

Rendering parametric surfaces in pen and ink

Rendering trees from precomputed Z-buffer views

RenderMan for Poets

Rendezvous Layer Protocols for Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Devices

Renesse. COCA: A secure distributed online certification authority

Renesse. COCA: A secure distributed on-line certification authority

Renesse. Fighting Fire with Fire: Using Randomized Gossip to Combat Stochastic Scalability Limits

Renesse. Optimizing Layered Communication Protocols

Renesse. Packing messages as a tool for boosting the performance of total ordering protocols

Renesse. Structured virtual synchrony: Exploring the bounds of virtually synchronous group communication

Renesse. Using sparse capabilities in a distributed operating system

Renesting Single Appearance Schedules to Minimize Buffer Memory

Renew Checklist of Spiders (Aranei) of Iran

RENEW: A tool for fast and efficient implementation of checkpoint protocols

Renewable energy and sustainable development: a crucial review

Renewal theory for several patterns

Reniers. Discrete time process algebra with silent step

Renin-angiotensin system in pancreas and its role in physiology and pathology of this organ --- System renina-angiotensyna w trzustceoraz jego znaczenie w fizjologii i patologii tego narzsdu

Reorda. Using symbolic techniques to find the maximum clique in very large sparse graphs

Reordering query execution in tertiary memory databases

Reorganization and cleanness of peridomiciliar area to control sand flies (Diptera, Psychodidae, Phlebotominae) in South Brazil


Repair of aortoesophageal fistula due to a penetrating atherosclerotic ulcer of the descending thoracic aorta and literature review

Repair of concrete beams - A case study

Repair of distal hypospadias by the tubularised incised plate urethroplasty: A simple versatile technique

Repair of duodenal fistula with rectus abdominis musculo-peritoneal (RAMP) flap

Repair of large urethrocutaneous fistula with dartos-based flip flap: A study of 23 cases


Repair of the anophthalmic cavity of rats with synthetic hydroxyapatite

Repairing cad models

Repairing conversational misunderstandings and non-understandings

Repairing databases with annotated predicate logic

Repairing faulty mixture models using density estimation

Repairing software style using graph grammars

Repartitioning and Technology Mapping of Electronic Hybrid Systems

Repeat Inspection Planning Using Dynamic Programming

Repeatability and measurement error in the assessment of choline and betaine dietary intake: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study

Repeatable Software Engineering Experiments for Comparing Defect-Detection Techniques

Repeated BCG treatment of mouse bladder selectively stimulates small GTPases and HLA antigens and inhibits single-spanning uroplakins

Repeated Patterns of Dense Packings of Equal Disks in a Square. The Electronic

Repeated structure and dissociation of genotypic and phenotypic complexity in artificial ontogeny

Repeated structures: image correspondence constraints and 3D structure recovery

Repeated successful surgical rescues of early and delayed multiple ruptures of ventricular septum, right ventricle and aneurysmal left ventricle following massive biventricular infarction

Repeated-batch Fermentative for Bio-hydrogen Production from Cassava Starch Manufacturing Wastewater

Repellency and residual effect of neem or mineral oil on the distribution and oviposition of maize weevil, Sitophillus zeamais Motsch

Repetition and its phonetic realizations: Investigating a Swedish database of spontaneous computer-directed speech

Repetition of an unusual stress fracture in an anorexic man: a case report.

Repetitive laser pulse heating analysis: Pulse parameter variation effects on closed form solution

Repetitive laser pulse heating with a convective boundary condition at the surface

Repetitive posterior iliac crest autograft harvest resulting in an unstable pelvic fracture and infected non-union: case report and review of the literature

Re-place-ing space: the roles of place and space in collaborative systems

Replacement of connexin43 by connexin26 in transgenic mice leads to dysfunctional reproductive organs and slowed ventricular conduction in the heart

Replacement of Fish Meal by Oyster Meat Meal in Broiler Ration

Replacement of Fish Meal by Sesame Oil Cake on the Performance of Starcross Layer Reared on Pond

Replacement of Fish Meal by Silkworm Pupae in Broiler Diets

Replacement of Sesame Oil Cake by Duckweed (Lemna minor) in Broiler Diet

Replacement of Sesame Oil Meal by Coconut Oil Meal in Diets with or Without Fish Meal on the Performance of Laying Hen

Replacement policies for a proxy cache

Replacement Value of Dusa (Locally Processed Maize Offal) for Maize in the Diets of Egg Type Chicks (0-8 Weeks)

Replacement Value of Dusa (Locally Processed Maize Offal) for Maize in the Diets of Pullets and Subsequent Early Laying Characteristics

Replacement Value of Normal Maize with Quality Protein Maize (Obatampa) in Broiler Diets

Replacing Locks by Higher-Level Primitives

Replay and distributed breakpoints in an OSF DCE environment

RePlay: A Hardware Framework for Dynamic Program Optimization

Replenish-up-to inventory control policy with random replenishment intervals

Replica consistency of CORBA objects in partitionable distributed systems

Replica control in distributed systems: An asynchronous approach

Replica field theory for deterministic models: II. a nonrandom spin glass with glassy behaviour

Replica selection in the globus data grid

Replicability of transaction and action coding in the map task corpus

Replicated condition monitoring

Replicated Data Management in Mobile Environments: Anything New Under the Sun

Replicated database recovery using multicast communication

Replicated distributed processes in Manetho

Replicated indexes for distributed data

Replicated K-Resilient Objects in Arjuna

Replicated Secure Shared Objects for Groupware Applications

Replicated Web Objects: Design and Implementation

Replicating IP services

Replicating Objects using the CORBA Event Service

Replication and mobility

Replication for Logic Bipartitioning

Replication Heuristics and Polling Algorithms for Object Replication and a Replicating File Transfer Protocol

Replication in Ficus distributed file systems

Replication in the Harp File System

Replication is Not Needed: Single Database, Computationally-Private Information Retrieval

Replication Management in Large Networks

Replication of Norovirus in Cell Culture Reveals a Tropism for Dendritic Cells and Macrophages

Replication strategies for highly available peer-to-peer storage systems

Replication techniques for speeding up parallel applications on distributed systems. Concurrency: Practice and Experience

Replicator equations, maximal cliques, and graph isomorphism

Reply to the discussion by Shahid Azam on ' Aiban SA (2006) Compressibility and swelling characteristics of Al-Khobar Palygorskite, eastern Saudi Arabia, Engineering Geology 87(3-4):205-219'

Reply to: 'Tropical cirrus and water vapor: an effective Earth infrared iris feedback?'

Repolarization of the action potential enabled by Na+ channel deactivation in PSpice simulation of cardiac muscle propagation

Report and Review of Spinal Cord Tumors

Report card on school snack food policies among the United States' largest school districts in 2004–2005: Room for improvement

Report from the NSF workshop on workflow and process automation in information systems

Report of proceedings of the national meeting on 'Guidelines for Immunophenotyping of Hematolymphoid Neoplasms by Flow Cytometry'

Report on a Working Session on Security in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Report on Some of the Physical Properties of Bioactive Compounds Responsible for the Channa striatus Fillet Extract Antinociceptive Activity

Report on the 1993 SRC algorithm animation festival

Report on the occurrence of Haplometroides buccicola (Trematoda, Digenea, Plagiorchiidae) infecting Phalotris lativittatus (Serpentes, Colubridae) in Brazil

Report on two species of Digenea from marine fishes in Brazil

Reported food intake and distribution of body fat: a repeated cross-sectional study

Reporter gene-expressing bone marrow-derived stromal cells are immune-tolerated following implantation in the central nervous system of syngeneic immunocompetent mice

Reporting on methods of subgroup analysis in clinical trials: a survey of four scientific journals

Reporting red-blue intersections between two sets of connected line segments

Repositories for Software Reuse: The Software Information Base

Repository mirroring

Representability is not decidable for finite relation algebras

Representation and Detection of Shapes in Images

Representation and Evaluation of Security Policies for Distributed System Services

Representation and evolution of neural networks

Representation and Management of Requirements: The

Representation and Querying in Temporal Databases: the Power of Temporal Constraints

Representation and Reasoning for DAML-Based Policy and

Representation and reasoning with attributive descriptions

Representation and recognition of handwritten digits using deformable templates

Representation and self-similarity of shapes

Representation and symbolic manipulation of linearly inductive boolean functions

Representation and Utilization of Non-Functional Requirements for Information System Design

Representation and visual recognition of complex, multi-agent actions using belief networks

Representation and Visualization of Terrain Surfaces at Variable Resolution

Representation changes for efficient learning in structural domains

Representation dependence in probabilistic inference

Representation design and brute-force induction in a boeing manufacturing domain

Representation design benchmarks: a design-time aid for VPL navigable static representations

Representation independence, confinement and access control

Representation is representation of similarity

Representation of activity knowledge for project management

Representation of Attended Versus Remembered Locations in Prefrontal Cortex

Representation of change in controlled medical terminologies

Representation of formal dispute with a standing order

Representation of object similarity in human vision: Psychophysics and a computational model

Representation of scenes from collections of images

Representation of Sets of Trees for Abstract Interpretation

Representation of similarity as a goal of early visual processing

Representation of similarity in 3D object discrimination

Representation of spatial orientation by the intrinsic dynamics of the head-direction cell ensemble: A theory

Representation reduction and solution space contraction in quasi-exactly solvable systems

Representation Results for Defeasible Logic

Representation theorems for Petri nets

Representation theory for default logic

Representation theory for high-rate multiple-antenna code design

Representation with receptive fields: Gearing up for recognition

Representation, reasoning and the intermediary metabolism of Escherichia coli

Representation, search and genetic algorithms

Representation, similarity, and the chorus of prototypes

Representational issues in machine learning of user profiles

Representations and Solutions for Game-Theoretic Problems

Representations for learning control policies

Representations for Rigid Solids: Theory, Methods, and Systems

Representations in distributed cognitive tasks

Representations of Knowledge in a Program for Solving Physics Problems

Representations of metabolic knowledge

Representations of metabolic knowledge: Pathways

Representations of quasi-Newton matrices and their use in limited memory methods

Representative objects: Concise representations of semistructured, hierarchical data

Representing a C-1 rational quadratic spline with interval shape control

Representing action and change by logic programs

Representing action: Indeterminacy and ramifications

Representing Actions and State Constraints in Model-Based Diagnosis

Representing actions in default logic: A situation calculus approach

Representing Actions in Equational Logic Programming

Representing Actions: Laws, Observations and Hypothesis

Representing agent contracts with exceptions using XML rules, ontologies, and process descriptions

Representing Agent Interaction Protocols in UML

Representing and combining partially specified cpts

Representing and Executing Agent-Based Systems

Representing and querying changes in semistructured data

Representing and Querying XML with Incomplete Information

Representing and Reasoning about Mappings Between Domain Models

Representing and reasoning on XML documents: A description logic approach

Representing and recognizing the visual appearance of materials using three-dimensional textons

Representing and reformulating diagonalization methods

Representing and Solving Decision Problems with Limited Information

Representing and using interschema knowledge in cooperative information systems

Representing and Using Non-Functional Requirements: A Process-Oriented Approach

Representing and verifying intentions in telephony features using abstract data types

Representing Architecture Constraints in URSA

Representing arguments as background knowledge for constraining generalisation

Representing autoepistemic introspection in terms of default rules

Representing biases for inductive logic programming

Representing boolean functions as polynomials modulo composite numbers

Representing component states in higher-order logic

Representing Concurrent Actions and Solving Conflicts

Representing Context-Dependent Information Using Multidimensional XML

Representing control in the presence of first-class continuations

Representing control in the presence of one-shot continuations

Representing Defaults as Sentences with Reduced Priority

Representing diagnosis knowledge

Representing discourse information for spoken dialogue generation

Representing e-business rules for the Semantic Web: Situated courteous logic programs in RuleML

Representing epistemic uncertainty by means of dialectical argumentation

Representing iterative loops for decision-theoretic planning

Representing java classes in a typed intermediate language

Representing Knowledge for Planning Multisentential Text

Representing Knowledge in A-Prolog

Representing Knowledge Normalisation

Representing knowledge within the situation calculus using intervalvalued epistemic fluents

Representing layered monads

Representing Logic Program Schemata in Prolog

Representing monads

Representing Moving Images with Layers

Representing multiple theories

Representing nondeterministic and probabilistic behaviour in reactive processes

Representing Plans as a Set of Constraints -- the !I-N-OVA? Model

Representing Preferences as Ceteris Paribus Comparatives

Representing priorities in logic programs

Representing procedural knowledge in expert systems: An application to process control

Representing Product Family Architectures in an Extensible Architecture Description Language

Representing pronouns in logical form: Computational constraints and linguistic evidence

Representing Protein Sequence with Low Number of Dimensions

Representing reified relations in Loom

Representing roles and purpose

Representing semantically analyzed C++ code with Reprise

Representing sensing actions: The middle ground revisited

Representing Sentence Structure in Hidden Markov Models for Information Extraction

Representing sequences in description logics

Representing subassembly trees by deepest common ancestor relations

Representing text chunks

Representing Text Meaning for Multilingual Knowledge-Based

Representing the knowledge of a robot

Representing the local space qualitatively in a cognitive map

Representing time in multimedia systems

Representing Time in Multimedia-Systems

Representing time-dependent information in multidimensional XML

Representing trees in genetic algorithms

Representing Uncertainty in Simple Planners

Representing variability in software product lines: A case study

Representing Web Data as Complex Objects

Representing, analyzing, and synthesizing biochemical pathways

Repression of tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) but not its receptors during oral cancer progression

Reproducibility and Validity of the Food Frequency Questionnaire in a Rural Block of Haryana, India

Reproducibility and Validity of the Food Frequency Questionnaire Methodology in an Urban Middle Income Group Community of Delhi, India

Reproducibility of the serum lipid response to coffee oil in healthy volunteers

Reproducing synchronization bugs with model checking

Reproduction Characteristics of Population of Carp (Cyprinus carpio) Inhabiting in Almus Dam Lake, Turkey

Reproduction in Women with End-Stage Renal Disease and Effect of Kidney Transplantation

Reproduction of Polynomials by Radial Basis Functions

Reproduction of Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) on Different Host-grains

Reproductive ability of pubertal male and female rats

Reproductive and Productive Performance of Black Bengal Goat under Semi-intensive Management

Reproductive aspects of piranhas Serrasalmus spilopleura and Serrasalmus marginatus into the Upper Paranأ، River, Brazil

Reproductive biology of a characidiinae (osteichthyes, characidae) from the Ubatiba river, Maricأ، آ¾ RJ

Reproductive biology of the Cyprinid, Amblypharyngodon mola (Hamilton) from the Kaptai Reservoir, Bangladesh

Reproductive biology of the Cyprinid, Amblypharyngodon mola (Hamilton) from the Kaptai Reservoir, Bangladesh

Reproductive biology of the dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus (Lowe, 1834)

Reproductive biology of the protandrous Ferdinandusa speciosa Pohl (Rubiaceae) in Southeastern Brazil

Reproductive Biology of Varroa jacobsoni Oud. in Worker and Drone Brood of the Honey Bee Apis mellifera L. under Michigan Conditions

Reproductive Cycle of the Mangrove Prosobranch, Pachymelania fusca (Gmelin, 1791) var. quadriseriata (Gray) (Gastropoda: Melaniidae) in Lagos, Nigeria

Reproductive Cycle of the Sea Urchin Echinometra mathaei (Echinodermatidea: Echinoidea) in Bostaneh, Persian Gulf, Iran

Reproductive ecology of a neotropical cichlid fish, Cichla monoculus (Osteichthyes: Cichlidae)

Reproductive experience influences grooming behavior during pregnancy in rats

Reproductive isolation, evolutionary distinctiveness and setting conservation priorities: The case of European lake whitefish and the endangered North Sea houting (Coregonus spp.)

Reproductive Output of Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum), Fed Increasing Levels of Ascorbic Acid

Reproductive patterns and feeding habits of three nectarivorous bats (Phyllostomidae: Glossophaginae) from the Brazilian Cerrado

Reproductive Performance of Different Crossbred and Indigenous Dairy Cattle Under Small Holder Farming Condition in Bangladesh

Reproductive Performance of Kivircik Ewes on Accelerated Lambing Management

Reproductive Performances and Kid`s Mortality of Pure Breeds and Crossed Caprine Genotypes in the Coastal Oases of Southern Tunisia

Reproductive Problems of Cows at Bangladesh Agricultural University Dairy Farm and Possible Remedies

Reproductive Strategies of Plagioscion squamosissimus Heckel, 1840 (Osteichthyes Sciaenidae) in the Itaipu Reservoir, Brazil

Reproductive Toxic Effects of Artemisia herba alba Ingestion in Female Spague-dawley Rats

Reprogrammable platforms for high-speed data acquisition

Reputation in p2p anonymity systems

Request combining in multiprocessors with arbitrary interconnection networks

Requester-Aware Power Reduction

Requirement of histone deacetylase activity for the expression of critical photoreceptor genes

Requirement of vasculogenesis and blood circulation in late stages of liver growth in zebrafish

Requirements Engineering as the Reconciliation of Technical and Social Issues

Requirements Engineering by Example: An Empirical Study

Requirements Engineering of a Medical Information System Using Rule-Based Refinement of Petri Nets

Requirements engineering: a review and research agenda

Requirements for a distributed authoring and versioning protocol for the world wide web

Requirements for an Architecture for Embodied Conversational Characters

Requirements for and evaluation of RMI protocols for scientific computing

Requirements for Automatically Generating Multi-Modal Interfaces for Complex Appliances

Requirements for deadlock-free, adaptive packet routing

Requirements for interpersonal information management

Requirements for Photoware

Requirements for Software Deployment Languages and Schema

Requirements of a Database Management System for Global Change Studies

Requirements of I/O Systems for Parallel Machines: An Application-driven Study

Requirements of Traffic Telematics to Spatial Databases

Requirements patterns for embedded systems

Requirements specification for process-control systems

Requirements specifications for hybrid systems

Requirements-Based Monitors for Real-Time Systems

Requirements-level semantics for UML statecharts

Rerepresenting and Restructuring Domain Theories: A Constructive Induction Approach

Rerouting for handoff in a wireless atm network

Res: Computing the interactions between real and virtual objects in video sequences

RESC: An approach for real-time, dynamic agent tracking

Rescaled Range Analysis Applied to the Study on Intracellular Ca2+

Rescue of early heart-shaped embryos and plant regeneration of Phaseolus polyanthus Greenm. and Phaseolus vulgaris

Research activities related to the role of forests and forestry in climate change mitigation in Austria. COST E21 Workshop. Contribution of forests and forestry to mitigate greenhouse effects. Joensuu (Finland). 28-30 Sep 2000

Research Article A Unified Approach to BER Analysis of Synchronous Downlink CDMA Systems with Random Signature Sequences in Fading Channels with Known Channel Phase

Research in Automatic Profile Generation and Passage-Level Routing with LMDS

Research in Machine Learning: Recent Progress, Classification of Methods and Future Directions

Research Issues in Databases for ARCS: Active Rapidly Changing Data Systems

Research Issues in Large Workflow Management Systems

Research issues in the renovation of legacy systems

Research methodologies, observations and outcomes in (conversational) speech data collection

Research note. A CMOS cell for parallelly loadable counters

Research of loss of heterozygaity on chromosome 3p in non-small cell lung cancer

Research of Some Properties the Teat Rubbers

Research on architectures for integrated speech/language systems in Verbmobil

Research perspectives for time series management systems

Research problems for scalable internet resource discovery

Research Problems in Data Warehousing

Research Trends: Bioactive Metabolites of Fungal Origin

Researches on Jute and Allied Fibre Plants

Resectable adenocarcinomas in the pancreatic head: the retroperitoneal resection margin is an independent prognostic factor

Resequencing Cells in an ATM Switch

Reservation Protocols for Internetworks: A Comparison of ST-II and RSVP

Reservation-based Charging in an Integrated Services Network

Reservation-based totally ordered multicasting

Reservations for aggregate traffic: Experiences from an RSVP tunnels implementation

Reserve substances and storage of Cyathea delgadii Sternb. spores

Reserved bandwidth and reservationless traffic in rate allocating servers

Reserved Graph Grammar: A Specification Tool for Diagrammatic VPLs

Resettable zero-knowledge

Resettably-Sound Zero-Knowledge and its Applications. Record 2001/063, Cryptology ePrint Archive

Reshaping access patterns for generating sparse codes

Residence of liquids in the infra-junctional portion of the proximal stomach in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease

Residency check elimination for object-oriented persistent languages. See Connor and Nettles

Residual algorithms: Reinforcement learning with function approximation

Residual Effects of Applied Chemical Fertilisers on Growth andSeed Yields of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus cv. High Sun 33) After the Harvests of Initial Main Crops of Maize (Zea mays L.), Soybean (Glycine max L.) and Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Residual Effects of Some Conventional and Biorational Pesticides on Ladybird Beetle, Adonia variegata Goeze

Residual energy scans for monitoring wireless sensor networks

Residual facial disfigurement after the ablative surgery of a lachrymal gland carcinoma: A clinical report of the prosthetic rehabilitation

Residual neurotoxicity in ovarian cancer patients in clinical remission after first-line chemotherapy with carboplatin and paclitaxel: The Multicenter Italian Trial in Ovarian cancer (MITO-4) retrospective study

Residual أں-cell function and microvascular complications in type 1 diabetic patients

Residual q-learning applied to visual attention

Residual stress analysis for hvof diamalloy 1005 coating on Ti-6Al-4V alloy

Residual surface stress measurements in YBa(2)CU(3)Ox superconductors

Residual test coverage monitoring

Residual theory in ??-calculus: A formal development

Residue contact-count potentials are as effective as residue-residue contact-type potentials for ranking protein decoys

Residues of atrazine in agricultural areas of Serbia

Resilient Authentication Using Path Independence

Resilient control of non-linear discrete-time state-delay systems

Resilient Multicast using Overlays

Resilient Overlay Networks

Resilient Peer-to-Peer Streaming

Resilin and chitinous cuticle form a composite structure for energy storage in jumping by froghopper insects

Resistance and Resurgence Studies of Neem Oil 50% EC Against Rice Brown Planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stl)

Resistance and Resurgence Studies of Neem Oil 50% EC Against Rice Brown Planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stأƒآ¯أ‚آ؟أ‚آ½l)

Resistance in Musk-melon (Cucumis melo L.) Against Melon Fruit Fly Bactocera cucurbitae Coq) and its Chemical Control in Dera Ismail Khan.

Resistance index in differential diagnosis of liver lesions by color doppler ultrasonography.

Resistance is futile: The Web will assimilate your database

Resistance of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) in 2006 to Pyrethroid Insecticides in Indonesia and its Association with Oxidase and Esterase Levels

Resistance of Bacillus cereus and E. coli Towards Lead, Copper, Iron, Manganese and Arsenic

Resistance of Different Stored Wheat Varieties to Khapra Beetle, Trogoderma granarium (Everest) and Lesser Grain Borer, Rhizopertha dominica (Fabricus)

Resistance of Different Sunflower (Helianthus annuus Linnaeus, Compositae) Genotypes Against the Attack of Aphis gossypii Glover, Nezara viridula (L.) and Thrips tabaci Lind. in Field

Resistance of Leishmania (Leishmania) amazonensis and Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis to nitric oxide correlates with disease severity in Tegumentary Leishmaniasis

Resistance of mitochondrial p53 to dominant inhibition

Resistance of multicellular aggregates to pharmorubicin observed in human hepatocarcinoma cells

Resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis to the first line anti tubercular drugs - A twenty year review

Resistance of the target islet tissue to autoimmune destruction contributes to genetic susceptibility in Type 1 diabetes

Resistance profile to antimicrobials of Salmonella spp. isolated from human infections

Resistance to Foliage Feeding Aphid in Wheat

Resistance to Leaf Rust in Pakistani Wheat Lines

Resistance to ursodeoxycholic acid-induced growth arrest can also result in resistance to deoxycholic acid-induced apoptosis and increased tumorgenicity

Resistance/Susceptibility Levels of Phosphine Gas to Various Strains of Tribolium Castaneum Hbst. (Coleoptera:Tenebrionidae)

Resistant starch consumption promotes lipid oxidation


Resolution among major placental mammal interordinal relationships with genome data imply that speciation influenced their earliest radiations

Resolution and Binary Decision Diagrams Cannot Simulate Each Other Polynomially

Resolution and quantification of ring type aromatics by HPLC method using n-hexane elution

Resolution and the weak pigeonhole principle

Resolution Enhancement of Images Using Wavelet Transform Extrema Extrapolation

Resolution for Temporal Logics of Knowledge

Resolution is a decision procedure for many propositional modal logics

Resolution of disseminated fusariosis in a child with acute leukemia treated with combined antifungal therapy: a case report

Resolution of dynamic memory allocation and pointers for the behavioral synthesis from C

Resolution of Hartmanis' conjecture for NL-hard sparse sets

Resolution of ISAKMP/Oakley key-agreement protocol resistant against denial-of-service attack

Resolution of syntactic ambiguity: the case of new subjects

Resolution proofs of generalized pigeonhole principles

Resolution properties of regularized image reconstruction methods

Resolution strategies as decision procedures

Resolution-based methods for modal logics

Resolving ambiguities in auto-calibration

Resolving ambiguity for cross-language retrieval

Resolving attribute incompatibility in database integration: An evidential reasoning approach

Resolving bridging references in unrestricted text

Resolving conflicts between beliefs, obligations, intentions and desires

Resolving Conflicts Between Domain Descriptions with Computer-Supported Negotiation

Resolving file conflicts in the ficus file system

Resolving Lexical Ambiguity in a Deterministic Parser

Resolving lexical ambiguity using a formal theory of context

Resolving Message Complexity of Byzantine Agreement and beyond

Resolving occlusion in augmented reality

Resolving plan ambiguity for cooperative response generation

Resolving pp attachment ambiguities with memory-based learning

Resolving Requirements Conflicts with Computer-Supported Negotiation

Resolving Semantic Heterogeneity in Schema Integration: an Ontology Based Approach

Resolving the integrity / performance conflict

Resolving Translation Ambiguity and Target Polysemy in Cross-Language Information Retrieval

Resolving translation ambiguity using non-parallel bilingual corpora

Resolving Translation Mismatches with Information Flow

Resonance and the perception of musical meter








Resorbable screws versus pins for optimal transplant fixation (SPOT) in anterior cruciate ligament replacement with autologous hamstring grafts: rationale and design of a randomized, controlled, patient and investigator blinded trial [ISRCTN17384369]

Resource access control for an internet user agent

Resource Access Control in Systems of Mobile Agents

Resource allocation algorithms for multimedia multiparty connections Tech Rep EAS-CS-92-1

Resource Allocation and Delay Constraints in ATM networks

Resource allocation for QoS provisioning in wireless ad hoc networks

Resource Allocation Games with Changing Resource Capacities

Resource Allocation in Egalitarian Agent Societies

Resource allocation in networks using abstraction and constraint satisfaction techniques

Resource and knowledge discovery in global information systems: A preliminary design and experiment

Resource and knowledge discovery in global information systems: A scalable multiple layered database approach

Resource Biased Path Selection in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks

Resource Bound Certification

Resource Bounded Belief Revision

Resource bounded randomness and weakly complete problems

Resource Bounded Reductions

Resource bounds for self stabilizing message driven protocols

Resource conscious design of distributed real-time systems: An end-to-end approach

Resource containers: A new facility for resource management in server systems

Resource Control for Database Extensions

Resource control for elastic traffic in CDMA networks

Resource Control for Hard Real-Time Systems: A Review

Resource discovery in distributed networks

Resource Interdependence and Enterprise Combination of Integrated Farming in Some Selected Areas of Bangladesh

Resource kernels: A resource-centric approach to real-time systems

Resource Management and Checkpointing for PVM

Resource management for a virtual planning room

Resource Management for High-Performance PC Clusters

Resource Management for QoS in Eclipse/BSD

Resource management for real-time communication: Making theory meet practice

Resource management in legion

Resource Management in Multimedia Networked Systems

Resource Management in Networked Multimedia Systems

Resource management in the mungi single-address-space operating system

Resource management in wide-area ATM networks using effective bandwidths

Resource Management Methods for General Purpose Massively Parallel OS SSS--CORE

Resource management of the os network subsystem

Resource management through multilateral matchmaking

Resource optimization via structured parallel programming

Resource overbooking and application profiling in shared hosting platforms

Resource Partitioning for Real-Time Communication

Resource pooling and effective bandwidths in CDMA networks with multiuser receivers and spatial diversity

Resource pricing and the evolution of congestion control

Resource reclaiming in multiprocessor real-time systems

Resource ReSerVation

Resource reservation agents in the Internet

Resource reservation for adaptive qos mapping in real-time mach

Resource ReSerVation protocol (RSVP) -- version 1 functional specification

Resource scheduling for parallel database and scientific applications

Resource selection in CAFE: An architecture for network information retrieval

Resource sharing for book-ahead and instantaneous-request calls

Resource sharing in reservation-based systems

Resource spackling: A framework for integrating register allocation in local and global schedulers

Resource supply and the evolution of public-goods cooperation in bacteria

Resource tableaux (extended abstract

Resource usage verification

Resource-Aware Configuration of Ubiquitous Multimedia Services

Resource-based approach to IT shared services in a manufacturing firm

Resource-based caching for web servers

Resource-Based Communication Placement Analysis

Resource-based scripting to stitch distributed components

Resource-bounded Baire category: A stronger approach

Resource-bounded balanced genericity, stochasticity and weak randomness

Resource-bounded instance complexity

Resource-bounded Kolmogorov complexity revisited

Resource-bounded partial evaluation

Resource-constrained project scheduling: a survey of recent developments

Resource-constrained scheduling of partitioned algorithms on processor arrays

Resource-distribution via Boolean constraints

Resources endowment, income distribution and needs for techno-logies among peri-urban smallholders in the Gambia

Respects for similarity

Respiration, oxidative phosphorylation, and uncoupling protein in Candida albicans

Respiratory effects of kynurenic acid microinjected into the ventromedullary surface of the rat

Respiratory mechanics and morphometric changes during anesthesia with ketamine in normal rats

Respiratory panic disorder subtype and sensitivity to the carbon dioxide challenge test

Respiratory pathophysiology: sleep-related breathing disorders

Respiratory syncytial virus and TNFalpha induction of chemokine gene expression involves differential activation of Rel A and NF-kappaB1

Responder anonymity and anonymous peer-to-peer file sharing

Responding to researchers' and faculty use patterns and perceptions of CDROM services

Response of Different Insect Pests to Some Sunflower (Helianthus annuus Linnaeus, Compositae) Genotypes and their Correlation with Yield Component under Field Conditions

Response Flexibility in Trifolium alexandrinum L. : A Phenomenon of Adaptation to Spatial and Temporal Disturbed Habitat

Response Flexibility in Trifolium alexandrinum L. : A Phenomenon of Adaptation to Spatial and Temporal Disturbed Habitat



Response Generation in Collaborative Negotiation

Response of Anabolic Capacities, Proline, Protein Patterns and Mineral Elements to Nickel and EDTA Stress in Chorcorus olitorius

Response of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) at Various Growth Stages to Salt Stress

Response of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) To Water Stress Imposed at Various Growth Stages

Response of Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) to Exogenous Putrescine Treatment under Salinity Stress

Response of Bean Seedlings to Nickel Toxicity: Role of Calcium

Response of Bean to Some Heavy Metals in Sewage Water

Response of Bovans Chicks to Dietary Commiphora myrrha, Glycyrrhiza glabra or Their Mixture

Response of Broilers to Antibiotic and Antistress Dietary Inclusion

Response of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Growth Towards the Foliar Application of Gibberellic Acid at Different Growth Stages

Response of Chilli to Integrated Fertilizer? Management in North-eastern Brown? Hill Soils of Bangladesh

Response of Cotton to Atonik and TIBA for Growth, Enzymes and Yield

Response of Cotton to Various Doses of NPK Fertilizers

Response of different cultivars of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) to three diferent sowing dates in the mid hill of swat valley

Response of Different Levels of Nitrogen from Broiler Droppings Towards Planktonic Biota of Major Carps Rearing Ponds

Response of Different Levels of Nitrogen from Broiler Droppings Towards Planktonic Biota of Major Carps Rearing Ponds

Response of Escherichia coli containing mycobacterial carotene genes to UV radiation

Response of F1 Tomato Hybrids to Different Levels of Plant Growth Regulators

Response of Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) to Gamma Irradiation and Gibberellic Acid Treatments

Response of Fourth Ratooning of Sugarcane to Different Patterns of Plantation and Seeding Densities

Response of Fourth Ratooning of Sugarcane to Different Patterns of Plantation and Seeding Densities

Response of Grapevines to Irrigation with Multicomponent Electrolyte Solutions in Presence of Chloride Salinity

Response of Hybrid and Inbred Rice Varieties to the Application Methods of Urea Supergranules and Prilled Urea

Response of Inoculum and Fertilizers on Nodulation and Economic Yield of Soybean Cultivars

Response of Irrigation and Weed Management on Productivity of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Under Middle Gujarat Condition

Response of Irrigation and Weed Management on Productivity of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Under Middle Gujarat Condition

Response of Irrigation Frequencies and Different Doses of N Fertilization on the Growth and Yield of Wheat

Response of Late Sown Wheat to Seeding Density and Nitrogen Management

Response of lymphocyte subsets and cytokines to Shenyang prescription in Sprague-Dawley rats with tongue squamous cell carcinomas induced by 4NQO

Response of Maize (Zea mays L.) Genotypes to NaCl Salinity Inducedat Various Growth Stages of Crop

Response of Maize (Zea mays L.) to NP Fertilization under Agro-climatic Conditions of Rawalakot Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Response of Maize Cultivars to Different NP-levels under Irrigated Condition in Peshawar Valley

Response of Maize Cultivars to Planting Dates and Weed Control Treatments

Response of Male Buffalo Calves to Different Levels of Energy and Protein in Finishing Diets

Response of Mouse Breast Cancer Cells to Anastrozole, Tamoxifen, and the Combination

Response of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) To Different Levels of Phosphorus

Response of mungbean culivars of different seeding densities at dry land conditions

Response of Mungbean Varieties to Different Sowing Dates

Response of Mustard to Boron Fertilization in Old Brahmaputra Floodplain Soil

Response of New Cotton Variety MNH-700 to Mepiquat Chloride under Varying Plant Population

Response of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) to Different Levels of N, P and K Fertilizers

Response of Radiation Induced Jute (Corchorus olitorius L.) Mutants Against Jute Stem Weevil, Apion corchori Marshall

Response of Red Sokoto and Sahelian Goats to Trickle Haemonchus contortus Infection

Response of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Cooking Quality Properties to Nitrogen and Potassium Application

Response of Rice Advance Line PB-95 to Potassium Application in Saline-sodic Soil

Response of Rice Cultivars to Rates of Nitrogen and Potassium Application in Field and Pot Conditions

Response of Rice Line PB-95 to Different NPK Levels


Response of Salt Stressed Ricinus communis L. To Exogenous Application of Glycerol and/or Aspartic Acid

Response of Soil Microflora, Microbial Biomass and Some Soil Enzymes to Baythroid (An Insecticide)

Response of Solanum pseudocapsicum to Watering Periods and Nitrogen Application

Response of Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] to Lime and Phosphorus Fertilizer Treatments on an Acidic Alfisol of Nigeria

Response of Stipa lagascae R. and Sch. to Protection under Arid Condition of Southern Tunisia

Response of Sugar Cane Varieties to Different Irrigation Intensities

Response of Summer Tomato to Hormone and Planting Time at Hill Slope

Response of Sunflower to Sulfidic Materials and Magnesium Sulfate as Sulfur Fertilizer

Response of Sweet Corn (Zea mays saccharata Sturt) to Nitrogen and Intra Row Spaces in Semi-arid Region

Response of Ten Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Cultivars Against Meloidogyne javanica (Treub) Chitwood and Disease Control by Fungal Filtrates

Response of the arterial blood pressure of quadriplegic patients to treadmill gait training

Response of the cytoplasmic and membrane proteome of Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 13032 to pH changes

Response of the lung after pneumonectomy in alloxan diabetic rats

Response of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Cultivars to MS, Water Agar and Salt Stress in in vitro Culture

Response of Transgenic Rice at Germination and Early Seedling Growth Under Salt Stress

Response of Tswana Goats to Mineral Supplementation under Intensive Management

Response of TT virus to IFN plus ribavirin treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C.

Response of Turmeric to Planting Material and Mulching in the Hilly Region of Bangladesh

Response of Turmeric to Zinc and Boron Fertilization

Response of two Cultivars of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) to Different Irrigation Levels

Response of Two Differentially Drought Tolerant Varieties of Maize to Drought Stress

Response of Two Differentially Drought Tolerant Varieties of Maize to Drought Stress

Response of two Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Cultivars to Different Levels of Nitrogen

Response of Various Sorghum Genotypes to Different Salinity Levels at Early Growth Stage

Response of Various Wheat Cultivars to Different Salinity Levels at Early Seedling Stage

Response of Vegetative Growth of Maize (Zea mays) to a Range of Salinity

Response of Water Stress and Nitrogen Fertilizer on Fresh Matter Production Of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.).

Response of Water Stressed Vigna sinensis Plants to Application of IAA and/or Oxalic Acid

Response of Weaner Pigs to Diets of Different Proportions and High Levels of Palm Kernel Meal and Brewers Dried Grain in the Humid Tropics K.U. Amaefule, S.N. Ibe, S.F. Abasiekong and O.C. Onwudike

Response of Weaner Rabbits Fed Graded Levels of Sweet Potato Meal in Place of Maize-Based Diet

Response of Weaner Rabbits to Concentrate Supplemented with Varying Levels of Syndrella nodiflora Forage

Response of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) to Application of Nitrogenous Fertilizer and Sewage Sludge

Response of Wheat to Applied Supplemental Potassium in Saline Sodic Soil

Response of Wheat to Combined High Temperature and Osmotic Stress During Maturation. II. Plant Water Relations

Response of Wheat to Combined High Temperature and Osmotic Stress During Maturation. II. Plant Water Relations

Response of wheat to combined high temperature and osmotic stresses during maturation. Plant photosynthesis and productivity

Response of wheat to combined high temperature and osmotic stresses during maturation. Plant photosynthesis and productivity

Response of Wheat to Potassium Application in Six Soil Series of Pakistan

Response of Wheat Yield Components to Type of N-Fertilizer, their Levels and Application Time

Response of Wheat Yield Components to Type of N-Fertilizer, their Levels and Application Time

Response Planning in Information-Seeking Dialogues

Response Properties of the Human Fusiform Face Area

Response rate of fibrosarcoma cells to cytotoxic drugs on the expression level correlates to the therapeutic response rate of fibrosarcomas and is mediated by regulation of apoptotic pathways

Response surface methodology: A neural network approach

Response threshold to aversive stimuli in stimulated early protein-malnourished rats

Response time bounds for parallel processor allocation policies

Response to an oral calcium load in nephrolithiasis patients with fluctuating parathyroid hormone and ionized calcium levels

Response to High Frequency Callus Induction Ability from Root Regions of Germinated Embryo in Indica Rice

Response to Honey Bee Stings

Response to M. tuberculosis selected RD1 peptides in Ugandan HIV-infected patients with smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis: a pilot study

Response to recurrent selection under small effective population size


Responses of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Spores Isolated from Heavy Metal-polluted and Unpolluted Soil to Zn, Cd, Pb and Their Interactions in vitro

Responses of cancer cells with wild-type or tyrosine kinase domain-mutated epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) to EGFR-targeted therapy are linked to downregulation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α

Responses of genes involved in cell cycle control to diverse DNA damaging chemicals in human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells

Responses of Laying Chickens to Diets Formulated by Following Different Feeding Standards

Responses of leaf processing to impacts in streams in Atlantic rain Forest, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - a test of the biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationship?

Responses of Sunflower Yield and Grain Filling Period to Plant Density and Weed Interference

Responses of V. vinifera subsp. sylvestris (C.C. Gmelin) Ecotypes Originated from Two Different Geographical Regions of Turkey to Salinity Stress at Seed Germination and Plantlet Stages

Responsiveness of bovine cumulus-oocyte-complexes (COC) to porcine and recombinant human FSH, and the effect of COC quality on gonadotropin receptor and Cx43 marker gene mRNAs during maturation in vitro

Responsiveness of glycogen breakdown to cyclic AMP in perfused liver from rats with insulin-induced hypoglycemia

Respostas de indivأ­duos jovens de Tibouchina pulchra Cogn. أ  poluiأ§أ£o aأ©rea de Cubatأ£o, SP: fotossأ­ntese lأ­quida, crescimento e quأ­mica foliar

Respostas fisiolأ³gicas em mudas de maracujazeiro amarelo (Passiflora edulis Sims. f. flavicarpa Deg.) inoculadas com fungos micorrأ­zicos arbusculares e submetidas a estresse hأ­drico

Respuestas morfolأ³gicas y anatأ³micas de Tessaria absinthioides (Hook. et Arn.) DC. a la salinidad

Restart strategies and Internet congestion,??? in

Restarted GMRES preconditioned by deflation

Restauraciأ³n de bosques en territorios indأ­genas de Chiapas: modelos ecolأ³gicos y estrategias de acciأ³n

Restaurant outbreak of Legionnaires' disease associated with a decorative fountain: an environmental and case-control study

Resting respiratory behavior in minimally instrumented toads - effects of very long apneas on blood gases and pH

Restoration and enhancement of fingerprint images using M-Lattice -- a novel non-linear dynamical system

Restoration of adenosine deaminase, histamine, and IgE in organs of mice injected with cobra venom followed by specific treatment and reversal period

Restoration of calcareous grasslands: the role of the soil seed bank and seed dispersal for recolonisation processes

Restoration of compressed video using temporal information

Restoration of hearing by hearing aids: conventional hearing aids – implantable hearing aids – cochlear implants – auditory brainstem implants

Restoration of Oak Forests in Soils Compacted by Human and Livestock

Restoration of tumor suppressor miR-34 inhibits human p53-mutant gastric cancer tumorspheres

Restoration strategies and spare capacity requirements in self-healing atm networks

Restorative procedures in cases of impaired voice function following complete laryngectomy

Restorative procedures in disturbed function of the upper airways - nasal breathing

Restraint-induced hypoactivity in an elevated plus-maze

Restricted bayes optimal classifiers

Restricted changes in major surface protein-2 (msp2) transcription after prolonged in vitro passage of Anaplasma phagocytophilum

Restricted colorings of graphs

Restricted duty hours for surgeons and impact on residents quality of life, education, and patient care: a literature review

Restricted mobility of Dnmt1 in preimplantation embryos: implications for epigenetic reprogramming

Restricted monotonicity

Restricted role-value-maps in a description logic with existential restrictions and terminological cycles

Restricting network access to system daemons under SunOS

Restricting the weak-generative capacity of synchronous tree-adjoining grammars

Restriction Enzyme Analysis and DNA Sequencing Comparison for خ±-toxin Gene among Different Types of <I>Clostridium perfringens</I>

Restriction fragment analysis of the ribosomal DNA of Paratelmatobius and Scythrophrys species (Anura, Leptodactylidae)

Restriction Fragment Length and Single Strand Conformational Polymorphisms in Chicken Mitochondrial Phosphoenol-Pyruate Carboxykinase Gene and its Association with Egg Production

Restriction fragment length polymorphisms of mitochondrial DNA among five freshwater fish species of the genus Astyanax (Pisces, Characidae)

Restriction of a Markov Random Field on a Graph and Multiresolution Statistical Image Modeling

Restriction site heteroplasmy in the mitochondrial DNA of Brycon opalinus (Cuvier, 1819) (Characiformes, Characidae, Bryconiae)

Restructuring a Parallel Simulation to Improve Cache Behavior in a Shared-Memory Multiprocessor: A First Experience

Restructuring Arrays for Efficient Parallel Loop Execution

Restructuring databases for knowledge discovery by consolidation and link formation

Restructuring Fortran Programs for Cedar

Restructuring of COBOL/CICS Legacy Systems

Restructuring requirements specifications for inconsistency analysis: A case study

Restructuring requirements Specifications for Managing Inconsistency and Change: A Case Study&quot;, (to appear in

Restructuring sequential Fortran code into a parallel/distributed application

Result ranking for structured queries against XML documents

Resultants Semantics for PROLOG

Results and implications of the noisy data projects

Results based on 124 cases of breast cancer and 97 controls from Taiwan suggest that the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP309) in the MDM2 gene promoter is associated with earlier onset and increased risk of breast cancer

Results for outdoor-SLAM using sparse extended information filters

Results from the first world-wide web user survey

Results from the Third WWW User Survey

Results of applying probabilistic IR to OCR text

Results of letrozole in postmenopausal women after tamoxifen treatment for advanced breast cancer

Results of paclitaxel (day 1 and 8) and carboplatin given on every three weeks in advanced (stage III-IV) non-small cell lung cancer

Results of radiation therapy combined with nedaplatin (cis-diammine-glycoplatinum) and 5-Fluorouracil for postoperative locoregional recurrent esophageal cancer

Results of soy-based meal replacement formula on weight, anthropometry, serum lipids & blood pressure during a 40-week clinical weight loss trial

Results of the abbadingo one DFA learning competition and a new evidence-driven state merging algorithm

Results on k-sets and j-facets via continuous motion

Results on translating defaults to circumscription

Resveratrol inhibits nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in rats

Resveratrol interferes with AKT activity and triggers apoptosis in human uterine cancer cells

Resynthesizing facial animation through 3d model-based tracking

ret/PTC-1 expression alters the immunoprofile of thyroid follicular cells

Retargetable assembly code generation by bootstrapping

Retargetable code generation based on structural processor descriptions. Design Automation for Embedded Systems

Retargetable Instruction Scheduling for Pipelined Processors

Retargetable self-test program generation using constraint logic programming

Retargetable Timing Analyzer for RISC Processors

Retention behaviour of some estradiol derivatives on alumina in normal phase chromatography

Rethinking Breast Self-Examinations: Are We Asking the Right Questions?

Rethinking database system architecture: Towards a self-tuning RISC-style database system

Rethinking text segmentation models: An information extraction case study

Reticulate phylogeny of gastropod-shell-breeding cichlids from Lake Tanganyika – the result of repeated introgressive hybridization

Re-tiling polygonal surfaces

Retiming sequential circuits for low power

Retinitis pigmentosa

Retinoic acid is a potential dorsalising signal in the late embryonic chick hindbrain

Retinoic acid reduces human neuroblastoma cell migration and invasiveness: effects on DCX, LIS1, neurofilaments-68 and vimentin expression

Retinoic acid signaling and the evolution of chordates

Retinoid and thiazolidinedione therapies in melanoma: an analysis of differential response based on nuclear hormone receptor expression

Retinol improves bovine embryonic development in vitro

Retinol-induced changes in the phosphorylation levels of histones and high mobility group proteins from Sertoli cells

Retraction: Inactivation of MAP kinase signalling in Myc Transformed Cells and Rescue by LiCl inhibition of GSK3

Retractions in comparing Prolog semantics

Retransmission Scheduling in Layered Video Caches

Retransmission-based partially reliable transport service: an analytic model

Retrieval and reasoning in distributed case bases

Retrieval from image databases using scale-space matching

Retrieval issues in real-world CBR applications: How far can we go with discrimination-nets

Retrieval methods of effective cloud cover from the GOME instrument: an intercomparison

Retrieval of broadcast news documents with the THISL system

Retrieval of broadcast news speech in Mandarin Chinese collected in Taiwan using syllable-level statistical characteristics

Retrieval of CO from SCIAMACHY onboard ENVISAT: detection of strongly polluted areas and seasonal patterns in global CO abundances

Retrieval of Complex Objects Using a Four-Valued Logic

Retrieval of Deformed and Occluded Shapes using Dynamic Programming

Retrieval of nitrogen dioxide stratospheric profiles from ground-based zenith-sky UV-visible observations: validation of the technique through correlative comparisons

Retrieval of ozone column content from airborne Sun photometer measurements during SOLVE II: comparison with coincident satellite and aircraft measurements

Retrieval of scattered information by EREW, CREW and CRCW PRAMs&quot;, manuscript

Retrieval of Spoken Documents: First Experiences. Departmental Research

Retrieval of stratospheric ozone profiles from MIPAS/ENVISAT limb emission spectra: a sensitivity study

Retrieval of temperature and water vapor profiles from radio occultation refractivity and bending angle measurements using an Optimal Estimation approach: a simulation study

Retrieval of trade mark images by shape feature

Retrieval of upper tropospheric water vapor and upper tropospheric humidity from AMSU radiances

Retrieval Performance Improvement through Low Rank Corrections

Retrieving and integrating data from multiple information sources

Retrieving collocations from Korean text

Retrieving Collocations from Text: Xtract

Retrieving descriptive phrases from large amounts of free text

Retrieving Images by 2D Shape: A Comparison of Computation Methods with Human Perceptual Judgments

Retrieving images by appearance

Retrieving Information in Distributed Multimedia Databases

Retrieving Semantically Distant Analogies with Knowledge-Directed Spreading Activation

Retrieving the vertical distribution of stratospheric OClO from Odin/OSIRIS limb-scattered sunlight measurements

Retrieving Web pages using content, links, URLs and anchors

Retrieving with good sense

Retrobulbar Versus Topical Anesthesia for Phacoemulsification

Retrodental synovial cyst which disappeared after posterior C1-C2 fusion: A case report.

Retrofit design of multipurpose batch plants with multiple production routes

Retrofitting BACs with G418 resistance, luciferase, and oriP and EBNA-1 – new vectors for in vitro and in vivo delivery

Retrofitting decision tree classifiers using kernel density estimation

Retrofitting Quality of Service into a Time-Sharing Operating System

Retrograde femoral interlocking nail in complex fractures.

Retroperitoneal Cystic Metastases from Renal Cell Carcinoma

Retroperitoneal giant schwannomas: report on two cases and review of the literature.

Retro-peritoneal plasmacytoma: A case report and review of literature

Retrospectiva del bosque de pino y encino de la sierra madre occidental, sonora, noroeste de Mأ©xico, hace 1000 aأ±os

Retrospective analysis of antibiotic susceptibility patterns of respiratory isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a Turkish University Hospital

Retrospective analysis of protein kinase C-beta (PKC-β) expression in lymphoid malignancies and its association with survival in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas

Retrospective analysis of role of interstitial brachytherapy using template (MUPIT) in locally advanced gynecological malignancies

Retrospective Analysis of T and B Cells Flow-Cross Matches in Renal Transplant Recipients

Retrospective study of 668 cultures for mycobacteria in a reference hospital for AIDS in Southern Brazil

Retrospective study of adenovirus in autopsied pulmonary tissue of pediatric fatal pneumonia in South China

Retrotransposition-Competent Human LINE-1 Induces Apoptosis in Cancer Cells With Intact p53

Retrotranspositions in orthologous regions of closely related grass species

Retroviral DNA Integration: ASLV, HIV, and MLV Show Distinct Target Site Preferences

Retroviral expression of a kinase-defective IGF-I receptor suppresses growth and causes apoptosis of CHO and U87 cells in-vivo

Retroviral transfer of the p16INK4a cDNA inhibits C6 glioma formation in Wistar rats

Retroviral Vector Biosafety: Lessons from Sheep

Retroviral vectors for establishing tetracycline-regulated gene expression in an otherwise recalcitrant cell line

Retrovirus-delivered siRNA

Retting of Green Jute Ribbons (Corchorus capsularis var. CVL-1) with Fungal Culture

REUNITE: A recursive unicast approach to multicast

Reusability of Concerns

Reusable Coordinator Modules for Massively Concurrent Applications

Re-usable ODMG-based Templates for Web View Generation and Restructuring

Reusable ontologies, knowledge-acquisition tools, and performance systems: prot??g??-ii solutions to Sisyphus-2

Reuse and Abstraction in Verification: Agents Acting in a Dynamic Environment

Reuse by contract

Reuse by Program Transformation

Reuse Contracts: Managing Evolution in Adaptable Systems

Reuse contracts: Managing the evolution of reusable assets

Reuse of information through virtual documents

Reuse of off-the-shelf components in C2-style architectures

Reuse of Problem-Solving Methods and Family Resemblances

Reuse of proofs in software verification

Reuse of single-dose nevirapine in subsequent pregnancies for the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission in Lusaka, Zambia: A cohort study

Reuse of verified design templates through extended pattern matching

Reuse through inheritance: A quantitative study of c++ software

Reuse, parameterized reuse, and hierarchical reuse of substructures in evolving electrical circuits using genetic programming

Reuse, portability and parallel libraries

Reuse-driven interprocedural slicing

Reuse-driven interprocedural slicing in the presence of pointers and recursion

Reusing analogous components

Reusing force deployment plans

Reusing invariants: A new strategy for correlated queries

Reusing learned policies between similar problems

Reusing object-oriented designs

Reusing Old Policies to Accelerate Learning on New MDPs

Reusing proofs

Reusing software developments

Revealing biases inherent in recombination protocols

Revealing cell cycle control by combining model-based detection of periodic expression with novel cis-regulatory descriptors

Revealing Class Structure with Concept Lattices

Revealing divergent evolution, identifying circular permutations and detecting active-sites by protein structure comparison

Revealing information while preserving privacy

Revealing pancrustacean relationships: Phylogenetic analysis of ribosomal protein genes places Collembola (springtails) in a monophyletic Hexapoda and reinforces the discrepancy between mitochondrial and nuclear DNA markers

Revealing Posttranscriptional Regulatory Elements Through Network-Level Conservation.

revEELing Solaris

Reveliotis. Reinforcement learning: Architectures and algorithms

Revenue Management in a Dynamic Network Environment

Revenue-maximizing pricing and capacity expansion in a many-users regime

Reversal by methylene blue of tetanic fade induced in cats by nitric oxide

Reversal of 5-flouroucial resistance by adenovirus-mediated transfer of wild-type p53 gene in multidrug-resiatant human colon carcinoma LoVo/5-FU cells.

Reversal of High dietary fructose-induced PPARα suppression by oral administration of lipoxygenase/cyclooxygenase inhibitors

Reversal of liver fibrosis

Reversal of multidrug resistance in drug-resistant human gastric cancer cell line SGC7901/VCR by antiprogestin drug mifepristone.

Reversal of Systemic Hypertension-Associated Cardiac Remodeling in Chronic Pressure Overload Myocardium by Ciglitazone

Reverse Engineering by Visualizing and Querying

Reverse engineering of real-time assembly code

Reverse engineering of relational database applications

Reverse engineering of the UML class diagram from C++ code in presence of weakly typed containers

Reverse Engineering: Resolving Conflicts between Expected and Actual Software Designs

Reverse hillclimbing, genetic algorithms and the busy beaver problem

Reverse if-conversion

Reverse nearest neighbor queries for dynamic databases

Reverse Pivoting in Conceptual Information Systems

Reverse queries in DATR

Reverse reachability analysis: a new technique for deadlock detection on communicating finite state machines,&quot; Software Practice and Experience

Reverse search for enumeration

Reverse tdnn: an architecture for trajectory generation

Reverse transcriptase-PCR differential display analysis of meningococcal transcripts during infection of human cells: Up-regulation of priA and its role in intracellular replication

Reversed cross finger subcutaneous flap: A rapid way to cover finger defects

Reversed Expression of the JAK/STAT Pathway Related Proteins Prolactin Receptor and STAT5a in Normal and Abnormal Breast Epithelial Cells

Reversed-phase thin-layer chromatography of some angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and their active metabolites

Reversibility and adiabatic computation: trading time and space for energy

Reversibility of Photosynthetic Inhibition After Long-term Exposure of Wheat Plants (Triticum aestivum L. Cvs. Sesquehanna and Gore) to Elevated Levels of Ozone


Reversible Adaptive Regularization I: Perturbed Kepler Motion and Classical Atomic Trajectories

Reversible adaptive regularization: perturbed Kepler motion and classical atomic trajectories

Reversible electronic logic using switches

Reversible inactivation of the transcriptional function of P53 protein by farnesylation

Reversible jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo computation and Bayesian model determination

Reversible long-term integration with variable step sizes

Reversible Machine Translation: What to Do When the Languages Don't Match Up

Reversible Markov chains and optimality of symmetrized empirical estimators

Reversible Renal Failure in Hypertensive Idiopathic Nephrotics Treated with Captopril

Reversible Simulation of Irreversible Computation

Reversible space equals deterministic space

Reversible Unification Based Machine Translation

Reversible variable length codes for efficient and robust image and video coding

Reversible wavelet transforms and their application to embedded image compression

Reversible, Irreversible and Optimal -machines

Reversion of the ELISPOT test after treatment in Gambian tuberculosis cases


Review article: knee flexion after total knee arthroplasty.

Review article: Paediatric bone and joint infection.

Review Article: Polyethylene wear and osteolysis in total hip arthroplasty.

Review of bandwidth estimation techniques

Review of clinical and laboratory features of human Brucellosis

Review of cytokine profiles in patients with hepatitis.


Review of Pasteurella Multocida Infections over a Twelve-Year Period in a Tertiary Care Hospital


Review of the Y chromosome and hypertension

Review of Thrombotic Microangiopathy (TMA), and Post- Renal Transplant TMA

Review on Sequencing Batch Reactors

Reviewing the design of DAML+OIL: An ontology language for the semantic web

REVINOS: An Interactive Revision Tool Based on the Concept of Situation

ReVirt: Enabling Intrusion Analysis through Virtual-Machine Logging and Replay

REVISE Report: An Architecture for a Diagnosis Agent

REVISE: An extended logic programming system for revising knowledge bases

Revised 4 report on the algorithmic language Scheme

Revising beliefs and intentions: A unified framework for agent interaction

Revising Transaction Concepts for Mobile Computing

Revising User Profiles: The Search for Interesting Web Sites

Revisiأ³n taxonأ³mica del complejo Acutifoliae de Quercus (Fagaceae) con أ©nfasis en su representaciأ³n en Mأ©xico

Revisiأ³n taxonأ³mica del gأ©nero Tetranema (Scrophulariaceae)

Revision of production system rule-bases

Revision of QoS Guarantees at the Application/Network Interface

Revision of total hip arthroplasty using an anterior cortical window, extensive strut allografts, and an impaction graft: follow-up study.

Revision programming

Revision Specifications by Means of Programs

Revisions of Knowledge Systems using Epistemic Entrenchment

Revisiting adverse effects of cross-hybridization in Affymetrix gene expression data: do they matter for correlation analysis?

Revisiting catamorphisms over datatypes with embedded functions (or, programs from outer space

Revisiting Commit Processing in Distributed Database Systems

Revisiting lisys: Parameters and normal behavior

Revisiting the edge of chaos: Evolving cellular automata to perform computations

Revisiting the Kinetics and Mechanism of Bromate-Bromide Reaction

Revisiting the Visit: Understanding How Technology Can Shape the Museum Visit

Revisأ£o taxonأ´mica do gأھnero Periandra Mart. ex Benth. (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae, Phaseoleae)

Revival of the side-to-side approach for distal coronary anastomosis

ReVive: cost-effective architectural support for rollback recovery in shared-memory multiprocessors

Reviving the Game of Checkers

Revocation and Tracing Schemes for Stateless Receivers

Revolutionizing Science and Engineering Through Cyberinfrastructure

Revue bibliographique : l'hydroperoxyde lyase

Revue bibliographique: les mأ©thodes chimiques d'identification et de classification des champignons

Reward and Diversity in Multirobot Foraging

Reward functions for accelerated learning

Reward maximization in a non-stationary mobile robot environment

Reweighting Monte Carlo mixtures

Rewind, repair, replay: Three R???s to dependability

Rewrite systems

Rewriting aggregate queries using views

Rewriting Executable Files to Measure Program Behavior

Rewriting extended regular expressions

Rewriting for Cryptographic Protocol Verification

Rewriting logic as a unifying framework for Petri nets

Rewriting modulo a rewrite system

Rewriting of Regular Expressions and Regular Path Queries

Rewriting on cyclic structures

Rewriting skeleton programs: How to evaluate the data-parallel stream-parallel tradeo

Rewriting strategies for instruction selection

Rex1/Zfp42 is dispensable for pluripotency in mouse ES cells

RFAM: an RNA family database

RFID Systems and Security and Privacy Implications

RG: A case-study for aspect-oriented programming

RGB Intensity Based Variable-Bits Image Steganography

Rhabdomyosarcoma cells show an energy producing anabolic metabolic phenotype compared with primary myocytes

Rhabdomyosarcoma of thumb: A case report with review of literature

Rheb-TOR signaling promotes protein synthesis, but not glucose or amino acid import, in Drosophila

Rheokinetic study of crosslinking of a,w-dihydroxy oligo(alkylene maleate)s with a trisisocyanate

Rheological and mechanical properties of wood flour filled polyisoprene/chlorosulphonated polyethylene rubber blends

Rheological Behavior of Ph-Responsive Associating Ionic Polymers of Diallyammonium Salts and Sulfur Dioxide

Rheological investigation of the influence of acrylate polymers on the modification of asphalt

Rheological investigation of the influence of acrylate polymers on the modification of asphalt

Rheological investigation of the influence of molecular structure on natural and accelerated UV degradation of linear low density polyethylene

Rheological study of the influence of branch content on the miscibility of octene m-LLDPE and ZN-LLDPE in LDPE

Rheological study of the influence of M-w and comonomer type on the miscibility of m-LLDPE and LDPE blends

Rheumatoid arthritis probably induced by pegylated interferon in a patient with chronic hepatitis C.

Rheumatoid factor and tobacco exposure

Rhinocerebral mucormycosis treated with 32 gram liposomal amphotericin B and incomplete surgery: a case report

Rhinoplasty – indications and techniques

Rhinosinusitis derived Staphylococcal enterotoxin B plays a possible role in pathogenesis of food allergy

Rhinosinusitis derived Staphylococcal enterotoxin B possibly associates with pathogenesis of ulcerative colitis

Rhizopogon (Rhizopogonaceae): hypogeous fungi in exotic plantations from the State of Sأ£o Paulo, Brazil

Rhizopus arrhizus An efficient fungus for copper effluent treatment

Rhizosphere Mycoflora of Black Mangrove Seedling at Karachi Coast

Rhodamine-RCA in vivo labeling guided laser capture microdissection of cancer functional angiogenic vessels in a murine squamous cell carcinoma mouse model

Rhodium(II)-Catalysed Intramolecular O-H Insertion of a-Diazo-g-Azido-d-Hydroxy-b-Ketoesters: Evidence for a Novel Sigmatropic Rearrangement of an Allylic Azide Intermediate

Rhodium-catalyzed hydroformylation of olefins: Effect of [bis(2,4-di-tert-butyl) pentaerythritol] diphosphite (alkanox P-24) on the regioselectivity of the reaction

Rhodium-Prussian Blue modified carbon paste electrode (Rh-PBMCPE) for amperometric detection of hydrogen peroxide

Rhodococcus erythropolis ATCC 25544 as a suitable source of cholesterol oxidase: cell-linked and extracellular enzyme synthesis, purification and concentration

Rho-kinase regulates tissue morphogenesis via non-muscle myosin and LIM-kinase during Drosophila development

rHVDM – a fast and user-friendly R package to predict transcription factor targets from microarray time series data

Rhynchophorus phoenicis (F) Larva Meal: Nutritional Value and Health Implications

Rhythm Detection for Speech-Music Discrimination

Rhythmic expression of Nocturnin mRNA in multiple tissues of the mouse

Rhythmic expression of the cycle gene in a hematophagous insect vector

Ribavirin: An Effective Drug for Treatment of Children with Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever: A Seven-years Experience

Ribeiro's typology, genomes, and Spanish colonialism, as viewed from Gran Canaria and Colombia

Ribofuranose as a carrier of tetraoxane and 4-aminoquinoline antimalarial pharmacophores

Ribosomal intergenic spacer (IGS) length variation across the Drosophilinae (Diptera: Drosophilidae)

Ribosome formation from subunits studied by stopped-flow and Rayleigh light scattering

RiboWeb: Linking Structural Computations to a Knowledge Base of Published Experimental Data

Ricci collineations of spherically symmetric spacetimes

RICD: A rice indica cDNA database resource for rice functional genomics

Rice Growth as Influenced by Zn:P Ratio of the Growth Medium

Rice insect pests of Pakistan and their control: A lesson from past for sustainable future integrated pest management

Rice Optimal Water Use in Different Air Temperatures at Flowering, Nitrogen Rates and Plant Populations

Rice Straw Losses and its Impact on Livestock Rearing in Bangladesh

Rice Straw Pulping with Oxide Added Soda-Oxygen-Anthraquinone

Rice Straw, It`s Quality and Quantity as Affected by Storage Systems in Bangladesh

Rice Varieties Tonoplast and Plasma Membrane H+-ATPases Differential Activities in Response to Nitrate Pulses

Rice Yellow Mottle Virus stress responsive genes from susceptible and tolerant rice genotypes

Rice-cum-fish Farming in Selected Areas of Mymensingh District

Rice-wheat Response to Integrated Nutrient Management With Special Emphasis on Zinc Fertilization

Ricin and the Assassination of Georgi Markov

Ridge flow models for image segmentation

Ridge functions and orthonormal ridgelets

Ridge regression learning algorithm in dual variables

Ridge's corner detection and correspondence

Riding a tiger, or Computer Supported Cooperative Work

RIDOM: Comprehensive and public sequence database for identification of Mycobacterium species

Riemann surfaces, plane algebraic curves and their period matrices

Rifaximin for maintenance therapy in antibiotic-dependent pouchitis

RIFLE: A general purpose pin-level fault injector

RIFO revisited: Detecting relaxed irrelevance

Right lung agenesis

Right pulmonary artery occlusion by an acute dissecting aneurysm of the ascending aorta

Rights and commitments in multi-agent agreements

Rigi: A visualization environment for reverse engineering

Rigid Body Segmentation and Shape Description from Dense Optical Flow Under Weak Perspective

Rigid body simulation

Rigid Bronchoscope Combined with Soft Electronic Bronchoscope for Treatment of Main Airway Neoplasma

Rigid Hypertableaux

Rigid internal fixation of zygoma fractures: A comparison of two-point and three-point fixation

Rigid reachability

Rigidity Checking of 3D point Correspondences under Perspective Projection

Rigorous Compiler Implementation Correctness: How to Prove the Real Thing Correct


Rigorous development of a safety-critical system based on coordinated atomic actions

Rigorous learning curve bounds from statistical mechanics

Rigorous time/space tradeoffs for inverting functions

Rijke. A modal perspective on path constraints

Rijke. A tableau calculus for pronoun resolution

Rijke. Classifying description logics

Rijke. Feature Interaction as a Satisfiability Problem

Rijke. Path constraints from a modal logic point of view (extended abstract

Rijke. Shallow morphological analysis in monolingual information retrieval for Dutch, German and Italian

Rijke. Tree-based Heuristics in Modal Theorem Proving

Rijsbergen. Probabilistic models of information retrieval based on measuring divergence from randomness

Ring around the PIG: A parallel GA with only local interactions coupled with a selfreconfigurable hardware platform to implement an O(1) evolutionary cycle for evolvable hardware

Ring Inversion, Structural Stability And Vibrational Assignments Of Sulfolane C-C4H8SO2 And 3-Sulfolene C-C4H6SO2

Ring network design for metropolitan area networks

Ring routing and wavelength translation

Ring-based ordering protocols


RIPEMD-160: A Strengthened Version of RIPEMD

Ripping coins for a fair exchange

Ripple-Down Rationality: A Framework for Maintaining PSMs

RISC microprocessors and scientific computing

RISC-CLP(CF) Constraint Logic Programming over Complex Functions

Rise of oceanographic barriers in continuous populations of a cetacean: the genetic structure of harbour porpoises in Old World waters

Rising plasma nociceptin level during development of HCC: a case report.

Risk adjustment is crucial in comparing outcomes of various surgical modalities in patients with ileal perforation

Risk and expectations in a-priori time allocation in multi-agent contracting

Risk assessment does not explain high prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus in a large group of Sardinian women

Risk assessment in construction

Risk Assessment of Tributyltin Oxide in Aquatic Environment: A. Toxicity and Sublethal Effects on Brain AChE and Gill ATPases Activity of Tilapia Fish, Oreochromis niloticus

Risk Assessment of Tributyltin Oxide in Aquatic Environment: A. Toxicity and Sublethal Effects on Brain AChE and Gill ATPases Activity of Tilapia Fish, Oreochromis niloticus

Risk estimation of distant metastasis in node-negative, estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer patients using an RT-PCR based prognostic expression signature

Risk factors and associated problems in the management of infections with methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Risk factors associated with atrial fibrillation in early period after operation of lung cancer

Risk factors associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in subjects from primary care units. A case-control study

Risk Factors for a Complicated Clinical Course Among Women Hospitalized With Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Risk factors for acquisition of hepatitis C virus infection: a case series and potential implications for disease surveillance

Risk factors for acute respiratory tract infections in general practitioner patients in The Netherlands: a case-control study

Risk factors for alcoholic liver disease in China.

Risk factors for alloimmunization by patients with sickle cell disease

Risk factors for decreased bone density in premenopausal women

Risk factors for esophageal cancer in Coimbatore, southern India : a hospital-based case-control study.

Risk factors for excess weight loss and hypernatremia in exclusively breast-fed infants

Risk factors for fatal candidemia caused by Candida albicans and non-albicans Candida species

Risk factors for glucose intolerance in active acromegaly

Risk Factors for Hepatitis C Infection Among Sexually Transmitted Disease-Infected, Inner City Obstetric Patients

Risk factors for high anti-HHV-8 antibody titers (≥1:51,200) in black, HIV-1 negative South African cancer patients: a case control study

Risk factors for mediastinitis after cardiac surgery – a retrospective analysis of 1700 patients

Risk factors for negative blood cultures in adult medical inpatients – a retrospective analysis

Risk factors for ovarian failure in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Risk factors for poor virological outcome at 12 months in a workplace-based antiretroviral therapy programme in South Africa: A cohort study

Risk Factors for Preeclampsia in Multigravida Women

Risk factors for the development of rotator cuff disease

Risk factors influencing recurrence following resection of pancreatic head cancer.

Risk Factors of Asthma in 2-8 Years Old Children Referred to Out-Patient Clinic of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Risk factors of development of gut-derived bacterial translocation in thermally injured rats.

Risk Factors of Erythrocytosis Post Renal Transplantation

Risk Management in Aquaculture by Controlled Feeding Regimen

Risk of bleeding in surgical patients treated with topical bovine thrombin sealants: a review of the literature

Risk of Hepatitis B Transmission After Amniocentesis in Chronic Hepatitis B Carriers

Risk of hepatitis B virus transmission by diagnostic hysteroscopy

Risk of needle stick injuries in health care workers - A report

Risk of Perinatal Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus in Jordan

Risk of surgical site infection and efficacy of antibiotic prophylaxis: a cohort study of appendectomy patients in Thailand

Risk score for contrast induced nephropathy following percutaneous coronary intervention

Risk sensitive optimal control: Existence and synthesis for models with unbounded cost

Risk sensitive particle filters

Risk-based maintenance planning of cross-country pipelines

Risk-of-failure calculation accuracy

Risks and complications in rhinoplasty

Risks associated with trenching works in Saudi Arabia

Risks of cracking and delamination in patch repair

Risks of the passport single signon protocol

Risk-sensitive planning with probabilistic decision graphs

Risky sexual practices among youth attending a sexually transmitted infection clinic in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

River Sediment Analysis by Slurry Sampling FAAS: Determination of Copper, Zinc and Lead

Rivet: A Flexible Environment for Computer Systems Visualization


Rl-tops: An architecture for modularity and re-use in reinforcement learning

RMBNToolbox: random models for biochemical networks

RMCase: Computer-aided support for hypermedia design and development

RMM: a methodology for structured hypermedia design

RMTP: A reliable multicast transport protocol

RMX: Reliable Multicast for Heterogeneous Networks

RNA and DNA aptamers as potential tools to prevent cell adhesion in disease

RNA editing and alternative splicing of the insect nAChR subunit alpha6 transcript: evolutionary conservation, divergence and regulation

RNA extraction from ten year old formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded breast cancer samples: a comparison of column purification and magnetic bead-based technologies

RNA Interference – Regulations and Application in Oncology

RNA Interference against MDR1 but not MRP1 Reverses Drug Resistance in Human Small-Cell Lung Cancer Cells

RNA interference is ineffective as a routine method for gene silencing in chick embryos as monitored by fgf8 silencing

RNA interference-mediated c-MYC inhibition prevents cell growth and decreases sensitivity to radio- and chemotherapy in childhood medulloblastoma cells

RNA modeling using Gibbs sampling and stochastic context free grammars

RNA mutagenesis yields highly diverse mRNA libraries for in vitro protein evolution

Rna pseudoknot modeling using intersections of stochastic context free grammars with applications to database search

RNA quality in frozen breast cancer samples and the influence on gene expression analysis – a comparison of three evaluation methods using microcapillary electrophoresis traces

RNA Secondary Structure as a Reusable Interface to Biological Information Resources

RNA secondary structure: A complete mathematical analysis

RNA silencing can explain chlorotic infection patterns on plant leaves

RNA triphosphatase is essential in Schizosaccharomyces pombe and Candida albicans

RNA Viral Community in Human Feces: Prevalence of Plant Pathogenic Viruses.

RNA:protein ratio of the unicellular organism as a characteristic of phosphorous and nitrogen stoichiometry and of the cellular requirement of ribosomes for protein synthesis

RNAi-based conditional gene knockdown in mice using a U6 promoter driven vector

RNAi-directed downregulation of OsBADH2 results in aroma (2-acetyl-1-pyrroline) production in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

RNAi-mediated gene silencing in tick synganglia: A proof of concept study

RNAi-Mediated Knockdown Showing Impaired Cell Survival in Drosophila Wing Imaginal Disc

RNAP: A resource negotiation and pricing protocol

RNase MRP and the RNA processing cascade in the eukaryotic ancestor

RNAstrand: reading direction of structured RNAs in multiple sequence alignments

RNC-approximation algorithms for the Steiner problem

RNI: Low-latency, dilated, crossbar router

Rأ©manence des utilisations anciennes et gestion conservatoire des pelouses calcicoles en France

Rأ©ponse physiologique et productivitأ© des cultures dans un systأ¨me agroforestier traditionnel : cas du maأ¯s Zea mays L.) associأ© au karitأ© (Vitellaria paradoxa Gaertn) dans la zone est du Burkina Faso

Road collapse in magnum


ROADMAP: Extending the Gaia Methodology for Complex Open Systems

RoadRunner: Towards automatic data extraction from large Web sites

Roam: A Scalable Replication System for Mobile Computing

ROAMing terrain: real-time optimally adapting meshes

Roams: Rover analysis, modeling and simulation

Robertsonian rearrangements in the reef fish Chromis (Perciformes, Pomacentridae) involving chromosomes bearing 5s rRNA genes

Roberts-SC syndrome, a rare syndrome and cleft palate repair

Robmod: A geometry engine for robotics

Robocup jr. with lego mindstorms

ROBODIS: A Dispatching System for Multiple Autonomous Service Robots

RoboLog Koblenz 2000

Robo-shepherd: Learning complex robotic behaviors

Robot environment modeling via principal component regression

Robot evidence grids

Robot formations using only local sensing and control

Robot hand-eye coordination based on stereo vision

Robot herds: Group behaviors for systems with significant dynamics

Robot learning and self-sufficiency: What the energy-level can tell us about a robot's performance

Robot localization from landmarks using recursive total least squares

Robot map building by Kohonen 's self-organizing neural networks

Robot map verification of a graph world

Robot Motion Planning in Unknown Environments Using Neural Networks

Robot motion planning integrating planning strategies and learning methods

Robot navigation for automatic model construction using safe regions

Robot navigation from a Gibsonian viewpoint

Robot navigation using image sequences

Robot oriented state space construction

Robot Planning

Robot Pose Estimation in Unknown Environments by Matching 2D Range Scans

Robot Shaping: Developing Situated Agents through Learning

Robot sheepdog project achieves automatic animal control

Robot Spatial Perception by Stereoscopic Vision and 3D Evidence Grids

Robot's first steps, robot's first words

Robotic and neuronal simulation of hippocampal navigation

Robotic assisted Laparoscopic partial Nephrectomy for suspected Renal Cell Carcinoma: Retrospective review of surgical outcomes of 35 Cases

Robotic control via stimulus response learning

Robotic gesture recognition

Robotic grasping and contact: A review

Robotic mapping: A survey

Robotic Object Recognition Using Vision and Touch

Robotic perception of material: Experiments with shape-invariant acoustic measures of material type



Robotics and the Common Sense Informatic Situation

Robotics for Law Enforcement: Applications Beyond Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Robust adaptive control of uncertain discrete-time state-delay systems

Robust adaptive floating-point geometric predicates

Robust agent control of an autonomous robot with many sensors and actuators

Robust aggregation protocols for large-scale overlay networks

Robust Analysis of Feature Spaces: Color Image Segmentation

Robust and efficient fuzzy match for online data cleaning

Robust and efficient replication using group communication

Robust and efficient shape indexing through curvature scale space

Robust and efficient skeletal graphs

Robust and fast modelling of 3D natural objects from multiple views

Robust and Flexible Scheduling with Evolutionary Computation. November 2001

Robust anisotropic diffusion

Robust Aperiodic Scheduling under Dynamic Priority Systems

Robust Bayes point machines

Robust Bayesian estimation of autoregressive-moving average models

Robust bilingual word alignment for machine aided translation

Robust Boolean Reasoning for Equivalence Checking and Functional Property Verification

Robust bounds on generalization from the margin distribution

RObust Checksum-based header COmpression

Robust Classification of Hand Postures against Complex Backgrounds

Robust classification systems for imprecise environments

Robust classification with context-sensitive features

Robust cluster analysis via mixtures of multivariate t-distributions

Robust combinatorial auction protocol against false-name bids

Robust computation and parametrization of multiple view relations

Robust computation of optical flow

Robust computation of optical flow in a multi-scale differential framework

Robust computer system proofs in PVS

Robust Computer Vision for Computer Mediated Communication. INTERACT'97

Robust congestion signaling

Robust continuous speech recognition using parallel model combination

Robust control of sampled data systems

Robust coordinated design of excitation and TCSC-based stabilizers using genetic algorithms

Robust Coordinated Design of Excitation and TCSC-Based Stabilizers Using genetic algorithms

Robust damping controller design for a static compensator

Robust Damping Controls for a Unified Power Flow Controller

Robust data hiding for images

Robust declassification

Robust dense matching using local and global geometric constraints

Robust design of electrical power-based stabilizers using Tabu search

Robust design of electrical power-based stabilizers using tabusearch

Robust design of multimachine power system stabilisers using tabu search algorithm

Robust design of multimachine power system stabilisers using tabusearch algorithm

Robust design of multimachine power system stabilizers using simulated annealing

Robust design of multimachine power system stabilizers usingsimulated annealing

Robust design of piezoelectric actuators for structural control

Robust detection of degenerate configurations for the fundamental matrix

Robust dynamic motion estimation over time

Robust Efficient Distributed RSA-Key Generation

Robust Egomotion Estimation from Affine Motion Parallax

Robust emulation of shared memory using dynamic quorum-acknowledged broadcasts

Robust Estimation of Correlation with Applications to Computer Vision

Robust estimation of pre-contact object trajectories

Robust Face Tracking using Color

Robust feature selection by mutual information distributions

Robust Full-Motion Recovery of Head by Dynamic Templates and Re-registration Techniques

Robust gender-dependant acoustic-phonetic modelling in continuous speech recogntion based on a new automatic male/female classification

Robust Geometric Algorithms for Sensor Planning

Robust geometric computations for vision and robotics

Robust global localization using clustered particle filtering

Robust grammatical analysis for spoken dialogue systems

Robust H.263 Compatible Transmission for Mobile Video Server Access

Robust H.263 Compatible Video Transmission for Mobile Access to Video Servers


Robust Head Motion Computation by Taking Advantage of Physical Properties

Robust HMM-based speech/music segmentation

Robust human face detection in complex color images

Robust identification using semiquantitative methods

Robust image watermarking in the spatial domain

Robust Incremental Optical Flow

Robust information-theoretic private information retrieval

Robust internet video transmission based on scalable coding and unequal error protection

Robust Inventory-Production Control Problem With Stochastic Demand

Robust Kalman filter and smoother for errors-in-variables model with observation outliers based on Least-Trimmed-Squares

Robust Key-Evolving Public Key Encryption Schemes. Available at http://eprint.iacr.org/2001/009

Robust localization using context in omnidirectional imaging

Robust localization using panoramic view-based recognition

Robust low bit-rate video transmission over wireless access systems

Robust mapping and localization in indoor environments using sonar data

Robust Membership Management for Ad-hoc Groups

Robust meshes from multiple range maps

Robust method of pronoun resolution using full-text information

Robust mobile robot localisation from sparse and noisy proximity readings

Robust mobile robot navigation using partially-observable semi-Markov decision processes


Robust Multipitch Estimation for the Analysis and Manipulation of Polyphonic Musical Signals

Robust multiple car tracking with occlusion reasoning

Robust multiresolution alignment of MRI brain volumes

Robust multiresolution estimation of parametric motion models

Robust Multi-Sensor Image Alignment

Robust natural language generation from large-scale knowledge bases

Robust non-interactive zero knowledge

Robust object tracking

Robust Online Appearance Models for Visual Tracking

Robust ordering of sparse matrices using multisection

Robust parameter estimation in computer vision

Robust parameterization and computation of the trifocal tensor

Robust Partitioning Policies of Multiprocessor Systems. Performance Evaluation

Robust path choice and vehicle guidance in networks with failures

Robust path planning in the plane

Robust pedestrian tracking using a model-based approach

Robust periodic planning and execution for autonomous spacecraft

Robust phase transitions for Heisenberg and other models on general trees

Robust photo retrieval using world semantics

Robust Point Correspondence by Concave Minimization

Robust polygon modeling

Robust positioning algorithms for distributed ad-hoc wireless sensor networks

Robust predictive control of a gasoline debutanizer column

Robust processing of natural language

Robust processing of real-world natural-language texts

Robust pronoun resolution with limited knowledge

Robust proximity queries in implicit Voronoi diagrams

Robust range estimation using acoustic and multimodal sensing

Robust rate control for ABR sources

Robust real time color tracking

Robust real-time face tracking and gesture recognition

Robust Real-Time Lane and Road Detection in Critical Shadow Conditions

Robust Real-time Object Detection

Robust real-time periodic motion detection, analysis, and applications

Robust recognition of faces and facial features with a multi-modal system

Robust recovery of camera rotation from three frames

Robust Recovery of Ego-Motion

Robust recovery of the epipolar geometry for an uncalibrated stereo rig

Robust registration of 2D and 3D point sets

Robust regularization

Robust reinforcement learning in motion planning

Robust search algorithms for test pattern generation

Robust self-calibration and Euclidean reconstruction via affine approximation

Robust Semantics for Argumentation Frameworks

Robust shape recovery from occluding contours using a linear smoother

Robust simplifications of multiscale biochemical networks

Robust solutions of uncertain linear programs

Robust Solutions to Uncertain Semidefinite Programs

Robust sound source localization using a microphone array on a mobile robot

Robust speech recognition using near-field superdirective beamforming with post-filtering

Robust stability and a criss-cross algorithm for pseudospectra


Robust stability bounds for sampled-data systems: the unstructuredperturbations case

Robust stabilizing control law for a class of second-order switched systems

Robust STATCOM voltage controller design using loop-shaping technique

Robust state-feedback H-infinity control of nonlinear systems under matching conditions

Robust Task Achievement

Robust tracking and compression for video communication

Robust tracking of stochastic deformable models in long image sequences

Robust triangular solves for use in condition estimation. Computer Science Dept

Robust tuning of power system stabilizers in multimachine power systems

Robust tuning of power system stabilizers in multimachine powersystems

Robust undecidability of timed and hybrid systems

Robust Understanding in a Dialogue System

Robust video mosaicing through topology inference and local to global alignment

Robust video-based object recognition using CAD models

Robust vision-based localization for mobile robots using an image retrieval system based on invariant features

Robust watermarking of still images for copyright protection

Robust wide baseline stereo from maximally stable extremal regions

Robust world-modeling and navigation in a real world

Robust, FFT-Based, Single Carrier, Multiuser, SDPSK/DPSK Block Demodulation in the Presence of Symbol Synchronization Jitter

ROBUST: a hardware solution to real-time overload

Robustizing robust M-estimation using deterministic annealing

Robustness analysis of digital feedback control systems with time-varying sampling periods

Robustness and scalability of algebraic multigrid

Robustness Bounds For Sampled-Data Linear Time-Delay Systems

Robustness Bounds For Sampled-Data Linear Time-Delay Systems

Robustness for free in unconditional multi-party computation

Robustness in complex systems

Robustness issues in geometric algorithms

Robustness of a Blind Image Watermarking Scheme

Robustness of correspondence-based structure from motion

Robustness principles for public key protocols

Robustness promotes evolvability of thermotolerance in an RNA virus

ROC graphs: Notes and practical considerations for data mining representation

Roc-1: Hardware support for recovery-oriented computing

Rock 'n' Scroll is here to stay

ROCK: A robust clustering algorithm for categorical attributes

Rocket measurements of positive ions during polar mesosphere winter echo conditions

Rocky 7: A Next Generation Mars Rover Prototype

Rod-derived Cone Viability Factor-2 is a novel bifunctional-thioredoxin-like protein with therapeutic potential

ROL: A Deductive Object Base Language

ROL2: A Real Deductive Object-Oriented Database Language

Role of Indicator Range Species as Browsing Forage and Effective Nutritive Source, in Matruh Area, a Mediterranean Coastal Region, NW- Egypt

Role activation hierarchies

Role Analysis

Role based access control for the world wide web

Role Conflict in Groupware

Role Definition Language (RDL): A language to describe contextaware roles

Role delegation as multi-agent oriented dynamic composition

Role for Leptin and Prolactin in Human Juvenile Rheumatic Diseases

Role Hierarchies and Constraints for Lattice-Based Access Controls

Role model based framework design and integration

Role of 99mTc-(V)DMSA in Detecting Tumor Cell Proliferation

Role of a critical visceral adipose tissue threshold (CVATT) in metabolic syndrome: implications for controlling dietary carbohydrates: a review

Role of a Transbilayer pH Gradient in the Membrane Fusion Activity of the Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin: Use of the R18 Assay to Monitor Membrane Merging

Role of ACTH receptor in adrenocortical tumor formation

Role of adipocyte-derived lipoprotein lipase in adipocyte hypertrophy

Role of adjuvant radiotherapy in metaplastic matrix producing breast cancer: A case study with review of literature

Role of alpha-Adrenoreceptors In The Regulation of Fore-Stomach Motility in the Goat

Role of anaerobes in acute pelvic inflammatory disease

Role of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme, Paraoxonase 1 55, 192 Gene Polymorphisms in Syndrome X and Coronary Heart Disease

Role of angiotensin II and vasopressin receptors within the supraoptic nucleus in water and sodium intake induced by the injection of angiotensin II into the medial septal area

Role of APC and DNA mismatch repair genes in the development of colorectal cancers

Role of Arg (357) in Water Oxidation in Photosystem II

Role of axillary sentinel lymph node biopsy in patients with pure ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast

Role of Bax in resveratrol-induced apoptosis of colorectal carcinoma cells

Role of Bio-mix in the Growth Performance During Bacterial Enteritis in Broiler Chickens

Role of bone biopsy in renal osteodystrophy

Role of bradykinin in postprandial hypotension in humans

Role of BRCA2 mutation status on overall survival among breast cancer patients from Sardinia

Role of cAMP in the promotion of colorectal cancer cell growth by Prostaglandin E2

Role of Ceramics Treatment in Fluidization Method to Remove Scale from Hot Spring Water

Role of cervical dendritic cell subsets, co-stimulatory molecules, cytokine secretion profile and beta-estradiol in development of sequalae to Chlamydia trachomatis infection

Role of chelates in treatment of cancer

Role of chemoradiation in advanced cervical cancer

Role of Chemotaxis in the Attachment of Vibrio cholerae 0139 with Different Aquatic Flora and Fauna

Role of Chemotaxis in the Attachment of Vibrio cholerae 0139 with Different Aquatic Flora and Fauna

Role of chromosome stability and telomere length in the production of viable cell lines for somatic cell nuclear transfer

Role of core promoter sequences in the mechanism of swarmer cell-specific silencing of gyrB transcription in Caulobacter crescentus

Role of COX-2 in microcirculatory disturbance in experimental pancreatitis.

Role of CSF serology in follow-up of subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis patients on treatment

Role of curved planar reformations using multidetector spiral CT in diagnosis of pancreatic and peripancreatic diseases.

Role of Cyanobacteria in Improving Fertility of Saline Soil

Role of Cyanobacteria on Yield of Rice in Saline Soil

Role of cytochrome P450 in drug interactions

Role of Cytokinen and Auxin on the Multiplication Stage of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cv. Sukry

Role of Cytokines During Epileptogenesis and in the Transition from the Interictal to the Ictal State in the Epileptic Mutant EL Mouse

Role of cytokines, NO, and H2O2 on the immunopathology of Leptospirosis in genetically selected mice

Role of delta-tubulin and the C-tubule in assembly of Paramecium basal bodies

Role of Diet in the Disease Activity of Arthritis: A Questionnaire Based Survey

Role of Diet, Nutrients, Spices and Natural Products in Diabetes Mellitus

Role of drug transporters and drug accumulation in the temporal acquisition of drug resistance

Role of endogenous glucocorticoids in hyperalgesia and edema in old arthritic rats

Role of endoscopic miniprobe ultrasonography in diagnosis of submucosal tumor of large intestine.

Role of endoscopic ultrasound in common bile duct stones

Role of endothelium in angiotensin II formation by the rat aorta and mesenteric arterial bed

Role of enteric fever in ileal perforations: An overstated problem in tropics?

Role of Entomopathogens/Nematodes in Insect Pest Management

Role of external irradiation in high-risk resected colon cancer

Role of femoral ring allograft in anterior interbody fusion of the spine.

Role of Fenvalerate (Pyrethroid) and Cyanox (Organophosphorus) Insecticides on Growth and Some Metabolic Activities During Seedling Growth of Raphanus sativus L.

Role of Fetal Stem Cells in Maternal Tissue Regeneration

Role of free tissue transfer in management of chronic venous ulcer

Role of gelatinases MMP-2 and MMP-9 in tissue remodeling following acute lung injury

Role of Glycinebetaine and Ascorbic Acid in the Alleviation of Salt-Stress Induced Micro-Morphological Damages in Sweet Pepper Seedlings

Role of glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta (GSK3β) in mediating the cytotoxic effects of the histone deacetylase inhibitor trichostatin A (TSA) in MCF-7 breast cancer cells

Role of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) in ovarian cancer

Role of Growth Stimulant in the Morphological Traits of Soybean

Role of HBV genotype in predicting response to lamivudine therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis B

Role of hematopoietic growth factors as adjuncts in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C patients

Role of HIV-1 Infection in Addictive Behavior: A Study of a HIV-1 Transgenic Rat Model

Role of IFN-gamma and IL-6 in a protective immune response to Yersinia enterocolitica in mice

Role of IGF-1/IGF-1R in regulation of invasion in DU145 prostate cancer cells

Role of immunoglobulin E and mast cells in murine models of asthma

Role of inhibin and activin in the modulation of gonadotropin- and steroid-induced oocyte maturation in the teleost Fundulus heteroclitus

Role of Joshi's external stabilisation system fixator in the management of idiopathic clubfoot.

Role of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) in Food Preservation and Human Health أƒآ¢أ‚€أ‚“ A Review

Role of laparoscopy in evaluation of chronic pelvic pain

Role of laparoscopy in the diagnosis of abdominal tuberculosis

Role of Leishmania (Leishmania) chagasi amastigote cysteine protease in intracellular parasite survival: studies by gene disruption and antisense mRNA inhibition

Role of Light in the Regulation of the Nitrate Reductase level in Lentil (Lens esculenta L.)

Role of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes in omega 3 fatty acids induced suppression of breast cancer xenograft growth in mice

Role of mast cell- and non-mast cell-derived inflammatory mediators in immunologic induction of synaptic plasticity

Role of matrix metalloproteinases in the development of airway inflammation and remodeling

Role of Melanoma Secreted Thrombospondin-1 on Induction of Immunosuppressive Regulatory T Cells through CD47

Role of metastable states in circumventing laser pulse jitters in multi-step laser excitation experiments

Role of mitochondria in cell apoptosis during hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury and protective effect of ischemic postconditioning.

Role of Nitrate Reductase for N Assimilation During the Grain Filling Period of Been Seeds (Lablab purureus L.)

Role of nitric oxide and superoxide in Giardia lamblia killing

Role of nitric oxide in hypoxia-induced hyperventilation and hypothermia: participation of the locus coeruleus

Role of nitric oxide of the median preoptic nucleus (MnPO) in the alterations of salivary flow, arterial pressure and heart rate induced by injection of pilocarpine into the MnPO and intraperitoneally

Role of Nitric Oxide on the Generation of Atretic Follicles in the Rat Ovaries

Role of NKG2D-Expressing NK Cells and sMICA in Immune Surveillance of Advanced Lung Cancer

Role of Non-clinical Environments in the Selection of Virulence and Antibiotic Resistance Determinants in Pathogenic Bacteria

Role of nonhuman primate models in the discovery and clinical development of selective progesterone receptor modulators (SPRMs)

Role of non-nitric oxide non-prostaglandin endothelium-derived relaxing factor(s) in bradykinin vasodilation

Role of nucleostemin in growth regulation of gastric cancer, liver cancer and other malignancies.

Role of oxidative stress in female reproduction

Role of p53 and CDKN2A Inactivation in Human Squamous Cell Carcinomas

Role of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors in Inflammation Control

Role of Physical Activity and Nutrition in Controlling Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus-2007

Role of Plant Growth Regulators (Auxin and Cytokinin) in Callus Induction in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) C.V. DM-25

Role of Plasmid in Production of Acetobacter Xylinum Biofilms


Role of PP2Cα in cell growth, in radio- and chemosensitivity, and in tumorigenicity

Role of pre-operative dexamethasone as prophylaxis for postoperative nausea and vomiting in laparoscopic surgery

Role of previous hospitalization in clinically-significant MRSA infection among HIV-infected inpatients: results of a case-control study

Role of promoter hypermethylation in Cisplatin treatment response of male germ cell tumors

Role of protease activated receptor-2 in lymph node metastasis of uterine cervical cancers

Role of radionuclide scintigraphy in the detection of parathyroid adenoma

Role of rapid urease test and histopathology in the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection in a developing country

Role of reaction kinetics and mass transport in glucose sensing with nanopillar array electrodes

Role of retinoic receptors in lung carcinogenesis

Role of Rhizobium Inoculation in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Under Water Stress Conditions

Role of robot assisted microsurgery in Plastic Surgery

Role of Saccharomyces Single-Stranded DNA-Binding Protein RPA in the Strand Invasion Step of Double-Strand Break Repair

Role of seminal plasma in the anti-HIV-1 activity of candidate microbicides

Role of sensory nervous system vasoactive peptides in hypertension

Role of Smac/DIABLO in cancer progression

Role of Some Chemical Compounds on the Detoxification of Rhizobium leguminsarum biovar vicia by Some Heavy Metals


Role of SP-1 in SDS-Induced Adipose Differentiation Related Protein Synthesis in Human Keratinocytes


Role of stem cells in cancer therapy and cancer stem cells: a review

Role of surface science in the determination of glass structure

Role of sympathetic nervous system and neuropeptides in obesity hypertension

Role of Synthesis and Exudation of Organic Acids in Phosphorus Nutrition in Plants in Tropical Soils

Role of TAB1 in nitric oxide-induced p38 activation in insulin-producing cells

Role of Tamm-Horsfall protein and uromodulin in calcium oxalate crystallization

Role of Tamm-Horsfall protein in the binding and in vivo phagocytosis of type 1 fimbriated Escherichia coli by mouse peritoneal macrophages

Role of template guided interstitial implants in breast conservation therapy

Role of Th1 and Th2 cells in autoimmune demyelinating disease

Role of the cardiac nerve in the effect of a novel innocuous stimulus on the heart rate of Megalobulimus mogianensis

Role of the hippocampus in contextual memory after classical aversive conditioning in pigeons (C. livia)

Role of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis in the control of the response to stress and infection

Role of the long slender to short stumpy transition in the life cycle of the african trypanosomes

Role of the NO3 radicals in oxidation processes in the eastern Mediterranean troposphere during the MINOS campaign

Role of the p53/p21 system in the response of human colon carcinoma cells to Doxorubicin

Role of the Parasight-F test in the diagnosis of complicated Plasmodium falciparum malarial infection

Role of the unique N-terminal domain of CtBP2 in determining the subcellular localisation of CtBP family proteins

Role of the Vaginal Microbiological Ecosystem and Cytokine Profile in the Promotion of Cervical Dysplasia: A Caseأƒآ¢أ‚€أ‚“Control Study

Role of thermal degradation of polyethylene under natural weathering conditions

Role of transcription factor Sp1 and CpG methylation on the regulation of the human podocalyxin gene promoter

Role of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha in Pediatric Tuberculosis

Role of tunica vaginalis interposition layer in hypospadias surgery

Role of tyrosine phosphorylation in sperm capacitation / acrosome reaction

Role of verbs in document analysis

Role of VHL in Mammalian Oxygen Sensing

Role of Women in Agricultural Development and Their Constraints: A Case Study of Biliri Local Government Area, Gombe State, Nigeria

Role of word sense disambiguation in lexical acquisition: Predicting semantics from syntactic cues


Role organisation and planning team strategies

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control features in commercial database management systems

Role-based access control for publish/subscribe middleware architectures

Role-based access control on the web

Role-based access controls

Role-based authorization constraints specification

Role-Based Exploration of Object-Oriented Programs

Role-Based Multicast in Highly Mobile but Sparsely Connected Ad Hoc Networks

Roles and dynamic subclasses: a modal logic approach

Roles for electronic brokers

Roles of Arabidopsis WRKY3 and WRKY4 Transcription Factors in Plant Responses to Pathogens

Roles of curli, cellulose and BapA in Salmonella biofilm morphology studied by atomic force microscopy

Roles of macro-actions in accelerating reinforcement learning

Roles of main pro- and anti-angiogenic factors in tumor angiogenesis.

Roles of p53 in Carcinogenesis, Diagnosis and Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Roles of rifampicin in drug-drug interactions: underlying molecular mechanisms involving the nuclear pregnane X receptor

Roles of TNF-α gene polymorphisms in the occurrence and progress of SARS-Cov infection: A case-control study

Roles: Conceptual abstraction theory & practical language issues. Theory and Practice of Object Systems

Roll deformation and stress distribution under thermo-mechanical loading in cold rolling

Roll-forward checkpointing scheme: A novel fault-tolerant architecture

Rolling your own mutable adt --- a connection between linear types and monads

Rondo: A Programming Platform for Generic Model Management

Roo: A Framework for Real-Time Threads

Room temperature molten salts: neoteric 'green' solvents for chemical reactions and processes

Roomotes: Ubiquitous room-based remote control from cell phones


Room-Temperature Growth of SiC Thin Films by Dual-Ion-Beam Sputtering Deposition

Roomware for Cooperative Buildings: Integrated Design of Architectural Spaces and Information Spaces

Roosts and Roosting Habits of Rose-ringed Parakeet (Psittacula Krameri) in Central Punjab (Pakistan)

Root Apical Meristem Characteristics of Two Canola (Brassica napus L.) In Response to Salt Stress

Root Formation, Root Growth and Root Morphology in Trifoliate Orange Budded with Satsuma Mandarin under Aerated and Stagnant Culture Solutions

Rooted triple consensus and anomalous gene trees

Rooting a phylogenetic tree with nonreversible substitution models

Rooting and Survival of Air Layers in Litchi as Influenced by Layering Time and Plant Growth Regulator

Rooting of Aerial Offshoots of Four Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Cultivars by Air Layering Method using Polyethylene Bags

Rooting of Aerial Offshoots of Four Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Cultivars by Air Layering Method using Polyethylene Bags

Rooting Response of `Nabali` and `Improved Nabali` Olive Cuttings to Indole Butyric Acid Concentration and Collection Season

Rooting Response of Semi-hardwood Cuttings of Guava (Psidium guajava L.) to Various Concentrations of Different Auxins

Rooting the tree of life by transition analyses

Rootlets, Xylary Region and Abnormal Initiation of Cambium in the Root of Cicer arietinum L. Following Treatments with GA3, IAA and Kinetin

Roots of angiosperm formins: The evolutionary history of plant FH2 domain-containing proteins

Ropes: Support for Collective Operations Among Distributed Threads

ROR: Rejection of outliers by rotations in stereo matching

Ror2 modulates the canonical Wnt signaling in lung epithelial cells through cooperation with Fzd2

ROS Induction by Human Calprotectin in K562 and the Reversal Effect of Vitamin E

Rose/Architect: A Tool to Visualize Architecture

Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) Calyx Diet and Histopathological Changes in Liver of Albino Rats

Rosiglitazone decreases postprandial production of acylation stimulating protein in type 2 diabetics

Rosiglitazone inhibits metastasis development of a murine mammary tumor cell line LMM3

Rotating Combined Queueing (RCQ): Bandwidth and latency guarantees in low-cost, high-performance networks

Rotating virtual objects with real handles

Rotation distance, triangulations, and hyperbolic geometry

Rotation invariant neural network-based face detection

Rotation invariant texture recognition using a steerable pyramid

Rotation scheduling: A loop pipelining algorithm

Rotational barrier in 3-butynal and 3-butynoyl fluoride and chloride based on ab initio calculations

Rotational barriers in monomeric CH2 = CX-COOH and CH2 = CX-CONH2 (X is H or CH3) and vibrational analysis of methacrylic acid and methacrylamide



Rotational polygon containment and minimum enclosure

Rotational polygon overlap minimization

Rotationally Symmetric Operators for Surface Interpolation

Rotation-invariant texture classification using modified gabor filters

Rotavirus and reovirus interaction with mouse peritoneal resident phagocytic cells

Rotavirus infection among infants and young children in Chennai, South India

Rotavirus vaccines

Rotenone-induced Parkinson`s Like Disease: Modulating Role of Coenzyme Q10

Rotenone-induced Parkinson's Like Disease: Modulating Role of Coenzyme Q10

Rotifer production in a shallow artificial lake (Lobo-Broa reservoir, SP, Brazil)

Rotifers of the upper Paranأ، River floodplain: additions to the checklist

Roughness development in electrodeposited soft magnetic CoNiFe films in the presence of organic additives

Round E#ciency of Multi-Party Computation with a Dishonest Majority

Round Efficiency of Multi-Party Computation with a Dishonest Majority

Round-by-round fault detectors: Unifying synchrony and asynchrony

Rounding algorithms for a geometric embedding of minimum multiway cut

Rounding and blending of solids by a real elimination method

Rounding face lattices in d dimensions

Rounding in lattices and its cryptographic applications

Rounding via trees: deterministic approximation algorithms for group Steiner trees and k-Median

Round-optimal contributory conference key agreement

Round-Robin Scheduling for Max-Min Fairness in Data Networks

Routability-driven repeater block planning for interconnect-centric floorplanning

Route driven gossip: Probabilistic reliable multicast in ad hoc networks

Route learning in mobile robots through self-organisation

Route Maintenance Overheads in DHT Overlays

Route planning by analogy

Route planning with ordered constraints

Route servers for inter-domain routing

Router mechanisms to support end-to-end congestion control

Routes to improving the reliability of low level DNA analysis using real-time PCR

Routine human papillomavirus genotyping by DNA sequencing in community hospital laboratories

Routine post-weaning handling of rats prevents isolation rearing-induced deficit in prepulse inhibition

Routing a Multi-Terminal Critical Net: Steiner Tree Construction in the Presence of Obstacles

Routing Algorithms for DHTs: Some Open Questions

Routing and Admission Control in General Topology Networks with Poisson Arrivals

Routing and admission control of virtual circuits in general topology networks

Routing and clustering in schema-based super peer networks

Routing and Multicast

Routing and sorting on meshes with row and column buses

Routing and wavelength assignment in all-optical networks

Routing and wavelength assignment methods in single-hop all-optical networks with blocking

Routing for maximum system lifetime in wireless ad-hoc networks

Routing high-bandwidth traffic in max-min fair share networks

Routing in ad hoc networks of mobile hosts

Routing in ad hoc networks using a spine

Routing in Ad-Hoc Networks Using Minimum Connected Dominating Sets

Routing in distributed networks: overview and open problems

Routing in overlay multicast networks

Routing in packet radio networks to prevent traffic analysis

Routing in Series Parallel Networks

Routing in Telecommunications Networks with &quot;Smart&quot; Ant-Like Agents. Santa Fe Institute

Routing in the Internet

Routing in trees

Routing in Virtual Path Based ATM Networks

Routing indices for peer-to-peer systems

Routing Information Protocol

Routing Lookups in Hardware at Memory Access Speeds

Routing multipoint connections using virtual paths in an ATM network

Routing networks for distributed hash tables

Routing on networks of optical crossbars

Routing performance in the presence of unidirectional links in multihop wireless networks

Routing stability in congested networks: Experimentation and analysis

Routing Testbed: Initial Design

Routing Through Networks with Hierarchical Topology Aggregation

Routing Through Teranode Networks with Topology Aggregation. ISCC'98

Routing with a clue

Routing with bounded buffers and hot-potato routing in vertex-symmetric networks

Routing with guaranteed delivery in ad hoc wireless networks

Routing with polynomial communication-space trade-off

Routing worm: A fast, selective attack worm based on IP address information

Routing-directed Placement for the Triptych FPGA

Rover: A Toolkit for Mobile Information Access

Row Distance Method Sowing of Forage Kochia, Eastern Saltwort and Winterfat

Row Spacing and Inter Row Spacing Effects on Some Agro-Physiological Traits of Two Common Bean (Phaseolous vulgaris L.) Cultivars

Row Spacing and Irrigation Interval Effects on Yield and Yield Components of Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]

Row Spacing Effects on Light Extinction Coefficients, Leaf Area Index, Leaf Area Index Affecting in Photosynthesis and Grain Yield of Corn (Zea mays L.) and Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Roxels: Responsibility weighted 3D volume reconstruction

RP*: A family of order-preserving scalable distributed data structures

RPA: A Flexible Scheduling Algorithm for Input Buffered Switches

RP-HPLC Determination of vitamins B1, B3, B6, folic acid and B12 in multivitamin tablets

RPL2: A language and parallel framework for evolutionary computing

RpoE fine tunes expression of a subset of SsrB-regulated virulence factors in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium

RPS2: a novel therapeutic target in prostate cancer

RPS4Y gene family evolution in primates

Rql: a declarative query language for rdf

r-regular shape reconstruction from unorganized points

RRT-connect: An ecient approach to single-query path planning

RR-TCP: A Reordering-Robust TCP with DSACK

RSA???OAEP is Secure under the RSA Assumption

RSA-type signatures in the presence of transient faults

RSD: Relational Subgroup Discovery through First-order Feature Construction

RSIM: An Execution-Driven Simulator for ILP-Based Shared-Memory Multiprocessors and Uniprocessors

RSL: A Parallel Runtime System Library for Regular Grid Finite Difference Models using Multiple Nests

R-spondin1 and FOXL2 act into two distinct cellular types during goat ovarian differentiation

RSVM: Reduced support vector machines

RSVP: A New Resource ReSerVation Protocol

RTCAST: Lightweight Multicast for Real-Time Process Groups

RT-CRM: Real-Time Channel-Based Re ective Memory

RTGEN: An Algorithm for Automatic Generation of Reservation Tables from Architectural Descriptions

RTL C-based methodology for designing and verifying a multi-threaded processor


RT-Level Power Analysis Using Information Theoretic Measures', USC

RTP Profile for Audio and Video Conferences with Minimal Control

RT-PCR assay for the detection of infective (L3) larvae of lymphatic filarial parasite, Wuchereria bancrofti, in vector mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus

R-tree index optimization

RTSORAC: A real-time object-oriented database model

RTSORAC: Design of a Real-Time Object-Oriented Database System

Rtsynchronizer: language support for real-time specifications in distributed systems

Rtt107/Esc4 binds silent chromatin and DNA repair proteins using different BRCT motifs

Rubber Snake: Implementation on Signed Distance Potential

Ru-catalyzed dehydrogenative coupling of carboxylic acids and silanes - a new method for the preparation of silyl ester


Rudimentary reductions revisited

Ruellia brevifolia (Pohl) Ezcurra (Acanthaceae): fenologia da floraأ§أ£o, biologia da polinizaأ§أ£o e reproduأ§أ£o

Ruellia simplex, an older and overlooked name for Ruellia tweediana and Ruellia coerulea (Acanthaceae)

Ruggedness testing of an HPLC method for the determination of ciprofloxacin

Ruin probabilities in the presence of heavy--tails and interest rates

Rule Chaining in Marvel: Dynamic Binding of Parameters

Rule combination in inductive learning

Rule Condition Testing and Action Execution in Ariel

Rule creation and rule learning through environmental exploration

Rule Discovery from Time Series

Rule Discovery: Error Measures and Conditional Rule Probabilities

Rule Evaluation Measures: A Unifying View

Rule induction and instance-based learning: A unified approach

Rule Induction for Concept Hierarchy Alignment

Rule induction for semantic query optimization

Rule Languages and Internal Algebras for Rule-Based Optimizers

Rule Optimization via SG-TRUNC method

Rule Ordering in Bottom-up Fixpoint Evaluation of Logic Programs

Rule Termination Analysis based on a Rule Meta Model

Rule Termination Analysis based on Petri Nets

RuleBase: An industry-oriented formal verification tool

Rulebase: Model checking at IBM

Rule-based constraint programming

Rule-based data standardizer for enterprise data bases

Rule-based Machine Learning Methods for Functional Prediction

Rule-based Object Coordination

Rule-based process servers for software development environments

Rule-Based Training of Neural Networks

Rule-based visual speech synthesis

Rulegraphs for graph matching in pattern recognition

Rules and exemplars in category learning

Rules and Precedents as Complementary Warrants

Rules and similarity in concept learning

Rules and Strategies for Transforming Functional and Logic Programs

Rules for the cortical map of ocular dominance and orientation columns

Rules of nutrition in chronic pancreatitis with regard to exacerbation periods --- Zasady zywienia w przewleklym zapaleniu trzustki z uwzglednieniem okresow zaostrzen

Rules of thumb in data engineering

Rule-structured facial animation system

Rum: A layered architecture for reasoning with uncertainty

Rumen and Post Abomasal Disappearance of Amino Acids and Some Nutrients of Barley Grain Treated with Sodium Hydroxide, Formaldehyde or Urea in Lactating Cows

Rumen Degradability of Dry Matter and Crude Protein in Tree Leaves and Crop Residues of Humid Nigeria

Ruminal Dry Matter and Crude Protein Degradability of Some Tropical (Iranian) Feeds Used in Ruminant Diets Estimated Using the in situ and in vitro Techniques

Rumor Routing Algorithm for Sensor Networks

Rumor: Mobile Data Access Through Optimistic Peer-to-Peer Replication

Run length control for simultaneous estimation of several percentiles in dependent sequences

Run Time Type Information in Mercury

Runahead execution: An alternative to very large instruction windows for out-of-order processors

Runge--Kutta methods adapted to manifolds and based on rigid frames

Runge-kutta methods for hyperbolic conservation laws with stiff relaxation terms

Runge-kutta methods in optimal control and the transformed adjoint system

Running across the reality gap: octopod locomotion evolved in a minimal simulation

Running AgentSpeak(L) agents on SIM AGENT

Running Programs Backwards: The Logical Inversion of Imperative Computation

Running the web backwards: Appliance data services

Run-time adaptive cache hierarchy management via reference analysis

Run-time and compile-time support for adaptive irregular problems

Runtime and language support for compiling adaptive irregular programs on distributed memory machines. Software---Practice and Experience

Runtime Array Redistribution in HPF Programs

Runtime Assurance Based on Formal Specifications

Runtime checking of multithreaded applications with Visual Threads

Runtime Classification of Agent Services

Run-time code generation and modal-ML

Run-time Compilation for Parallel Sparse Matrix Computations

Runtime coupling of data-parallel programs

Run-Time Dependence Testing by Integer Sequence Analysis

Run-time detection in parallel and distributed systems: Application to safety-critical systems

Runtime incremental parallel scheduling (RIPS) on distributed memory computers

Runtime interprocedural data placement optimisation for lazy parallel libraries (extended abstract

Run--time methods for parallelizing partially parallel loops

Run-time monitoring of real-time systems

Runtime monitoring of timing constraints in distributed real-time systems

Runtime Oriented HPF Compilation

Run-Time Parallelization: A Framework for Parallel Computation

Runtime Performance of Parallel Array Assignment: An Empirical Study

Run-time power control scheme using software feedback loop for low-power real-time applications

Run-Time Power Estimation in High-Performance Microprocessors

Runtime power monitoring in high-end processors: Methodology and empirical data

Runtime Reconfigurable Routing

Runtime Safety Analysis of Multithreaded Programs

Run-Time Security Evaluation (RTSE) for Distributed Applications

Run-time selection of coordination mechanisms in multi-agent systems

Run-time spatial locality detection and optimization

Runtime Support for In-Core and Out-of-Core Data-Parallel Programs

Runtime support for multi-tier programming of block-structured applications on smp clusters

Runtime support for type-safe dynamic Java classes

Runtime support for user-level ultra lightweight threads on massively parallel distributed memory machines

Run-time techniques for exploiting irregular task parallelism on distributed memory architectures

Run-time type checking for binary programs

Run-time visualization of program data

Runx-dependent expression of PKC is critical for cell survival in the sea urchin embryo

Rupiah: An extension to Java supporting match-bounded parametric polymorphism, ThisType, and exact typing. Williams College Senior Honors Thesis

Rupture of multiple splenic artery aneurysms: A common presentation of a rare disease with a review of literature

Rupture of the intra-articular portion of the long head of the biceps associated with a symptomatic os acromiale

Ruptured appendiceal cystadenoma presenting as right inguinal hernia in a patient with left colon cancer: A case report and review of literature

Rural nutrition interventions with indigenous plant foods - a case study of vitamin A deficiency in Malawi

Rushing attacks and defense in wireless ad hoc network routing protocols

Russian doll search for solving constraint optimization problems

Rutgers' TREC-6 interactive track experience

Rutgers' TREC-7 interactive track experience

Ruthenium and iron complexes with benzotriazole and benzimidazole derivatives as simple models for proton-coupled electron transfer systems

RWC music database: Music genre database and musical instrument sound database

Rxw: A scheduling approach for large-scale on-demand data broadcast

Rybp, a polycomb complex-associated protein, is required for mouse eye development


RYO: a versatile instruction instrumentation tool for PA-RISC